Top 4 Best Pipeline Welder (For Outdoor & Indoor) – Reviews 2020

Pipeline welding is not that easy as the regular metal welding.

It's need more practice and experience to be a pipeline welder and then you get the expected results.

As wel as, sometimes pipes are more thicker then other welding materials.

So that, you need a welder which is more powerful and produce much more voltage and AMP to weld pipe.

Not only that but also...

Most of the pipeline welding work is outdoor, and you need a welder to be produce power itself or keep a generator.

To solve this problem, we have found some welder which can power itself, and it can produce power enough for other items to be connected to it for example lights, another welder, or even a plasma cutter.

No look further, lets dive right in...

4 Best Pipeline Welder Reviews

1. Miller PipePro 304

Miller PipePro 304

The Miller Electric PipePro 304 is the world’s first diesel engine-driven welding machine that is capable of operating autonomously from the engine, using 230 volt single or three-phase electric power when the Dual Power option is fitted.

Attractive Key Features:

Power to handle the toughest tasks:

300 amps means you have the power you need on hand for whatever type of job you have to deal with.

Designed for the pipeliner...

This welder has been designed with the specifics of pipeline welding in mind.

Pipeline welding is unique, and this unit fits the specifications well. 

Quiet running, portable and powerful welder makes it a best suitable for pipeliner.

Never be caught without power - flexible options!

The Dual Power option operates on either engine or electric input.

This means that, you will always have the power when and where you need it to guarantee you get the job done.

Portable claims minimum space on your truck:

Compact size fits sideways in a standard pickup bed to maximize space for everything you need to carry.

Space is always at a premium and its compact size will take up less room on site too.


  • Powerful – 300 amps.
  • Dual power options.
  • Low Noise.
  • Compact size.


  • Leads are extra.
  • Heavy-weight.

The Miller PipePro 304 Multi-Process Engine Driven Welder is designed for the professional pipeliner, robust yet and portable.

Its dual power option means you can run autonomously from a power supply.

It runs quietly making the job less stressful on-site and compact enough to use in tight spots. The only downside is the higher cost.

2. Lincoln Electric Ranger 305 G - Top Pick

Lincoln Electric Ranger 305 G

The Lincoln Ranger 305G is a first-class multi-purpose welding unit that will run all day long.

It can be used as a back-up generator and power supply with 9,500 Watts of continuous power for devices like grinders and lighting and a surge capability of 10,500 Watts.

It comes with weld meters for amps and volts which allow you to pre-set your processes and observes actual welding output.

Attractive Key Features:

Fast to get going with safety first:

Easy starts with low spatter which means a safer working environment and that is good news.

Injuries can be deadly so everything that makes your job safer is good news.

Downhill welding mode for pipeliners...

Downhill pipe welding mode is excellent for pipeline projects.

It enables faster working speeds, particularly on fill passes. 

Power on demand for peak efficiency!

A max of 300 amps available for tasks that demand it.

The power to complete any project in a good time with the highest quality.

Versatility on hand:

Also it has multi-process stick, TIG, wire and pipe welding downhill mode.

The full range of welding types which means you can tackle every job for an all-day long efficiency.


  • Downhill mode for pipeline.
  • Powerful 300 amps.
  • Voltage detecting output.
  • Multi-process welder.
  • Built-in “hot” start for easier starts.


  • Pricier.

The Lincoln Ranger 305G is a robust pipe welding engine-driven welder.

It includes a generator producing 9500 watts of constant power with 10,500 surge watts available.

With this machine you have enough power to run lights, grinders or other tools onsite.

3. MILLER BOBCAT 250 Engine Driven Welder

MILLER BOBCAT 250 Engine Driven Welder

The Miller Bobcat 250 is gasoline-driven welder packed with 9,500 watts continuous power with 11,000 surge watts available from the onboard single-phase generator.

It runs quietly and has a rated output from 40 to 250 amps.

It also has the neat status display, which will flag up when the unit needs servicing.

The compact design of this portable unit occupies less valuable space on-site and in your truck.

Attractive Key Features:

Quieter: reduced operational noise levels...

Technical improvements to the noise levels produced by the unit have increased comfort levels while working, plus these advances allow easier team communications on-site, which reduces stress levels.

Save valuable space on-site and in your truck:

The neat design of the welder means that it occupies less space when you are transporting it in your truck or when on the job site which is always short of room to work.

It’s portable and easy to move around wherever you need to be.

100% duty cycle!

The Bobcat 250 has 100% duty cycle of 250 amps for maximum power output.

Power where you need it:

The unit’s gas-powered generator delivers 9500 watts of ancillary power continuously with peak power of 11,000 watts with single-phase operation.

The useful backup generator which will drive small power tools or lighting on site.


The Miller Bobcat is available in a Gas, EFI version and LP version.

Multi-process feature include MIG, TIG, Flux-Core and Stick.

If you need plasma cutter onsite also it can power a separate plasma cutter.


  • Suitable for heavy-duty use on commercial job sites.
  • Powerful rating 100% duty cycle @ 250 amps.
  • Lighter, quieter design.
  • Long Run-time.


  • No specific welding kit for complete job site use.
  • Pretty expensive.

The Miller Bobcat 250 has been designed with flexibility in mind and it is one of the smallest welders available and while it’s not lightweight.

It is easier to move around than many and it’s rugged and able to withstand the rough and tumble of the job.

The power available will allow you to run other small tools at the site.

