Best Tube Notcher (For Easily Bend & Cut) – 2022

Are you looking for a notcher which has a great functional feature?

The durable ones which bends metal tubes easily and gives you a solid structure with a smooth finish?

Then you are in the perfect place.

I know how important it is to select the best notcher among so many available options.

If you have the best notcher with you, your professional or personal projects get a strong and durable structure.

It is very easy to get confused while selecting the best one among so many available options.

An imperfect notcher can make your work more difficult than ever. Do not worry! I am here to help.

I am here to present you the best tube notchers which might help you take over many professional and personal projects easily.

The features and the performance might vary from one another.

You just have to select the one with the most matching features as per your working needs.

Well, Without wasting any more time, let's dive right in...

Product Name




Erie Tools Tube And Pipe Notcher

Erie Tools Tube And Pipe Notcher

Adjustable clamp. 
Well built frame.
Easy to mount.

Woodward Fab Pipe and Tube Hole Saw Notcher

Woodward Fab Pipe and Tube Hole Saw Notcher

Made of steel.
Adjustable angles up to 50 degrees.
Needle bearing support.

Kaka PN Hole Saw Pipe Tube Notcher

Kaka PN-1/2S Hole Saw Pipe Tube Notcher

Well built aluminum frame.
Works workplace suitability.

Pipe and Tube Notcher, Hole Saw

Pipe and Tube Notcher, Hole Saw

Easy mounting.
Offers versatility.
Professional finish.

7 Best Tube Notcher Reviews

1. Erie Tools Tube And Pipe Notcher - TOP PICK

Erie Tools Tube And Pipe Notcher

If you are looking for a top-class notcher that delivers top-class performance as well as a high-speed hole saw, this is what you will need.

This tool helps you make good joints with a smooth finish.

Not only that,

This is a precision pipe notcher which is perfect for your drill press.

The product is made of strong and durable metals.

The manufacturing quality and ability to work in any angle makes it the first priority.

Attractive Key Features:

Holds tight:

As I said the base metal of the product is durable and strong.

The strong steel makes it so stable that it does not move while operating.

You will be happy to work by using it.


I know how hard it is to work if your notcher is not easily adjustable.

You will be happy to know that this notcher is easily adjustable to any fundamental metal you are working with.

The adjustability of the machine allows you to work with comfort.

Worth it:

If you are looking for an expensive alternative to your old notcher, you should stop so.

Mark my words, this product is of excellent value compared to the expensive ones in the market.

Well finished:

The well-built steel made product is well finished and sturdy.

You will be satisfied to see the quality, and the price will seem reasonable.

Easy to use:

The Erie tools notchers are not just well built, they are user friendly as well.

The adjustable features and the suitability fixture with the drill press make it a handy tool to work with.


Be sure:

The holding accuracy of the product is to the top.

You might not find enough height for a 60-degree cutting.

You might need a much taller notcher for that.

  • Adjustable clamp.
  • Well built frame.
  • Easy to mount.
  • No hole saw included.
  • Have to be careful for precision.

To sum up...

This is an excellent product to work with.

You will be surprised to see how well it cuts through the pipes and tubes.

It has a super performance ability on steel as well. There is nothing to be bothered about the tolerance level. 

Cutting a full 60 degree is not a big deal. I am not saying that you won't be able to do so completely. What I am saying is that you might find it difficult. If you are an expert of cutting, I see no burdens.

2. JD2 Notchmaster Hole Saw Tube Notcher - Best Value

If you are a builder who is looking for a quick offset cope in tubing then this is what you have been looking for.

The JD Squared Notchmaster has a heavy-duty steel frame and can do angles up to 50 degrees.

That is not all about it.

The manufacturing quality and the cool features of it makes it one of the most desired notchers in the market.

Attractive Key Features:


The notcher consists of a 1- ¼ inch thick steel frame.

It holds a tubing clamp which is adjustable.

You can also easily adjust the stainless shaft as per your needs if you want to do offset coping. 


As I said, the product is able to notch up to 50 degrees.

The maximum diameter range is 3-¾ inches.

It is a lightweight notcher which is only 24 pounds.

It makes it a portable notcher as well. 

Rigidity and reliability:

The most important part of a hole saw style notcher is being rigid and reliable.

The notch master tube notcher has the function to separate grease seals.

This allows it a maximum rigidity and reliability. 

Solid and long-lasting:

I have mentioned in the beginning that this is a well and solidly built product.

You will be satisfied with the accurate performance and the longevity of the product.


Not more than 50 degrees:

It is fixed that the notcher is only capable of notching up to 50 degrees maximum.

Not more than that.

  • Well built.
  • Rigid and long-lasting.
  • Durable.
  • High quality.
  • Adjustability.
  • Can’t angle more than 50 degree.

To sum up, there is no doubt that it is a top-notch well-manufactured product.

