Best End Mill/Drill Bits For Aluminum (2022) – Definitive Guide

Looking for an end mill?

The one which is able to cut through aluminum? 

Are you a beginner? Want to start practicing on aluminum? 

It does not matter if you do not fit in the above two categories.

Aluminum is a widely used manufacturing material.

This is why you often face it in your daily working routine.

Being softer compared to other materials, aluminum needs special treatment.

You will need a well-built end mill to cut, plunge, or edge it.

There are so many manufacturers and their products are different in many ways. 

This is why I am at your service, I am here with the best aluminum end mills which might be of great use to you.

Product Name




End Mill Set 6 Piece 2 Flute

End Mill Set 6 Piece 2 FluteEnd Mill Set 6 Piece 2 Flute

Our Top Pick

Works great on softer materials.
Sharp cutting.

HQMaster CNC Router Bits

HQMaster CNC Router BitsHQMaster CNC Router Bits

Best For CNC Router

Works with CNC router.
Affordable price.

HHIP 2-Flute End Mill Set

HHIP 2-Flute End Mill SetHHIP 2-Flute End Mill Set

Best For Beginners

Aluminum cutting like butter.
Has 1 of each size.

End Mill Set 20 Pieces TiN Coated HSS

End Mill Set 20 Pieces TiN Coated HSSEnd Mill Set 20 Pieces TiN Coated HSS

Best For Multi-Purpose

A great set to begin with.
Made of high-speed steel.
Good quality.

5 Best End Mills For Aluminum Reviews

1. End Mill Set 6 Piece 2 Flute - Our Top Pick

End Mill Set 6 Piece 2 FluteEnd Mill Set 6 Piece 2 Flute

This is a 6 piece end mill set with 2 flutes.

These are capable of center cutting and end up cutting in square shape.

They mainly manufactured for metal works and really they do as they promise.

Attractive Key Features:

Sharp, good quality:

The end mills cut very well on aluminum.

If you are using them on a drill press, take time, and let the tool do the work they will last a while.

Do not try to force the tools.

The sharp and good quality steels will impress you for sure.

Perfect for light milling:

If you do not do a lot of milling and want your mils to do light milling works in your drill press, then this set will give you a wide range of sizes and sharps tools to work with. Oh! Yes. The price is very reasonable as well. 

Multy purpose:

The tool set of mils is very effective if you have the intentions to do such as gunsmithing, woodworking, and other works.

They are able to do perfect milling even at a slow speed.

You can use them to mill on both wood or metals.

You can easily machine on aluminum, you might give it credit after using it on steel as well.

You might find the tool set handy and it might meet your general milling purposes. 


I have been saying it from the start that these mills are not for professional use.

If you are looking for a set of end mills which fits your budget and does your occasional milling purposes perfectly then you should go for them.

It will save you some penny for sure.


Do not force feed:

If you allow the end mills to do the work they might last longer.

They are not made for stronger metals.

These mills are capable of cutting through aluminum, wood, plastic, or other soft materials.

  • Works great on softer materials.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Sharp cutting.
  • Not for harder metals.
  • Might not last long if forced to work.

At the end of the description, I would recommend you to be sure about the purposes of your milling.

This set of end mills will suit your purpose of occasional milling. I have no doubt about that.

If you are looking for a professional solid and durable end mill, then you should move on.

2. HQMaster CNC Router Bits 3.175 End Mill - Best For CNC Router

HQMaster CNC Router Bits 3.175 End MillHQMaster CNC Router Bits 3.175 End Mill

HQ master end mills are well manufactured which are made for a wide range of functioning.

They are best for not only aluminum but also for nylon, resin, plastics, etc.

You know the best part is, it can be used in a CNC router for precise aluminum cutting.

You heard it, right!

The cutting edge diameter and the sharp edges make them highly efficient tools to work with.

The perfect cutting ability of the mills provides you a good finish and a fast-chip removal.

Attractive Key Features:


All the tools which have a diameter bit of 1/8 “ can be used to mill with these tools.

They can be used by a press, router table, mill or CNC having such capability.


It varies on the speed and the type of metal that you are using.

If you are using it on medium to hard wood the RPM might be 12,000. That is a great rpm rate!

Isn’t it?

Great value:

Undoubtedly, The ratio between price and quality is which makes it of great value.

They do what they are supposed to do with professional performance.

You will find a great value for money after using it on aluminum.


The manufacturing quality and the durability of the product make it a top notch.

If you are new to the CNC world and want to practice without breaking them, then they might be the ones you have been looking for.

Off course! You have to be careful, you might break them if you are reckless while using them.


Be careful:

If you are new in the field of milling then there might be a risk of breaking the mills.