It is versatile and with both consistent constant current and constant voltages it enables you to handle anything that you have to do.

4. Hobart 500562 Champion Elite Welder Generator

Hobart 500562 Champion Elite Welder Generator

The Hobart Champion Elite Welder Generator is the US made and while it can be used to weld.

The unit is heavy and is not supplied with leads. 

It does have 9,500 watts of continuous power and a peak of 11,000 watts.

It has an output range of between 40 and 225 amps. It has a 12-gallon fuel tank and a three-year warranty.

Attractive Key Features:

Three-year protection included:

The company provides a three-year warranty and is rightly proud of its high level of manufacturing quality. 

Power when and where you need it...

The powerful gas-fueled generator delivers 9,500 watts continuously and 11,000 watts of peak power.

This means you have power available to run small power tools or lighting onsite to make life easier.


The only shortcoming of this machine is not designed as like as much of the other pipe welders do.


  • Medium price.
  • 9,500 watts of continuous AC power and 11,000 watts of peak power.
  • Three-year warranty.
  • 100% duty cycle @ 225 Amps.


  • Does not include welding leads.
  • Heavy weight.

The Hobart Champion Elite Welder Generator is made in the US and caries a three year warranty.

It is well rated and respected for its build quality. 

Some items to Weigh Up Before Buying a Pipeline Welder

Welding pipelines has its own unique set of requirements which are different to any other type of welding.

It’s important to consider your choices carefully before spending serious money.

Let’s look at some key areas that you should consider before spending a cent.

Safety Foremost:

Safety is of prime importance of course and should always be taken seriously.

Most welding machines for pipeline work have surge protection.

You should aim to have between 20 and 25% so always check the level of protection when selecting your pipeline welding equipment.

Powerful Enough?

The output of a welder is calculated in amps.

The rating will determine what thicknesses of the materials you can weld. 

A built-in generator is necessary for maximum efficiency.

These are usually gas driven and will supply you with power for a long day on a single tankful.

This means no matter where you are working you will have the power.

Check the ratings for maximum power output. 

For casual domestic use, a welder between 120 amps and 140 amps range will be sufficient.

However, if you plan to use it for large scale jobs on a regular basis you will need a unit that is capable of up to 300 amps.

Duty Cycle:

The duty cycle is an important part of the specification of any welding machine you consider.

It is the maximum length of time you can weld continuously without overheating the machine.

For example, a 60% duty cycle would allow a continuous welding time at maximum power of six minutes in each ten-minute period, with four minutes cooling.

If you are using a lower power setting, then your duty cycle will lengthen.

Most manufacturers will publish mid-range figures in their specifications. 


Pipeline welding demands your welder is portable so you can work in any location quickly and effectively.

The welder you pick needs to be light enough to move around easily while still being robust. 

Cables & Connections:

Cables and connections on the welder should be made from high-quality materials that will stand up to the job and protect you and the operation of the welder, especially in heavy use environments.

What are the Different Welder Choices to be used for Different Welding purposes?

Here are different welding machines options available in the market you can use them for multipurpose.

MIG Welding:

MIG Welders are highly sought after because they tend to price less than TIG or Keep welders with similar power and features, are incredibly easy to learn, and can deal with numerous types of projects.

Since the product metal is fed through the MIG welding light, welders can use both hands to hold the light stable rather than using one side to add product metal, as in TIG welding. The cable bird birdfeeder also makes MIG welding up to four periods quicker.

MIG welding can be used on numerous types of components, for example, aluminum and is frequently used for automobile work.

However, MIG also needs the buying of protecting gas and usually requires components that price more when in comparison to other methods.

TIG Welding:

When overall look matters, TIG welding makes a very best, clean weld that is far less likely to change the metal by using a non-consumable tungsten electrode.

You should not worry about sprinkle because it only uses the necessary amount of product metal needed in the welding mess, making for the best weld in every respect.

However, TIG is fairly specific as well as a good deal of training to be able to master it, so make sure any TIG welder buy is along with a plan to take welding classes.

Instead of the shoot and point easiness of MIG welding, the TIG requires the use of foot pedal for controlling the welding procedure.

Many professional welding specialists prefer TIG since it can weld numerous types of metals and due to the freedom of argon gas used during your TIG welding.

You will find no slag to prevent the scene of the weld m0065ss. Argon gas can weld any metal at any width with TIG welding, and therefore there is no need to change the gas based upon on the project.

Stick Welding:

Stick welding is one of the most efficient techniques for combining pipes and joints, but it is also the least valuable.

The process runs on the useful stick electrode operates anywhere, inside or outside, and the welding process is quite easy.

A protecting gas does not secure the weld. Rather, the wire is covered with a flux that includes the weld and defends it. This part must be chipped away when the weld is completed.

Because it does not need protecting gas, stick welding remains well known and cost-effective.

It is also the most convenient since a welder can simply change from one metalwork part to another by changing the product metal rod to be able to match it to the metal workpiece.


To conclude...

A pipeline welder is an essential tool for welding needs where an extreme way to obtain power is not readily available, or you need an honest, long-running way to get power.

In addition, pipeline welder offers the ability to run several welding features from one device.

Any of the pipeline welding machines analyzed here would be an excellent choice for your needs.

Be sure you have done sufficient research before going to purchasing. Maybe reliable co-workers or professionals have designs they suggest.

If you can try out a stick welder before purchasing, we strongly recommend you to do so.

Always be sure to check out the reviews for the product online, as they will give you an excellent of how they work and how easy they are to use.

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