Best Oxy-Acetylene Torch Kits (Welding, Cutting & Brazing) – 2020

Choosing the right oxy-acetylene torch is a crucial part for beginners. 

If you look at what you need into a torch, it will be easy for choosing the right torch.

Long story short...

Basically, torches are mainly used for welding, cutting, and brazing.

According to your need, some things needed consideration before purchasing a good oxy-acetylene torch.

So, keep these things in mind, we're going to discuss the best oxy-acetylene torches, which are not only good for cutting but also for welding and brazing.

5 Best Oxy-Acetylene Torch Kit Reviews

1. Torch - Oxy-Acetylene Tough Cut Outfit- TOP PICK

This oxy-acetylene is a versatile unit which comes with amazing features. It makes cutting and blazing welding an easier process.

Due to the availability of high impact frame, you can easily carry it from one site to another site.

Versatile Cutting and Welding:

This kit includes many features for welding up to 1/8" and metal cutting up to 5/8".

In-Tip Gas Mixing...

It enhances the resistance to flashbacks. Precise in-tip mixing of fuel gas and preheat oxygen offers the best efficiency.

Easily Operated Oxygen Cutting Valve!

This feature allows key-hole free starts and restarts. Besides, it also allows smooth piercing.

Stainless Steel Ball Valve:

This kit offers positive chatter free seating and gall resistance thanks to the Corrosion resistant brass and ball seating surface. 

These ball valves also allow positive shut-off and smooth flame adjustment.


You can expect some issues like the production of a weak flame at a time. Besides, high carbon emission is also a concern. It might cause air pollution.

  • Easy to operate.
  • Reliable and precise finish.
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Strong hose so that you can move the torch kit easier.

  • Accessories are not durable

To sum up.....

This torch is manufactured in a way that it takes good care of your safety at all times. All in all, it will help you to perform various welding tasks in a quick time.

2. Hobart 770502 Medium Duty Oxy-Acetylene Kit- FOR HOBBYIST

This kit is made by solid bars with regulators attachment and handle.

Hobart 770502 Medium Duty Oxy-Acetylene Kit offers versatile cutting and welding facilities with maximum precision and accuracy.

Perfect For A Multitude Of Applications...

You can easily use it in multiple projects including farm and ranch use, refrigeration, automotive applications, home hobbyist projects, light fabrication, and general repair.

Can Operate On Propane:

It has "T" grade twin hose, which means you just need to change tips to use it on propane.

Front Valve Welding Handle!

It adds to the safety of the torch. In addition to that, stainless steel ballpoints ensure precise gas controls.

Therefore, you are not experienced, no need to worry about any lapses as far as your on-site safety is concerned.

Reliable Welding Hose...

Welding hose is the best part of this kit. It confirms the proper and smooth gas supply without any lapses.


At times, you need great muscle power to handle the kit, especially when you’re cutting hard or solid metals. Also, it is quite inconvenient to be carried around.

  • Amazing safety features.
  • Strong case for store the all accessories
  • Multitude of applications
  • Reasonable price

  • Tip included is not ideal

To add on...

It’s a great addition for workshops. You can operate it both as a welder and plasma cutter. Due to its size, you can store it in a little space.

3. Forney 1707 Torch Kit Medium Duty- FOR DIY WORKS

This kit is ideal for plumbing, fabrication, and maintenance and DIY workers. It uses a highly heated flame to weld, adjoins or cut the metal.

Amazing Welding Capacity!

You can also use it as a welder. Due to this stunning feature, it’s able to weld up to 3 inches (76.2 mm) or 1/8 inches (3.2 mm).

To achieve this, you can use optional nozzles.

Stunning Cutting Depth...

When used as a cutter, this kit offers amazing cutting depth. With this torch you can cut up to 6 in. (15.2 cm)

In this way, you have to spend little time to get the desired results.

Amazing Safety Features!

It takes great care of safety all the times. The safe 100FC torch handle, check valves and built-in Flashback arrestors enhances its overall safety.

They jointly work to enhance your safety and good standing at all times.


First of all, it imposes too much clutter. Also, it’s quite tough to carry it around.

  • Medium to heavy-duty work.
  • 450 style regulators.
  • Deluxe accessories available.
  • T-grade hose.

  • Quite oversize.

To summarize...

This kit offers almost all the things required to weld and cut the metals. The brass and steel attachments and durable handle enhance the overall quality and value of the kit.

Safety is also a plus point of this amazing machine.

4. The Little Torch with 5 Tips In a Box- Acetylene- FOR HEAVY DUTY

This amazing piece is manufactured to meet all the industry requirements.

It can heat, weld, braze, and solder metals ranging from 3/16" metal to ultra-fine wires with ease and comfort.

Can Work With Any Pressurized Fuel Gases

You can easily operate it with propylene, propane, hydrogen, acetylene, natural gas, or mapp with oxygen.

Convenient Storage:

It is quite easy to store this torch. It is available in a complete outfit, which is easily stored in an easy-carry tote.