If you are looking forward to practice, then these mills are the perfect ones for you.

  • Durable.
  • Works with CNC router.
  • Affordable price.
  • Great manufacturing quality.
  • Might break if used less carefully.

As ending remarks, I want to say that these are the perfectly manufactured durable mills which you have been looking for.

You will be happy to see the quality and the pricing ratio.

About the breaking part? Being careful and expert user might reduce the chance of such occurrence. 

3. HHIP 2-Flute End Mill Set (6 Piece) - Best For Beginners

HHIP 2-Flute End Mill Set (6 Piece)HHIP 2-Flute End Mill Set (6 Piece)

If you are looking for a cheaper set to start with, then these mills are for you.

This whole set of end mills are a great support if you are intending to work in your garage.

They might not be the best fit for professional purposes.

Attractive Key Features:

Great quality:

This beginner-friendly toolset is made of high-speed metal.

This also allows you to cut in the center.

The tool is very unlikely to break on the edges and does not require a pilot hole.

If they are used with drill press they are capable of cutting through rock-solid aluminum surfaces like butter.

The tools are well built and suitable for beginners as they are really forgiving.

Works well:

Using CNC machines they perform smoothly.

You will be happy to find the clean cuts by these bits.

Starter Set:

I bet you do not want to start your milling career using the nice, expensive mills.

If you wish to start milling and looking for a cheap set of tools to work with then this is the cheap starter set which you have been looking for. 


If you compare the price with the other products available in the market, you will find them cheaper than others.

These bits will give you affordable aluminum cutting, no doubt. 


Be sure:

If you are not sure what your purposes of work and on what surface you are planning to work on, then you might end up suffering.

The bits are made of high-speed steel and not manufactured for strong ferrous metals.

They are durable to aluminum and designed for milling radius slots etc. If these purposes of your work do not meet, then you might end up with disappointment.

  • Aluminum cutting like butter.
  • Center cutting.
  • Single-end.
  • Has 1 of each size.
  • Only for aluminum.

To conclude, I would want to repeat the same words.

If you are looking to the machine on softer materials then give them a shot.

They are not for the strong ones.

4. End Mill Set 20 Pieces TiN Coated HSS - Best For Multi-Purpose

End Mill Set 20 Pieces TiN Coated HSSEnd Mill Set 20 Pieces TiN Coated HSS

If you are new in the world of milling and looking for some end mills as starters, then these are the best suit for you.

This end mill set comes with 20 pieces and flutes.

This is really a budget-friendly tool if you are eager to learn.

Do not rate them by the price, it can do better compare to its price.

Attractive Key Features:

Aluminum cutter:

It is a good deal if you are looking for an aluminum cutter.

You will be happy to see the decent cuts of these mills.

The product is of great value and undoubtedly you will get the same what you will pay for. 

Other usages:

Just do not limit yourself with aluminum. You can run these mills even on steel, wood, and plastic as well. 

Good quality:

These are made of high-speed steel, no carbide.

This makes this product suitable to cut through aluminum with ease.


The total set is cheaper and within your budget.

The whole set costs about what one carbide bit costs.

You might get the same performance as the 100-300 dollar each end mills.

You just have to be careful while using it. 


I know you want a mill through which you want to work for a long time.

The good news is, the mills are hard and sharp enough for general purposes.

If you take good care of them, they will last longer.

Starter set:

This whole set is really low in price and intended to be a great set, to begin with.

If you are looking for a set of mills which are cheap in price and also to work in your DIY projects, then this is what you are looking for.

The excellent performance on aluminum makes this set of mills a great purchase.



If you are looking to use them for any productive and professional use then you might face difficulties using them.

  • A great set to begin with.
  • Sharp and smooth aluminum cutting.
  • Made of high-speed steel.
  • Good quality.
  • Not for industrial use.

These end mills are perfect for your general purpose of working, If you are a beginner then these are the tools you have been looking for.

They perform really well on aluminum and steel.

If you can take care of them, you will get longevity in return.

5. Kodiak USA Made Solid Premium Carbide End Mill - Best For Plunge Cut

Kodiak USA Made Solid Premium Carbide End MillKodiak USA Made Solid Premium Carbide End Mill

Let me tell you frankly, I am not going to give up upon you.

This is why I am here with another end mill set which is sharp and durable working with aluminum.

It does not matter if you are very new to machining.

The tools are very forgiving, and you will be happy to work with them.

Attractive Key Features:

Strong enough for cutting aluminum: 

The end mills can plunge up to 1-inch thick aluminum with ease.

After putting a lot of side load you might not be able to broke the bit.

It will remain sharp if you are using it on softer surfaces.

