5 Best Pipeline Welder (Buying Guide) – 2022

Pipeline welding is more complex than regular metal welding, requiring more practice and experience to produce the desired results. The pipes used for welding are often thicker than other materials, necessitating the use of a more powerful welder that can generate higher amps.

Furthermore, many pipeline welding jobs are outdoors in a variety of environments, such as deserts and beaches, making it necessary for the welder to be able to generate power independently.

After consulting with experts and conducting our own research, we have identified the best pipeline welders that can generate sufficient power for other items connected to them, such as lights, another welder, or even a plasma cutter.

5 Best Pipeline Welder Reviews

1. PipePro 304 230V Multi-Process Welder - Top Pick

PipePro 304 230V Multi-Process Welder



Power Source

Diesel Powered


12000 watts


Power Kubota Diesel driven 26HP


Inverter Technology

DC output

300 at 60% duty cycle

I want to start with The miller PipePro 304. It is the first-ever engine driven welder in the market. I used it a long time back. I found the machine very efficient and productive.

I am afraid this item isn’t really available in the market now. The manufacturers have updated the machine and the software to PiperPro 400.

Still, this is one of the best engine driven pipeline welder I have used. 

Attractive Key Features:

A tough machine:

The highest amperage the machine is capable of providing is 300amps. This is humungous!

Isn't it? 

Just imagine the types of welding you will be able to do using this machine. You can weld a wide range of metals using this welder. 

Operator efficiency: 

The machine was the first of its type. It was the first engine driven welder. I thought it would be really hard to operate. But no, the familiar equipment of the machine makes this really easy to operate.

The dual digital meter and the voltmeter helps you to be in control of the machine’s output.

Multi-Process welding: 

The machine is capable of welding of all types. You can stick, DC-TIG, MIG, Pulsed MIG, and Flux core.

The peak generator power is 12000 watts. I didn’t find any machine within this price range capable of generating such power. 

Works in all environments:

The Pipepro 304 is designed to withstand any sort of weather conditions. It doesn’t matter whatever the weather or situation is, the machine will do the job for you.

The stainless steel case offers maximum corrosion resistance in case of high humid weather conditions as well. 

The superpower to handle all the tasks:

The manufacturers have used Kubota D1005 three-cylinder diesel engine. It is of 24.8Hp and gives you a 120/240 output. The maximum output is 300amps.

I hope you know what you can do with this huge output. You can weld a variety of metals and sheets with ease. 

Always with power: 

There is a dual power operation mode in this machine. You can use this machine by using the engine or the electric output. This is a great feature. This ensures you are always with power.

The maximum amperage output of the machine is 300. This means you can handle hard tasks easily with this welder.


  • Can be run by both diesel or electric input.
  • 12000watts of power generator.
  • High performing 26HP engine.
  • A multi-process welder.
  • Best suit for all sorts of pipe welding.
  • Compact size.
  • Less space-consuming.
  • Low noise operations.


  • Heavy weight
  • Requires a truck to carry from one place to another.

You don't have to worry much if you are using the miller Pipepro 304 welder. You will get a great service from it.

You don't have to worry about the weather or the power of the output either. There is no weather or no metal this machine can't weld. It makes your job less stressful in any sort of conditions. 

2. Lincoln Electric Ranger 305 G Multi-process Welder - Best For Professional Uses

Lincoln Electric Ranger 305 G Multi-process Welder



Item Weight

510 pounds

Product Dimensions

42.3 x 21.5 x 36.2 inches


151 Volts


9500 watts


3 years

Once I was working in high altitudes and the cost of the fuel was too much. The environment was cool as well and this is why the expenditure of the fuel was turning out to be a headache.

In this situation, the ideal machine is the Lincoln Electric Ranger 305G. This is a welding machine which is perfect for all-day application in construction, pipelines, farming, and regular maintenance. 

Attractive Key Features:

Multi-process welder:

This is a multi-process welder which is driven by an engine. You can do TIG, Cored wire, MIG, and Arc Gouging with carbons up to 3/16” diameter.

There is a CC stick mode optimized for general purposes. There is also a downhill pipe welding mode.