Heavy Duty Brass And Metals!

The interior and exterior of the torch are made by subtle metal and brass.

It ensures the durability of this kit. Such a build confers some added longevity, high-strength extreme durability, and maximum precision.


It can impose too much drag on you. In addition, it can be a bit expensive to operate. Also, you can’t use it in remote areas.

  • Weight only 1.5 ounces.
  • Multi-orifice tips for melting or heating.
  • Works with any fuel, gas and oxygen

  • Not including all accessories

In summary...

This kit offers you amazing flexibility and versatility with all the necessary features you need to get the best welding and cutting results.

Portable welding equipment makes it the prime choice in the welding industry.

5. Goplus 10PCS Oxygen & Acetylene Torch Kit- BEST BUDGET

Goplus torch is a great choice for money but it's not including all accessories like regulator hoses etc.

However, if you have those accessories you can go with this otherwise you need to buy separately

Blow-Molded Case

All the accessories of this torch are beautifully packed into a heavy-duty plastic blow-molded case.

As a result, you can carry it easily. This case also prevents the pilferage or loss of the constituent parts.


All the accessories of the kits are made by durable copper and brass components.

Cutter And Heater!

As a matter of fact, the kit can perform both of the functions including cutting and welding.

It's especially made for heavy-duty cutting and heating. It efficiently handles both the functions to bring desired results.

  • Lightweight, easy to carry.
  • Suitable for heavy duty

  • Doesn't include all accessories.
  • May cause air pollution.

Torch setup

Secure The Oxygen And Acetylene Tanks 

First of all, secure the tanks in a cart. If you don’t have a cart, you must use the tie-down straps to secure them with some vertical object.

Remove The Protective Covers

After that, remove the protective covers from the tank valves.

Attach The Regulators To The Valves

Now, attach the regulators to the valves by screwing the fittings in the valves with hands.

Attach The Hose

Now it’s the time to attach the hoses. Connect the red hose to the acetylene regulator and the green hose to the oxygen regulator.

Connect The Hoses With The Torch

Now place the torch in the torch handle and tighten the nut. Close the valves on the torch handle and the cutting torch.

Turn The Oxygen Tank Valve On

Now, you’ll see a shaft on the valve. It protects the oxygen leakage. Now turn the valve of the oxygen tank on.

Adjust The Oxygen Regulator Screw

After that, turn the oxygen regulator clockwise so that it could reach the 40 to 60 psi range.

Adjust The Acetylene Regulator 

Now adjust the acetylene gauge to on the regulator registers to reach 10 psi.

Light The Torch With A Spark Lighter

After that, light the torch. Adjust the oxygen valve on the cutting torch and the acetylene valve on the torch handle to get a bright blue and clear flame. There should be no yellow flame.

If you want to know more about torch set up click here.

How To Cut With The Oxy-Acetylene Torch?

Put Your Goggles And Gloves On

Before lighting the torch, you must put your gloves and goggles on. Also, check your working areas for any possible hazards.

Use A Striker To Light The Torch

Now open the acetylene valve and only shut it when you don’t hear any sound of the gas escaping.

Squeeze the handle and place the striker in front of the nozzle. After the ignition of acetylene, you’ll observe a small yellow flame. 

NOTE: Never use matches or cigarette lighters.

Adjust The Acetylene Valve Until The Flame Is About 10 In (25 cm) Long

Adjust the flame to a moderate level like 10 in (25 cm) long. Too strong flame can result in serious damages. It can lead to an unpredictable cutting edge, which may increase your risk of injury or fire.

Turn The Oxygen Valve On

Now turn the oxygen valve on to get a clear and well-defined flame.

Adjust The Oxygen Valve To Enhance The Flame

Now adjust the flame to get desired cutting flame. These may vary for different thicknesses.

Begin moving the torch tip slowly along the line of your cut

Now start cutting the metal slowly. Remember, if you cut slowly, you’ll get the good results.

Cool The Workpiece With Plenty Of Water

If you aren’t in a hurry, allow the kit to cool naturally. Allow the steel to cool naturally if you're using temper-type or quench steels. The reason is that the water could cause them to warp.


First of all, you must use shaded face to protect your eyes from the direct impacts of the sparks and excessive glare.

These shades also help your eyes to work for longer periods of time without tiring.

Check your pockets and remove any flammable component like lighter, match, etc.

Such things might normally predispose you to all kinds of dangers such as fire outbreaks and sparks of fire.

Keep the gas tanks in an upright position. Secure the cylinder caps all the time.

In this way, you can also keep the surrounding people protected from any accident or hazard. 

Always wear welding gloves and flame-retardant welder jackets. These will protect you from the naked flame.

Also, get rid of all accessories which are capable of conducting heat or may become entangled in your equipment.

Here is the full safety for acetylene check this out: Click Here

Final Words

As far as my advice is a concern, you must always take care of safety. Feel free to tell us about your favorite torch. We highly welcome your thoughts and comments.

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