Best Angle Grinder Wheel For Cutting Metal – Reviews & Top Pick In 2020

If you are looking for a dedicated metal cutting grinder wheel, you have not too many choices in hand. 

Because there are only few wheels that does the job responsibly. So you have to invest some times to research.  

But people often neglect to do thorough research about the tool and end up choosing the wrong one.

And the result? You are broke - a total waste of money. 

But congratulations! You are concern enough. 

Since you have taken the step, now it's my responsibility to take you to the best in the market. 

Here, you will get a list of 7 angle grinder wheels that wins the consumers and expert's satisfaction. 

But before you go, you need to know how worthy they are and which one is compatible with you. Most importantly, do they meet your requirements?

The Buying guide segment will help you to sort it out.

If you are beginner this guide will help you to learn about; how to cut metal with an angle grinder

Product Name




Benchmark Abrasives Cut Off Wheels

Benchmark Abrasives Cut Off WheelsBenchmark Abrasives Cut Off Wheels

High metal removal.
2 sheets of fiberglass.
High rate of bending strength.

DEWALT DW8062B5 Cutting Wheel

DEWALT DW8062B5 Cutting WheelDEWALT DW8062B5 Cutting Wheel

Extreme aggressive cutting.
2 sheets of fiberglass gives more strength.

Premium Thin Cut-Off Wheel

Used for cutting all ferrous metals.
High performance.
Aggressive cutting.

Makita Cut Off Wheels for Grinders

Makita Cut Off Wheels for GrindersMakita Cut Off Wheels for Grinders

Cut strong multi-layered metals.
Wheel shattering for safety.
Great performance and more stable.

How to Choose The Best Angle Grinder Wheel For Cutting Metal:

If you are looking for' jack of all trade, master of none' type tools, the content might frustrate you.

Most of the all-in-one tools are worthless. The tools we are presenting you are expert in different purposes.


When the thought of buying a grinder wheel comes to mind, the next question arises about the size. Why have I emphasized on size?

If the size of your wheel is minimal, then the speed of cutting metals will be slow. So it is essential to get the perfect size of the wheel for your grinder if you want to work efficiently.

Speed control:

You should choose a grinder that possesses the function of a secured working speed.

Secured working speed means the highest speed on which the grinder can operate at the time it is used along with the grinder wheel in it. 

Therefore, before buying wheels for the grinder, make sure that you have checked its maximum speed of operating.

Types and materials of the wheel:

There are two types of wheels, type 41(1) and type 42(27). Type 1 wheels allow you to cut deeper and smoother.

But it keeps close to the object and makes it difficult to see. Type 27, on the other hand, allows user visibility to the object. 

Wheels usually come with various grain materials-

  • Ceramic grains are mostly high ranged with many sharp edges and give a perfect cut with light effort. It lasts longer and doesn't overheat.

  • Zirconia wheels lower the cost per cut, are more serviceable. These wheels are usually strong and cut thicker metals.

  • Aluminum oxide is the most common wheel to be found. It is famous for its durability and strength. 

But out of all these if you want one very best, choose one with zirconia or ceramic alumina composition. That will be costly, but its service will be the best. 

Before you buy one, read the product description and RPM rating.

7 Best angle grinder wheel for cutting metal

Among thousands of choice, it's tough to make a call for a specific one. But if you know which one holds the features you require, it can be easy to pick. 

Here, we have specified the key features of the best angle grinder wheel found in the market.

1. Benchmark Abrasives Cut Off Wheels- TOP PICK

Benchmark Abrasives Cut Off Wheels

The basic 4.5 "x.040" x7/8" cut off wheel is mostly known for a sharp and convenient cut.

These wheels are ultra-thin and more comfortable to work with. If you want a dedicated grinder wheel, it is highly recommended. 

Key Features:

Sharp cutting...

The tool offers premium quality Alumina cutting wheel that cuts the metals with ease, like the one you want.


This wheel is much lightweight and easy to move. What else can you ask for? A portable sharp power tool is like heaven to the users.  

Less metal loss:

It removes less metal during cutting, so the metal loss rate is lower.


The tool is popular for its durability. Most of the power tools crake-up very soon as they have to deal with sturdy opponents. But this one can work for hours nonstop against all the odds.


