About Me

Welding and fabrication certificate


I am Shahadot. I am passionate about building new things. This is why I got myself admitted for a degree in welding in 2010.

The journey of mine from a student to an internet marketer is a really interesting one. I want to share it with you. Hope you will like it. 

In 2010 I failed in one subject and had to wait for one more year to sit for the exam again. In this long period I had nothing to do. So I thought of doing something fruitful within this time. 

Then one of my friends told me about this training center. 

First, I went there for a training on electrical for doing little household chores. Unfortunately, the seat was full. 

Then I went for automotive and guess what?

That was full too. 

After that I found a seat in the welding faculty and got admitted.

In those days we did not have MIG or TIG welding. 

What we had was gas welding (oxy-acetylene) and stick welding.

Among the two I preferred gas welding the most. 

After completing my training and graduation I started internet marketing as a full time career in 2018. 

I wanted to help people who wanted to gain knowledge and needed help on welding. as a result, I started this website. 

Because of My love for welding I enjoyed spending time on the website and here I am in front of you with successfully creating this website. 

I always try to provide quality content for the readers. For this purpose, I do research on the products and do consultation with the experts as well. A mixture of the reviews and my research is what you will find in my contents. 

It is my story of the welding journey. Thanks for visiting my website. If you have any recommendations for the articles feel free to contact me.