5 Best Pipeline Welder (Updated January 2020) Reviews & Top Pick

Pipeline welding is not that easy as the regular metal welding. It's need more practice and experience to get the expected results.

Sometimes, pipes are more thicker then other welding materials, so that, you need a welder which is more powerful and produce much more voltage to weld pipeline.

Not only that but also:

Most of the pipeline welding work is outdoor, and you need a welder to be produce power itself or keep a generator.

To solve this problem, we have found some welder which can power itself, and it can produce power enough for other items to be connected to it for example lights, another welder, or even a plasma cutter.

We have enlisted for you 5 best pipeline welder, don't miss to check this out.

5 Best Pipeline Welder Reviews

1. MILLER BOBCAT 250 Engine Driven Welder- TOP PICK

MILLER BOBCAT 250 Engine Driven Welder

The Miller Bobcat 250 can generate more than 11,000 horse of Accu-rated power. This model has a good-sized gas container, at 12 gallons.

Miller also has its own “Smart Power Tank” style that allows backsplash during refueling. It has a welding amp range of 40-250 AMPS with a 25V ranked output at 100% duty pattern.

The Miller Bobcat is available in a Gas, EFI version and LP version. Multi-feature processes include MIG, TIG, strong and Flux-Core, Stick, Air Plasma and Air Carbon Cutting.

  • Suitable for heavy-duty use on commercial job sites.
  • Can run for up to 14 hours with the large fuel tank.
  • Can run on either Kohler or Subaru 23 HP engine.
  • AC & DC welding.

  • No specific welding kit for complete job site use.
  • Pretty expensive.

2. Lincoln Electric Ranger 305 G

Lincoln Electric Ranger 305 G

The Lincoln Electric Ranger 305 G is a excellent multi-process TIG and stick welding-machine that is prepared for an all-day extended efficiency.

The welder is efficient for construction, servicing, repair pipe and ranch/farm applications.

Its also like the Ranger 225, stocks many similar features and can be used as a welder or back-up generator.

The difference being is that the 305 G is meant to deal with difficult tasks and have more versatility.

Since it comes with a excellent generator that generates 9500 Watts of continuous power and 10,500 increase h.

It provides the power needed to run power devices, lights, grinding devices or other devices at a work site.

The Ranger delivers excellent DC multiprocessor welding for general objective welding and arc-gouging features, providing a remarkable 29V for 300 Amp power for stick welding.

The welder even comes with electronic weld meters for Amps and V to allow you to precisely pre-set your processes and observes actual welding output.

Now; we can see Chopper Technology by Lincoln offers easy, and smooth starts, first pellet and low spatter overall look. It is prepared for all day and contains excellent arc efficiency.

  • DC multi-process welding.
  • 29V for 300 Amps of stick or CV welding.
  • CC-stick for general purpose. 
  • Voltage detecting output.
  • Arc force control.
  • Built-in “hot” begin for easier starts.

  • Pricier.

3. Multiprocess Welder XMT 304

Multiprocess Welder XMT 304

Multiprocess Welder XMT 304 is one of the best multi-task welding machines for your easy jobs.  

In addition, when the device needs repair, a Problem-solving area will help you figure out what the issue is.

On the other hand, primary volts display shows what main volts the origin of power is connected without eliminating one part sections and appropriately connected for available input volts.

Unique case style allows protecting internal dirt, dust, and mud. To connect input cable and set the unit up for correct input power.

You can also remove the easy-to-handle board (1/3 case). The staying two-thirds of the case never need to be removed!

  • Higher puddle control.
  • Dual electronic meters for weld output.
  • Pulsed MIG abilities.
  • Internal ventilation and protection from dust, dirt
  • Lightweight.

  • Pricier when compare to the other models with the same features.

​4. Miller Trailblazer 302 Air Pak Engine Driven Welder

Miller Trailblazer 302 Air Pak Engine Driven Welder

The Miller Trailblazer is a 300-amp fuel engine driven welder, that can provide 13,000 watts generator with an incorporated rotary screw air compressor.

An amazing all-in-one device is made for repair and construction with irresistible multiprocessor weld with high quality.

Quiet, durable rotary-screw air compressor provides 31 CFM at 80-160 psi of air at duty cycle while with a rating of 104° F. It gives an average of three times the service life of traditional reciprocating converters.

The Trailblazer 302 Air Pak supplies a complete 13,000 maximum horsepower and 11,000 ongoing horsepower of genuine four-rod AC generator power.

It has enough to power a Range 875 plasma cutter machine, and provide air for plasma reducing at once.

The Trailblazer Air Pak also has standard with battery power charge/crank service for charging 12/24-voltage battery or for equal to 450 amplifiers of boost power.

Battery charge/cranks service handles are ideally situated on the top part board.

Side and top accessibility doors make it quick and easy to reach the engine and air compressor.

It produces deliverable air when you need it; is no more downtime waiting for an external container to fill. Airflow can be selected based upon device requirements.

  • Strongest Combined Generator/Compressor Power.
  • Lower Power Consumption and Emissions.
  • Requires Half the Space.
  • Rotary Screw Compressor
  • Superior Arc performance

  • Requires lots of practice to become efficient.

5. Miller 220-230V Stick/TIG Welder- BUDGET PICK

Miller 220-230V Stick/TIG Welder

The Miller Welder CST-280 is explicitly made for TIG welding and sticks welding. It is constructed for large construction projects.

This amazing Stick/TIG welder is light and convenient at only 41 pounds and can be carried around like luggage.