The tool works efficiently even with less pressure. The wheel vibrates less while cutting, which makes it more stable.


There are some problems the user can face while using this cutting wheel; like-


This wheel releases more heat compared to others. So working with it can be difficult after some time.

Safety issues! 

The wheel produces more sparks as well. So the user needs safety equipment. Such as face-shield, gloves, aprons etc.

  • The high metal removal rate.
  • 2 sheets of fiberglass.
  • A high rate of bending strength.

  • It needs more safety than other wheels.

Cut Off Wheels Metal & Stainless Steel wheel is perfect for beginners with cutting wheels.

As it is lightweight and durable, the wheel is ideal for one who wants an excellent cutting experience. Despite heat and spark, this wheel can be handy for the user.

2. DEWALT DW8062B5 Cutting Wheel- RUNNER UP

DEWALT DW8062B5 Cutting Wheel

DEWALT wheels are thinner, mainly used for cutting stainless steel. Its .045-inch wheel gives a fantastic experience of burr-free smooth cutting. 

Key Features:

Cutting style...

DEWALT wheel is renowned for its effortless cutting style. Users can easily handle and maintain this while working. 

Sharp cutting! 

It's a type 1 wheel. Its .045 inches' wheels are perfect for sharp cutting and don't lose much metal during the work time. Wheels are made of alumina oxide, and these are super strong.

Fast cutting... 

A grinder is all about fast and smooth cutting. The maximum 13300 rpm will give you a real fast cutting experience with this DEWALT youngster

Burr free:

It's sharp edges gives burr-free cutting experience.


Not perfect for heavy metal cutting- although this product is used for extreme aggressive cutting, it still sometimes is not useful with heavy metals.

  • Can be used for extreme aggressive cutting.
  • 2 sheets of fiberglass give more strength.

  • Not perfect for heavy metals.

The tool contains the best combinations of speed, aggressiveness, and strength. You can have a smooth cutting experience with this - perfect choice for aggressive cutting works.

3. Premium Thin Cut-Off Wheel

Premium Thin Cut-Off Wheel

This thin cut-off wheel with a strong base and grind is one of the popular choices of the users.

It can cut different materials with full of efficiency. This multi-purpose apparatus is quite portable as well.

Key Features:

Preferable for many metals... 

This wheel is superior for general cutting purposes; for stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and others.

Less heated! 

It has 6" diameter Zirconium wheel with cooling technique. It doesn't get much heated while working for a long time. 


There has a rumor that the cutting wheels that are faster and much speedy than alumina grain wheels, don't pay the service for a long time.

This tool just blew the rumour away with amazing performance for an extended period. 


Technical support! 

As the wheel is comparatively thinner, it needs base support. So the user may require technical expertise to operate.

Only for experts... 

The operation is a little tricky; so needs more experience to use it. 

  • Needs minimum effort.
  • Its cooling technique reduces heat-related changes and losses of metals.
  • The ultra-thin body reduces the burr creation and loss of metal during cutting.

  • Needs technical support for using.

This zirconia wheel is stronger compared to the competitor; so it can cut more effectively.

And it is one of the best choices for one who has experience with cut-off wheels before. Considering its advantages and disadvantages, this is one of the best options for you to make.

4. Makita Cut Off Wheels for Grinders

Makita Cut Off Wheels for Grinders

Looking for one heavy-duty cut off wheel for heavy metalwork? Then Makita 4-1/2 inches" wheel will be the one.

It is thinner with a great matrix bond base which makes it stronger.

Key Features:


It is more efficient than other thin figured wheels. Grain grits and matrix bond gives a great balance to it.

Fast cutting! 

The wheel can cut faster and better. As the grains are mainly made of aluminium oxide, it has more strength than regular wheels.

Safety measures... 

This wheel is perfectly balanced with the blade and grains. It reduces the wheel shattering rate. That means more safety.



If you are under budget, this wheel will be expensive for you.


If you are not comfortable with heavy tools, you might not appreciate it. But if you get used to it, you can have an exceptional cutting experience. 

  • It can cut through strong, multi-layered heavy metals.
  • It can help to cut metals into smaller portions and perfect shapes.
  • Reduce chances of injuries due to wheel shattering.
  • Great performance and more stable.