I was impressed by the skewed rotor design. It provided enough AC power that was suitable for operating Lincoln inverters.

Not only this, the machine also provides DC multi-process welding.

Easy to use:

You might wonder if these machines are really hard to figure out. No!

The Lincoln Electric Ranger 305G is really easy to start. IT starts smoothly and provides you with an excellent bead.

The ranger provides a 200amp power by 29V for stick welding. You can use it to weld steel, cast iron, and stainless steel pipelines.


Undoubtedly this is a powerful machine. The machine includes a powerful generator that produces 9500 watts of continuous power and 10,500 surge watts.

It provides the necessary power to run the necessary equipment in a job site.

About the engine: 

The Lincoln Electric Ranger 305G has got a 23 HP Kohler, air-cooled, 4 cycles, 2 cylinders, gasoline engine. The engine is powerful enough to perform heavy-duty tasks.

The highest amperage range of the welder is 300A. This is enough for any industrial or professional work. 

 The output range for different types of weldings are: 

  • 20 - 305A for DC
  • 40 - 300A for pipe welding
  • 20 - 250A for DC TIG welding
  • 14 - 29V for CV welding
Digital power meter: 

There is a digital power meter in the machine that gives you a full knowledge of what's going on. You will be the one always in control.

This gives this the multi-purpose welding purpose a perfection. Ranger 305 offers a 100% duty cycle at 305A.


  • Downhill pipe welding mod.
  • Full digital power meter.
  • Voltage detecting output.
  • Built-in “hot” start for easier starts.
  • Outstanding for professional uses.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Noise free.
  • Comes with 3 years warranty.


  • Not for hobbyists.
  • Only for professional uses.

There are more than this about this machine. The AC/DC output, easy maintenance, noise-free action, and durability. To make the deal a top-notch the manufacturers also backs up the machine with a 3 years warranty. 

3. MILLER BOBCAT 250 Engine Driven Welder - Best For Outdoor Uses

MILLER BOBCAT 250 Engine Driven Welder



Item Weight

508.99 Pounds

Package Dimensions

41.5 x 29 x 23 inches

Amperage range

40 to 250

The miller bobcat 250 is a great stick and flux cored welder. The machine is one of the best of its types. It is run by an electric fuel pump and provides maximum power for welding. The EFI ( Electronic Fuel Injection) feature makes this machine more efficient. 

Attractive Key Features:

Easy to set up and use: 

I know this is an expensive machine. The machine is really easy to set up and use.

Though it is expensive, and the manual might freak you out. You don’t have to as you can find out from the dashboard of the machine how easy it is to operate.

You can use the machine for maximum generator loads like plasma cutting as well. 

Outstanding power at a low cost: 

The Miller Bobcat 250 is a great machine to work with. The maximum power the generator loads is up to 11000 watts. This huge power produces an amperage range of 40 to 250.

The continuous power output is 9500watts. The machine is also 27% better fuel economy which saves a lot of money. It saves at least 100+ dollars per week for you. 

Multi-process pipe welder: 

You can do a lot of work using this machine. You can do MIG, TIG, Flux core, DC TIG, Air plasma cutting, and Gouging.

This multi-process welder can be the top deal you have been looking for. I found it easier to weld using the coarse adjustment knobs. The range starts from 40-130 amps, 60-130amps, 80-220amps, and 100-250amps.

You select the coarse range and adjust the machine from 0-100%. You can do all types of welding using this wide range of options. The EFI comes in the AC mode only. 

Hobby welding to commercial: 

This is a machine which is the best suit for all of your needs. Doesn’t matter if you are a hobbyist or a commercial welder you can use the machine for any project you want.

I commercially used it for a long time to help my farmer friends too. The arc performance of the machine is really smooth and the heat doesn’t fluctuate. For this, the heat remains at your desired stable limit. 

Building quality: 

The Miller Bobcat 250 is really a well-built machine. It can hold 12 gallons of fuel and run a long period of time, at least for 14 hours. Upon starting the machine you will find the machine a really quiet one.