The products well polished and manufacturing quality will make you smile.

You will definitely get what you pay for.

If you want to notch more than 50 degrees, there are upgrades available of the notcher which might be of help.

3. Woodward Fab Pipe and Tube Hole Saw Notcher - Best For Angle Notch & Cut

Woodward Fab Pipe and Tube Hole Saw Notcher

Are you looking for a notcher which is not only able to notch straight cutting but also able to notch angles?

This would be great if you are able to notch even an angle, right?

Then, this is the notcher you have been looking for.

Not only so, but it is also a great tool to work on aluminum and mild steel.

The success of using this tool mostly depends on the cutting tool you will be using.

In the case of stainless steel or harder metals, a perfect notching relies on the cutter.

Attractive Key Features:

Angle adjustment:

As this tool is able to notch angles the question arises about the angle adjustment.

The notcher is able to notch from 60 to 90 degrees in one direction.

Cheap and sturdy:

If you compare the notcher with the alternative ones in the market you will find it cheaper.

That’s not it only.

It is also built with strong metals which makes it a sturdy one. The sturdiness of the machine makes it a top-notch.

Fits well with a drill press:

Yes! You heard it right.

The tube notcher fits great onto any drill press.

It will also fit any motor or handled press too. This allows you a flexible position to finish your work.

Time saver:

As you have read earlier the Woodward Fab tube notcher is capable of not only cutting pipes but also to notch angles.

This allows you to work more easily and finish the projects faster with ease.

It makes perfect welds and strength while working which is less time-consuming.

Meets your needs:

This easy to work tool includes a hole saw which is able to cut 2 inches of thick pipes. 

There is also a system for you to add flexibility and fulfill what you want. 


Stainless steel:

The notcher might not be able to notch stainless steel as they are rock solid.

  • Made of steel.
  • Adjustable angles up to 50 degrees.
  • Needle bearing support.
  • Unable to notch the center.
  • Comparatively small shaft.

If you have a good cutter you might not have to worry about the stainless steels.

If you have cut this well and smooth enough to be notched by the machine, then It might come up with surprising results.

The rest is now upon you.

4. Kaka Hole Saw Pipe Tube Notcher - Best For DIY Workers

Kaka PN-1/2S Hole Saw Pipe Tube Notcher

You will be glad to know that KAKA is another significant company in the hardware industry.

This model of notcher is made of Aluminium frame Pipe and Tube Notcher.

The aluminum base of the tool makes it a durable tool which leads to great customer satisfaction.

If you are willing to perform a DIY project then you must give it a try.

Attractive Key Features:

Perfect for DIY projects:

Its adjustable mounting bracket provides you the facility to cut pipes of compound materials easily.

It has a setting from 0 to 60 degrees in the increments of 1 degree.

This feature is more than enough for any DIY projects you are doing.

Excellent quality:

Believe me, you will be amazed to see the quality of the product.

If you think it is similar to the other Chinese notches that are priced similarly, then you are on the wrong track.

This product has a good weight and durability to it. 

Structural features:

Kaka Industrial pipe notcher is built of durable metals. 

Its frame is built with sturdy steels.

It is designed to be used with electric drill or drill press.

Its maximum capacity is up to 2 inches.

  • Well built aluminum frame.
  • Works workplace suitability.
  • The base allows movement while cutting.
  • Might be hard to work with a drill press.

As ending remarks I would love to add that, If you have not used any tube notchers previously, you should give it a try.

You will be surprised to see how this angle notcher shapes your functional materials perfectly.

5. Pipe and Tube Notcher, Hole Saw - Best For Multi use

Pipe and Tube Notcher, Hole Saw

It is obvious that you are looking for tools which will make your work easier and faster.

Heck offers you this pipe cutter and notcher which has a versatile use and helps you to get your job done within a short time. 

Attractive Key Features:


The manufacturing purpose of this tool is to provide you a greater and wider service.

This tool is of versatile use and fits well with any drill press, motor press, and hand press.

Which means this is the perfect tool by which you can work the way you want.

Best performance:

The easy-going feature does not explain this amazing tool only.

This fabulous tube notcher is capable of helping you to make saddle notches with a professional finish.

Not only that, through the great performance of the tool the overall working time will ultimately become shorter.

You will be happy to find out how strong and solid notches you will get in your structure.

Cutter and notcher:

I have saved the best feature for the last.

This is a two in one tool which is both a cutter and notcher.

The total unit consists of a hole saw that allows you to cut 2 inches thick pipes if you need it.

This is a great feature which grants you flexibility while working. 


Works manually:

Well, there is something which you might not like about this product.

That is, this notcher functions manually rather than automatically.

It is capable of working up to 40 hours maximum.

But, if you want your work to be done using your bare hands, then I think you don't have to consider about anything. 