  • It's costly.
  • Heavy and needs effort to handle it.

The reduced wheel shattering rate ensures extra safety to the user. If you want to make a small piece of a multi-layered sturdy metal with a smooth edge, this one has no competition to make.

Though it is a little expensive, it worth the whole of it. 

5. LENOX Tools Cutting Wheel (Diamond Edge)

LENOX Tools Cutting Wheel (Diamond Edge)

This one is the one you need if you want a cut off wheel with utility, sharpness and longer life.

The diamond-coated edge eventually makes it the sharpest one. Highly recommended.

Key Features:


It provides 1000 cuts and more without changing the blade in the middle. So you need not change blades more often.


Diamond-coated ends make this sharper and smoother. The sharp edges cut faster and effectively. 

Great balance! 

Solid steel body gives it strength to balance and not pendulous. Its advanced diamond technology increases its performance 30x than regular.


As for the diamond edges, it reduces its erosion. So it doesn't change its shape or size over time.


Ferrous metal issues...

Some can face issues using this while cutting ferrous metals.

Wax coat! 

It needs a wax coating for some metals to avoid reactions.

  • Diamond made, so it doesn't get smaller. It gives the same depth of cut from the beginning.
  • Spread less odor and less sparky.
  • Gives more cut on the same RPM than other resin bonded abrasives.

  • Needs wax coat while cutting aluminum metal.

This wheel can provide the best balance while working and less erosion makes it last longer.

For heavy metal purposes, it is a must-buy wheel. Some grinder wheel spread frowsy smell, but this tool is definitely not one of them.

6. Warrior Cut-off Wheels for Cutting All Ferrous Metals and Stainless Steel

Warrior Cut-off Wheels for Cutting All Ferrous Metals and Stainless Steel

This wheel is specialized for ferrous metals. It can cut any ferrous metal and stainless steel with ease. It can be used with angular grinders.

Key Features:


It doesn't claim an extra amount of penny. So you can afford it without budget tension. 

Angular use:

It is used with the angle grinders. So, it ensures not only edgy cut but also polishing, grinding and sharpening very smoothly. 

Higher cutting rate... 

Compared to others, the cut ratio is higher. It can cut more than other whiles at the same rpm.

Tough aluminium oxide grain helps its contentious aggressive cutting process.


Showing abrasives! 

While working with this wheel can expose the base which sometimes is distracting and can decrease safety causes.

  • Fully reinforced.
  • Fiberglass mesh which gives more safety to the user.

  • Abrasives are exposed during aggressive cutting.

This can be used for heavy-duty. Most importantly, it has the best safety measures of all. It's a must-buy for expert users who require safety first. The high cutting rate makes the job completed quickly. 

7. Shark Double Reinforced Cut-off Wheels

Shark Double Reinforced Cut-off Wheels

Shark 3 inches' wheels giants are most popular for extreme heavy duty works. It has the most durability of all.

When it comes to dealing hard metal, this is the one experts recommend the most because of its ruthless aggression.

Key Features:


This is one thick wheel with double reinforcement than other cutting tools, which makes it stronger.


Specialized to cut hard metal material with aggression and with the minimum effort. Its 3" wheel allows the user to cut stable objects without ague.

Last longer... 

The machine genuinely ends up argue of the longevity of power tools. It will pay you the maximum lifetime than other wheels.



It can release toxic materials during work which can be harmful for the user and the surroundings.

Air-powered tool: 

Many users faced difficulty using this wheel with air-powered tools.

  • It can be used for substantial works for long without changing the blade.
  • Best performance both with professional and DIY works.
  • It can be used with an electric cut off grinder

  • Difficult to use with air-powered tools.
  • It can release toxic residue. Harmful for the user. Needs safety.
This wheel is specialized for industrial works. You can also use this as a handy tool though it is stronger and aggressive. Best choice for doing extreme metal works.


Before going to cut metal, don't forget to wear personal safety equipment specially face shield for grinding which is OSHA recommended.

I hope the above discussion will be helpful for those who are looking for the "best angle grinder wheel" for their work. 

Well, every wheel is specified with their works. Each of them is useful for some different metals or situations.

So it will be easier for one to consider their work and choose one wisely. 

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