It is great for holder increasing in tight places and features the main handles on the top part of the device, so they are easily accessible.

It provides 280 amplifiers of output and is ideal for stick electrodes up to 3/16 inch and TIG welding pipe and dish.

Remove mess and twisted cables, as this welding machine is even suitable for wireless remotes.

The Miller CST-280 generates excellent results whether you are working tungsten inert gas welding or flux guarded arc welding.

The Flexible Hot Start technology improves the initial amperage when needed to prevent the electrode from adhering and making an addition.

When it comes to the efficiency, it provides 280 AMPs output, which amazing production for most welding projects is.

Of course, it provides excellent stick arc efficiency even on hard-to-run electrodes for example E6010.

  • Strong, high-quality welds.
  • Nice-looking weld pellets.
  • Welds many different components.

  • Much more slowly than MIG.

How to Select the Best Pipeline Welder?

If you want to become a pipeline welder you need to know how to select the best one for you.

Pipeline welding is an onerous process of welding, and it needs some particular models for pipeline welding.

So there are some features you need to bear in mind for in your welding machine -

It should have the production of cooling.

Air cooled:

Air-cooled guns are those easy to operate pipeline welder. Which maintains shielding gas, and ambient air that does not let heat to restrict the process.

For this reason, the power cable contains more copper than the cable on a water-cooled gun. Benefits are they are friendly at outdoor places with little size cables (.035, 3/64-in.).

Water Cooled:

More useful at a repaired location with accessibility water and hose. These are particularly useful if you are using helium mix to run the welding machine.

Water-cooled MIG guns do a similar factor as air cooled, so you may choose any of them and it provides lightweight and versatile welding.

They usually last longer and provides as more power saving. You can discover them, which range from 300- to 600-amp.


If you need a gun, which has to operate far from the origin of power, then force takes guns are excellent.

They are qualified to more than 50 legs away (preferred distance is 15-35 feet).

You will discover them available in gooseneck and pistol-style hold; this place makes owner metal for a special type of demand and choice.

Fume Removal Gun:

Only designs with 400 amplifiers or more may have it. It will catch at them makes and restore to a high-vacuum fume extraction application.

Flexible extraction control and excellent protection from the gas flow; easy handling features are earning fume extraction gun increasingly well known.

High amperage=High power:

A welding gun with 600 amplifiers can service every kind of possible use, but you do not want to spend for a factor is more than necessary.

With additional amplifiers, these guns’ price speeds up. If you are not needed to operate with very thick metal often than there is no factor of dealing spending three times more on a welding gun.

So before purchasing you have to sure about the maximum needs, you may need to address.

In addition, added power indicates more importance and bigger size, taking the feature horrible and stressful.

Based on minute big welding requires the welding gun need 100-150 amp, 200-300 amp, 400-500 amp, 600 amplifiers.

What are the Different Welder Choices to be used for Different Welding purposes?

Here are different welding machines options available in the market: you can use them for multipurpose.

MIG Welding:

MIG Welders are highly sought after because they tend to price less than TIG or Keep welders with similar power and features, are incredibly easy to learn, and can deal with numerous types of projects.

Since the product metal is fed through the MIG welding light, welders can use both hands to hold the light stable rather than using one side to add product metal, as in TIG welding. The cable bird birdfeeder also makes MIG welding up to four periods quicker.

MIG welding can be used on numerous types of components, for example, aluminum and is frequently used for automobile work.

However, MIG also needs the buying of protecting gas and usually requires components that price more when in comparison to other methods.

TIG Welding:

When overall look matters, TIG welding makes a very best, clean weld that is far less likely to change the metal by using a non-consumable tungsten electrode.

You should not worry about sprinkle because it only uses the necessary amount of product metal needed in the welding mess, making for the best weld in every respect.

However, TIG is fairly specific as well as a good deal of training to be able to master it, so make sure any TIG welder buy is along with a plan to take welding classes.

Instead of the shoot and point easiness of MIG welding, the TIG requires the use of foot pedal for controlling the welding procedure.

Many professional welding specialists prefer TIG since it can weld numerous types of metals and due to the freedom of argon gas used during your TIG welding.

You will find no slag to prevent the scene of the weld m0065ss. Argon gas can weld any metal at any width with TIG welding, and therefore there is no need to change the gas based upon on the project.

Stick Welding:

Stick welding is one of the most efficient techniques for combining pipes and joints, but it is also the least valuable.

The process runs on the useful stick electrode operates anywhere, inside or outside, and the welding process is quite easy.

A protecting gas does not secure the weld. Rather, the wire is covered with a flux that includes the weld and defends it. This part must be chipped away when the weld is completed.

Because it does not need protecting gas, stick welding remains well known and cost-effective.

It is also the most convenient since a welder can simply change from one metalwork part to another by changing the product metal rod to be able to match it to the metal workpiece.

So What's The Verdict...

To conclude...

A pipeline welder is an essential tool for welding needs where an extreme way to obtain power is not readily available, or you need an honest, long-running way to get power.

In addition, pipeline welder offers the ability to run several welding features from one device.

Any of the pipeline welding machines analyzed here would be an excellent choice for your needs.

Be sure you have done sufficient research before going to purchasing. Maybe reliable co-workers or professionals have designs they suggest.

If you can try out a stick welder before purchasing, we strongly recommend you do so.

Always be sure to check out the reviews for the product online, as they will give you an excellent of how they work and how easy they are to use.

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