Best Wire Brush And Wheel For Rust Removal – 2022

Are you tired of rusts on the metal surfaces?

Have you tried a lot of brushes, but the rusts remain the same.

Does your brush wear out fast?

We know how important it is to find the right brush for you to do the job. There are plenty of options for derusting brushes.

Choosing the right one among all of them is very tough.

Without knowing about what you are buying, it is hard to get your job done.

This is why I am here to tell you about the best rust removing wire brushes which are available in the market.

There are also some brushes which work on multiple surfaces.

The list is made of keeping in mind the price, durability, quality, and design of the brushes.

I hope you will find the best suit brush for your work.

All you have to do is go through the article. Read the features of the brushes and find the one which you have been looking for.

Product Name




Forney 70518 Wire Scratch Brush

Forney 70518 Wire Scratch BrushForney 70518 Wire Scratch Brush

Works on metal surfaces.
Really ease to use.
Removes stains.

TEKTON 7068 Wire Brush Set (3-Piece)

TEKTON 7068 Wire Brush Set (3-Piece)TEKTON 7068 Wire Brush Set (3-Piece)

Effective on heavy rust.
Great handling design .
Easy to reach any angle.

Forney 72788 Wire Wheel Brush

Forney 72788 Wire Wheel BrushForney 72788 Wire Wheel Brush

Good quality for the price.
Works great on rust and paint.
Fits any grinders.

Makita 4 Inch Knotted Twist Wire Wheel Brush

Makita 4 Inch Knotted Twist Wire Wheel BrushMakita 4 Inch Knotted Twist Wire Wheel Brush

Big bristles are stronger for grinders.
Quick rust removing.

4 Best wire brush for rust removal reviews

1. Forney 70518 Wire Scratch Brush - TOP PICK

Forney 70518 Wire Scratch Brush



Item Weight

2.4 ounces

Product Dimensions

1 x 2.25 x 13.75 inches



Handle Material



90 day warranty against manufacturer defects

If you are looking for dandy looking brushes which do not rust, great for cleaning outside grills, cleaning moss growing on concrete, and other surface cleaning purposes, then you must use this brush for once.

This is a general purpose cleaning brush and it is excellent for cleaning stainless steel.

It has strong and durable solidly embedded brush bristles which makes it suitable for rust cleaning.

Attractive Key Features:

Great for removing rust...

As this is made of carbon steel, It does not rust easily.

Best for removing moss from concrete as well. It is also useful in removing paint.

Flexible bristles:

The bristles of the brush are strong but flexible, which makes it easier to clean very perfectly.

This great brass brush does your job very nicely.

It does not matter if you want to clean paint or remove rust. This is the best brush you can ask for.

Affordable brush for welding!

If you are a welder or thinking about getting back into welding this is an essential tool to help prepare surfaces prior to welding.

Great for edge sanding:

The design and soft but durable bristles of the brush will help you for edge sanding.

This brush is easily reaches the hard to reach crates and helps you achieve a professional cabinet finish.

Quality and Practical...

A quality product which feels good in the hand, and works well in tight spaces.

If you want to work and weld aluminum you will need a dedicated brush.

This will be a great deal if you are looking for a brush which will be best for removing rust and works good on multiple surfaces as well.


  • Great for all painting or derusting projects.
  • Works on metal surfaces.
  • Also removes stains.
  • Excellent quality.


  • Less sturdy.
  • Possibility of the bristles deforming.
  • expensive.

2. TEKTON 7068 Wire Brush Set (3-Piece) - Best Value

TEKTON 7068 Wire Brush Set (3-Piece)



Item Weight

5.6 ounces

Product Dimensions

13 x 6.13 x 0.94 inches


nylon, brass, stainless steel

Handle Material


This is a brush which is capable of cleaning and preparing a wide variety of surfaces.

These brushes consist of nylon bristles which are ideal for sweeping away dirt and debris from clean delicate parts and detail vehicle interiors.

Attractive Key Features:

Excellent set of wire brushes!

You will be completely happy with the purchase of these three brushes in a set.

The brush with Nylon and Brass bristles can be used to clean up old rusty surfaces.

You can use the bottom of the brushes to scrap away without damaging anything.

Great variety for home use:

This is a nice set of three abrasive brushes.

The brushes work very well for knocking down heavy rust or build up on metal and other surfaces.

The full set includes variety in the harshness of the brushes.