  • Easy mounting.
  • Offers versatility .
  • Professional finish.
  • Works manually.

The above-mentioned features make it a great tool to work with.

What else do you need when you get a hole saw and a notcher in the same product.

The versatility and flexibility of the product makes it a great choice for DIY projects.

If it meets your needs, what are you waiting for? 

6. Kaka Aluminium Frame Pipe and Tube Notcher - The Flexible One

Kaka PN-1/2A Aluminium Frame Pipe and Tube Notcher

Kaka Aluminium Frame Pipe and Tube Notcher is a well-built notcher which is strong and sturdy.

The adaptability of the product with any surface makes it a great tool to work with.

The angle adjustment and other cool features might not disappoint you while working.

Attractive Key Features:

Well built:

This amazing frame pipe and tube notcher from Kaka is made of aluminum and comes with angle readers which is easy to read.

You won't have to face many difficulties with measuring the angles with such a well-built scale.

Angle adjustment:

Speaking of angle adjustment, this notcher will allow you to make compound angle adjustment from 0-45 degrees.

The pipe holder is easily adjustable which is a great addition.

By dint of this, you will be able to cut compound angles with ease.

That's not all, this model is specifically designed for use with a drill press.

This compliments to the usable feature to work on any surface.

No boundaries to cutting:

Want to know about a cool feature?

Yes, this is another feature which I saved for the last.

You can rotate the plate of the tube notcher while working.

You can set the precision in one-degree increments.

It will give you the facility of flexibility and also give you perfect round cuts.


Only drill press:

The thing which makes it a little bit limited to flexible working is that it can be mounted with drill press only.

You might have a little bit problem with that, but this is a fixture to your drill press as well.

  • Strong and sturdy.
  • Angle adjustment.
  • Well built angle readers.
  • Flexibility to round cuts.
  • Only mountable with a drill press .

The limitation to drill press in any sense does not make this notcher a bad product.

The excellent features and the performance of the notcher is a compliment to it.

7. Precision Pipe and Tubing Notcher - Best For Sharp Cutting

Precision Pipe and Tubing Notcher

As you are looking for a notcher, there is no doubt that you are looking for a strong and durable one.

This is a notcher which ensures durability as well as a good performance.

The chrome-plated frame and the body of steel give it a superman like strength and makes your work easy.

Attractive Key Features:

Easily mounted:

Made of sturdy steel and the notcher is great for your drill press or electric drill.

Mounting up with your press it gives you the flexibility of tubing into any angles up to 60 degrees in 1-degree increments.

Easily adjustable:

This notcher comes with a adjustable frame design.

The pipe holder and the base of the notcher are easily adjustable.

This adjustability and the flexibility of the notcher makes compound notch angling easy.

Sharp cutting:

The sharp cutter makes it a top notcher to work with. It can cut any pipe or metal tubes. The pipe is capable of cutting up to 2 inches.

  • Sharp cutting.
  • Durable.
  • Steel frame.
  • Adjustable base.
  • Difficult to adjust with base.

Adjustability, sharp cutting, and easy mounting, etc are the features which make it a great tool to work with.

The durability and the strength of the tool are what make it a great performer.

This is why this tool has earned great customer satisfaction and demand.

What To Look For Choosing The Best Tube Notcher (Buying Guide):

It is necessary to use the perfect sword to cut the dragon.

Likewise, the same goes for selecting the perfect notcher.

If you can not find the perfect notcher, you can not reach the outcome you want.

I have pointed out some points which you might find helpful while selecting the good notcher for you. 


It is really necessary for you to select what is the purpose of your using the notcher.

By purpose, I meant if you want to use it for professional or per projects.

If you are working on a small project then you might not want to waste money on buy which costs a lot of fortune.

So think, before buying. 

The range of angles:

There is a limitation to the size of the tube which you want to notch.

The notcher varies in their angle limits.

Some notchers can angle up to 45 degrees and more professional ones allow it to 60.

The professional level units will allow you better performance than the entry-level ones.

Size of the tube:

Well, you are limited to the size of the tube as well.

You can cut to 2 inches diameter maximum in the entry-level ones.

The professional ones?

They allow you to cut up to 3 inches. 

Final Verdict For This Discussion:

Well, this is where it all ends.

We have the best product reviews above and I hope the guideline as well will be a great help to you. 

Let me tell you once again why it is important to select the perfect notcher.

Finishing a work perfectly become tough if you can not select the perfect notcher for you.

You will not find an efficient output without using a perfect suit for your work. 

It is better to buy a notcher from a branded manufacturer with great features.

You might find the price a little bit higher, but you will not be disappointed with the long-lasting performance. 

I hope you will consider the facts, think about the pros and cons and select the notcher you think is perfect for you.

You can also follow the instructions or things to keep in mind written above before ordering.

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