If it fits your choice I am sure Kodak will become your product of choice after the first use.

Finishing Cut:

It does not matter if you are using these to cut acrylic then do not worry.

They will work on them perfectly as well.

They are destined for center cutting.

You will be happy to find out the perfect finish. 


Do not bother if your intention is to use these bits on a CNC router.

It is able to make fine cuts.

Also, it is so long-lasting that it remains sharp even after all day of milling.

Good quality:

I have told you the differences among the carbide ones and the high-speed steel ones. These bits are made of carbide and they provide good cutting. You will definitely get what you will pay for. 

Center cutting:

All Kodiak tools are made of carbides.

They are capable of center-cutting and are able to make plunge cuts.

You just have to be sure about the proper speed and feed rates for your material.


Not good at dust removal:

You will have a good success if you are using it to plunge into hardwoods using your CNC.

The product being spiral to the down is good to plunge through the materials, but they are not really great for removing dust. 

  • Durable.
  • Made of carbide.
  • Works with CNC machine.
  • Cuts and plunges through aluminum.
  • Not good for dust removal.

For concluding remarks I want to draw your attention that in this product there are fewer things to consider about.

The carbide made product is of great quality.

You can buy them if they are what you have been looking for.

They are the best fit for aluminum.

If you want your mills to plunge into aluminum, then you should give it a try. 

What To Look For Before Choosing the Best End Mills For Aluminum:

I know how important it is for you to choose the best endmill for aluminum.

I also understand how hard it is to choose from a huge amount of manufacturers. They manufacture different products depending on price, value, quality, performance, etc.

It is common to get lost in these wide range of options and choose the wrong tool.

Trust me! 

I know the sufferings when I purchase a wrong tool and I have to work with it. A wrong decision does not only wastes your time, it wastes your money as well. 

I have suffered and I do not want you to suffer, for this I want you to read this part carefully.

It might help you to make the correct decision in order to buy an end mill. 

It works for me, I hope it will work for you as well.

1. What do you need the mills for?

This is the most basic and the first question which you have to ask yourself.

Because the bits are manufactured differently keeping in mind several purposes.

You have to make a purchase as per your working demands.

If you are looking for an end mill which you will use on aluminum then you have to select one type of end mills.

On the other hand, if you are working on harder metals, then you have to look for the ones which are well built for that metal to work with. 

2. Be sure about the cut type:

Now, as you have reached this far I am sure you have decided that you want an end mill for aluminum.

It is not everything.

You have only just decided.

Now, go and look at the type of cut you want.

The mills differ in this way as well.

If you want a center cut, smooth finish, or square cut, etc. these completely depend on you.

Select the finishing and work type you want your end mill to perform. Make the purchase based on that. 

3. Exact operation:

The application of an end mill has many operations.

You have to decide whether you want to plunge in, or do finishing or contouring etc.

The bits differ in such a manner as well.

4. Working Purpose:

Aluminum is a material on which beginners can start to practice.

If you think you want to practice, then you do not have to go for the costly ones at the start.

This investment is going to be in vain.

There are many professional bits which alone costs equal to a beginner set.

So, why waste a lot of money if you are just beginning. Make a purchase as per your professional and personal skills. 

5. Carbide or High-speed steel:

If you check the details of a product you will find the end mills being made of two qualities.

They are carbide ones and high-speed steel ones.

Yes, there are differences between them. The carbide ones will not only cut like butter but also a little bit costly.

The ones with high-speed steel are less costly.

The carbide ones last longer and stay sharp.

6. Flutes:

This is the most important feature to consider while choosing an end mill for aluminum.

Aluminum is a soft material. This makes it stick in the flutes of your CNC machine.

The best coating might not sometimes help if you are using a 4 or 5 flute end mill to cut aluminum.

Fewer flutes allow the chips a free movement, it makes the tool-less stiff. This can lead to unwanted conclusions.

The best suit is two or three flutes. If you keep this in mind, there are fewer chances of your end mill getting destroyed. 

7. The perfect coating:

If I compare aluminum with other materials, then I must say, it is softer.

While working you might face the difficulty of clogging the flutes. This is why you have to choose the perfect slippery coating.

The coatings of the carbide ones are costly, the high-speed steel ones can be lubricated using a coating like titanium carbo-nitrate. 

Enter your text here...


This all I have got for you.

I hope you have understood what I want to tell you.

If you are still confused, go through the guidelines above first. Before that, clear your mind, do not keep any feature or quality or name of any product.

Take time and then decide.

If you do not select the perfect end mill and you are dealing with aluminum, you might have to suffer.

A perfect aluminum cutting requires a perfect end mill.

Thank me later if I have guided you well.

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