It starts the welding with ease. The surprising thing is that the machine idles down if you are not using it. This is a  great safety feature and really thoughtful of the manufacturers. 


  • Suitable for heavy-duty use on commercial job sites.
  • Powerful rating 100% duty cycle @ 250 amps in DC mode.
  • Powers up to 11000 watts.
  • EFI and electric fuel pump.
  • Front panel features and intuitive display.
  • Lighter, quieter design.
  • Long Run-time.


  • No specific welding kit for complete job site use.
  • Pretty expensive.

This is it. There are more than this in this machine. I can talk all day about this machine as this is really the most comfortable one I have ever worked with. IF you are looking for an efficient, durable, and quality pipe welder the Miller Bobcat 250 can be worth giving a shot.

4. Hobart 500562 Champion Elite Welder Generator - Best Budget-Friendly

Hobart 500562 Champion Elite Welder Generator



Item Weight

514 pounds

Product Dimensions

41 x 28 x 20 inches


Hobart 5/3/1 industrial Warranty

The Hobart Champion Elite 225A is the real deal in this list of pipeline welders. The budget of the machine is so low that you get a machine and a generator by the price of a generator. 

The 12-gallon fuel tank runs long and saves a lot of fuel. You can perform a long operation of the farm, general construction, and emergency power application.

There are other features that make this welder a must-have pipeline welder. Read to know.

Attractive Key Features:

Arc starts: 

The Hobart 225A is an ideal machine for arc welding with a quick and smooth arc that starts without less sticking. The characteristics to start a motor are outstanding. You will like the machine while working surely.

The Hulk: 

Yes! The machine can be compared to the great hulk as it offers great stamina and dependable service. Besides this compact design, the machine is really lightweight.

The building quality is so great that you will have an idea of the machine's ability from the outlook. The machine is only 3 feet long and weighs less weight than other units. 

Modern engine to your service: 

The Hobart 225 has the best Kohler OHV engine in it. I have mentioned in the beginning how less fuel-consuming the machine is.  

The long operation before refueling is the most standard feature of the machine. You won't require any tools to change the oil and the digital hour meter keeps you always informed about it. 

Easy to set up and start welding:

The welding machine is permanently designed for stick process welding. The smooth arc start is smooth enough for scratch start DC TIG welding. 

A powerful machine: 

The Hobart 225 welder provides you with 11000 watts of power with 225 amp DC welder. The top power the machine generates is 11000 and the continuous range is 9500watts. That's a huge power by which anything can be done.


  • 9,500 watts of continuous AC power and 11,000 watts of peak power.
  • Price is relatively low.
  • Great for arc welding.
  • Digital hour meter.
  • 3 years warranty.


  • Does not include welding leads.
  • Heavy weight.

This is all about the Hobart Champion 225A. There are also some features which are not worth mentioning. You can easily find out while working with them. I have found less complaints about the machine.

Besides, it is also cheaper than the other ones in the market. In Spite of the low price the manufacturers have ensured the same performance and built quality. They have a warranted service too. 

5. Lincoln Electric, K2857-1 Engine Driven Welder Ranger 225 - Best Value

Lincoln Electric, K2857-1 Engine Driven Welder Ranger 225



Item Weight

563 Pounds

Product Dimensions

42.3 x 21.5 x 29.9 inches


Powerful 23 HP Kohler 2-cylinder, 4-cycle engine

Likewise, the pipe welders mentioned above the Lincoln Electric, K2857-1 is another multi-process welding machine.

The welder is run by a powerful Kohler Gasoline engine. No matter whatever the application is the job will be done with ease. 

Attractive Key Features:

Top of the line : 

The machine is run by a 23 HP Kohler gasoline engine. There is an easy oil drain feature for easy oil changes. The tank holds 12 gallons of gasoline in time and this runs long. 

All in one welder: 

It doesn't matter what type of welding you want to do. Just take your equipment and get started. You can do all MIG, TIG, Flux cored, and Stick welding by Lincoln Electric Ranger 225. 

AC/DC outputs: 

The welder can be run in both AC and DC. You will get 9500 watts continuously at any time. The top peak of power is 10500 watts. 