You can use them as per your requirement.


By design, after a long heavy use abrasive brushes do not last long, but these brushes appear to last adequately for occasional home use.

Well built:

The well built and quality bristles are suitable for all sorts of metal.

The well-designed handle is comfortable to grip and use angle.

A light pressure and the bristles do the trick.

Great ease to work with!
If you want to reach, hard to reach spaces, then these brushes are the perfect ones to do the trick.

The width of them is only about 1/2".

The both nylon and the stainless steel brush has the merit you are looking for.

You will be happy to have them in your toolbox.


  • Good for occasional home use.
  • Low price, but of good quality.
  • Effective on heavy rust.
  • Great handling design.
  • Easy to reach any angle.


  • Not for daily commercial use.
  • Widely spaced bristle clumps.

3. Purdy 140910200 Black/Yellow Brush - The Time Saver

Purdy 140910200 Black/Yellow Brush



Item Weight

6.7 ounces

Product Dimensions

14 x 4 x 1 inches



Bristle Material

Stainless steel

Handle Material

Stainless steel

Does removing paints and rusts seem a long work to you?

If you are looking for a wire brush which works 2x faster on removing paints and rusts, then this amazing good looking brush is for you.

This good looking brush is made of stainless steel and the bristles are criss-crossed.

The handle comes with slip-resistant cushions which makes it a good grip handles brush.

Attractive Key Features:

Well designed and well built...

The bristles of the brush are built with stainless steel which makes it rust-proof.

The plastic handle is quite tough as well.

The drilled hole in the handle makes it easier to hang anywhere you want.

This amazing feature gives it a great cleaning expertise.

Does the job!

This is a multi purpose brush which you can use as per your cleaning needs.

Specially, it does a fantastic job of removing rust, paint, and gunk from metals.

You can use these brushes to clean paint brushes as well.

The brush is well made and is extremely durable.

Handy tool for a painter:

If you are a residential or commercial painter, you will love this brush.

The sharp bristles makes it a better scraper.

The handle attached to it makes it user friendly which helps to work in different angles.

Excellent brush for deck prep...

This wired brush is quick and more effective than the competitors in the market.

It will help you loosen the flaking old stain on your wooden deck with minimal effort.

Time-saving. Isn’t it?


  • Perfect size helps to multi-function.
  • Well designed and built.
  • Works 2x faster.
  • Great for horizontal surfaces.
  • Great for cleaning paint brushes.
  • Removes dirt from concrete.


  • Might face problems controlling.
  • Wires might wear out a bit..
  • No bag or case included.

4. Osborn 83008SP Economy Shoe Handle Stainless Steel Wire - The Fighter

Osborn 83008SP Economy Shoe Handle Stainless Steel Wire



Item Weight

5.61 Ounces

Bristle Material

Stainless Steel

Handle Material


Product Dimensions

9.75 x 2 x 2 inches

Wire Diameter

0.012 inches

If you are looking for brushes that are of strong wired bristles and good for rust cleaning, then look no further.

This is a very sturdy brush and does not bend or break off like other brands you have used in the past.

Attractive Key Features:

Great manufacturing!

This is a well-made brush with fine woods. It is also solid, durable and of decent value.

The bristles are attached nicely that they last longer.

Great cleaning tool for the painters...

If you are a painter you might want a couple of this product.

You can clean your paint brushes easily using these.

You can clean the rust very easily from the bruises and it does not rust itself either.

Strong and comfortable:

The bristles of the brush are made of stainless steel.

The well built bristles provide an easy cleaning experience which brings comfort to the user.

It has a nice size which will allow you to get into the cracks and holes while working into a car.

The great manufacturing of the brush made it so strong that it does not wear out easily.

The bristles are put together very well.

Works great on steel!

This is a metal brush used to remove rust and slack from steel.

If you use iron out letting it sit for a few minutes per the directions and this brush should do the trick.


  • Low price.
  • Great quality.
  • Stainless, stiff bristles.


  • Bristles get bended.
  • Does not work on plastic surfaces.
  • Concrete might become lighter due to brushing.

4 Best Wire Wheel For Rust Removal Reviews

1. Forney 72788 Wire Wheel Brush - Best For Long Lasting Uses

Forney 72788 Wire Wheel Brush



Item Weight

4 ounces

Product Dimensions

4 x 4 x 0.75 inches




15000 RPM

Accessory Connection Type

5/8"-11 Arbor

Grit Description


Warranty Description

90 day warranty against manufacturer defects

If you are looking for a wire wheel brush which is best for cleaning and blending surfaces, great for removing light burrs, paint and corrosion, then Forney 72788 is the product you have been looking for.