This power is enough for any plasma cutter, inverter welder, or generator services everyday!

Output range selector: 

I loved this feature the most. By working with Ranger 225 could select one of the three ranges which I found beneficial while stick welding.

While working I have also found that the DC+ helps you get the deep penetration and the DC- helps you get less penetration while working with thin metals.


  • Multi-process welder.
  • Fine adjustment control.
  • Electric Start switch.
  • Easy to maintain
  • Dependable and long life.
  • Smooth Arc generator.


  • Heavy weight.
  • Not portable.

To sum up I would like to tell you that it is a really great welding machine built for all sorts of tasks. It is a multi-process welder. It doesn’t matter what your process is, it will be done. The power the machine generates is outstanding and the safety features made this machine one of my favorites. 

Things To Consider Before Buying A Pipeline Welder:

This is what I was talking about in the very beginning. I talked with many of my colleagues, friends, and even my welding teacher about this guide.

They have suggested to me with many tips and tricks to follow before buying any pipeline welder. I want to share the knowledge with you. I hope it will make your life a bit easier.

Power Output: 

The output ampere power is the most important thing of any pipeline welding machine. The pipelines vary in thickness.

So, you want to ensure that you have a welder which is capable of welding all sorts and thickness of pipelines. 

For domestic purposes, you can rely on 120 to 140 amperes. The demanding outputs require 200 to 300A. 

Duty Cycle: 

The duty cycle is also as important as the power output. It is really a confusing thing to calculate. I don’t want to confuse you more with the details. 

Just look for a welder that offers a high duty cycle as possible for a particular power output. 

Most professional machines supply 100% duty cycle for outputs as high as 250A. 


Depending on the thickness and materials the welders require different technologies. Look for multi-process machines that are able to weld all types of processes.

You won't want to be restricted by the thickness or the scale of the project while working. So, the machines that are capable of doing all sorts of welding should be the top pick for you. 


The machines you will be looking for are the powerful ones. So, there is always a need for safety features.  Inspect for the safest machine always. The recommended level should be 25%-30%.


Pipeline welding is a highly portable job. It requires traveling and dragging. This calls for you to buy an easy to move machine for your welding jobs, 

Well, my friends! You, me, and we all know that pipe welding is the best paying gig in the welding sector. Investing money in excellent equipment is what I consider a brainier step to effectiveness. 

Look for the steps in the buying guide I have given you. You can also look into the customer reviews as well. This will give you a clear picture of the welding machine. If you select perfectly a wide range of projects and the desired results will be in the palms of your hands. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Which type of welder is used for pipelines?

Depending on the thickness and the type of materials various techniques of welding are needed to be performed. They include MIG, TIG, FLUX core, and GAS TUNGSTEN ARC WELDING (GTAW). So a machine which is capable of performing all of the welding types are the top pick. 

Not only that you have to also look for the machines that provide the required power and amperage to deal with every situation or metal thickness. The machine engines with less fuel consumption, producing 9500-11000 watts are the most favorable ones. They can produce up to 300Amps for your welding deeds.

How much do pipe welders make?

Generally, pipeline welders work on hourly contracts. On average, a pipeline welder makes between 36 to 52 bucks an hour. For the truck pay, it is 15 to 25 bucks per hour. For per day it is 100 to 150 bucks. 

How many hours do pipeline welders work?

It is really a hard thing to answer. It depends on the project the welder is working on. It can take up to 1 or 2 days for medium projects. For the big professional ones, it takes more than that. Small projects don’t take that time, it can be completed within an hour or two. 


It is hard for me to conclude when I am talking about the best pipeline welder. Among these wide ranges of brands and options and models picking up the best one is nothing less than a war with yourself.

It is obvious that you will get confused. Just keep in mind that the standard amperage output should be 300 and the engine should be able to generate as much power as possible. It also has to be a multi-process machine otherwise it is of no use.

Now it is your task to find the one within your budget. You know about the other common features to look for. You can choose any one of the above-mentioned welding machines as they meet all the criteria needed for the best pipeline welding machine.

Otherwise, You have my guideline for further assistance. Best wishes! 

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