This brush is best for light to medium duty brushing action.

Attractive Key Features:

Long lasting!

The consumable items or the items which do not last longer, such as: Cut off wheels, flap discs, wire wheels etc.

They very often get rusts on them, and become very hard to use. They might be of use again if you clean the rusts over the surface.

The best way of doing is, to let the wheel of the brush do the work ,and not force it.

It will last longer if you are mindful of that while using.

Best fit for almost all grinders:

This product is best fit for Dewalt and Milwaukee grinders.

They last other grinders as well.

You will be eager to buy this product again for it's good quality.

Impressive cleaning...

This brush does the cleaning of loose paint impressively.

It stripps of loose paint like a piece of cake.

The wired bristles of the brush-work finer than the braided brushes.

Best medium range wheel:

If you are looking for a medium-duty wheel, that is not damaging then do not look further than this.

It works well on old dirty metals as well.

It is a great cleaning product having a good wire retention.


  • Extremely durable.
  • Good quality for the price.
  • Works great on rust and paint.
  • Fits any portable or non portable grinders.


  • Not a heavy-duty product.
  • Loses wire with herd use.
  • Might face some safety hazards after long time use.

To sum up.....

Forney 72788 Wire Wheel Brush adds great value for money. This is the best product to use for light to moderate use.

This will last longer if you use it carefully. If you use it for heavy-duty rusting or stripping, then it might disappoint you.

2. Makita 4 Inch Knotted Twist Wire Wheel Brush - Best For Heavy-Duty Uses

Makita 4 Inch Knotted Twist Wire Wheel Brush



Item Weight

7.2 ounces

Product Dimensions

4 x 4 x 1 inches

Bristle Material

Carbon Steel

Cutting Diameter

3 Inches

Accessory Connection Type

5/8 Inch - 11 Arbor

Makita 4 inch knotted twist wire wheel brush easily and smoothly removes corrosion, rust, paint, spatter, and scales.

It is also the best suit for cleaning weld edges, deburr metal, and restricted surface areas.

If you want a wire wheel which will work best on a small scale, you will respect the fast extreme speed cleanup it performs.

Attractive Key Features:

Fantastic Wire Wheel...

If you do a lot of paint and rust removal on trucks and cars, then this stainless wheel is very productive for you.

Also, it removes paint and rust faster than a sandblaster.

Well built!

This is a well-built brush of great quality and durable as well.

It works great if you want to knock off rust and loose paint on the trailer frame.

This tool has other applications as well.

Easily reaches all areas:

Great for 90-degree corners and other areas where it is hard to reach.

It also does a good job on the flat surface as well.

It does not matter how hard or soft the surface is, the wire wheel makes the job go smoothly.

Thinner, Crimped cup design of this brush delivers maximal flexibility and fatigue resistance.

It also minimizes the risk of scratch in expansive metal surfaces.

Carefully balanced!

Maktia’s best feature is that it is manufactured keeping in mind the fact of balancing.

The good design and manufacturing ensures safety and ease to the users which makes it reliable too.

For best results of cleaning rusts, light vertical pressure on the back of the bristles is enough.

Just ensure that the wire tops are in contact with the surface you are cleaning and you will not be disappointed.


  • Durable and effective.
  • Outstanding performance.
  • Big bristles are stronger for grinders.
  • Quick rust removing.


  • Slightly rubs the guard due to fast removal of rust.

3. S&R Wire Brushes Drill Bit Set 7 Pcs - Best For Multi-Purpose Uses

S&R Wire Brushes Drill Bit Set 7 Pcs



Item Weight

1.10 pounds

Product Dimensions

5.12 x 5 x 3.9 inches

Bristle Material

Stainless Steel


7 Pcs



If you are looking for professional quality brushes for commercial use, this set of 7 different wire brushes are what you are looking for.

These brushes are made flexible and reliable. This makes them the right wire brush for every situation.

Attractive Key Features:

Made of brass-coated steel...

The round shank of the brass-coated steel brushes makes it fit perfectly in all machines of all brands.

A comprehensive set for maximum flexibility:

The wire brushes are suitable for removing rust from surfaces; metal, non-ferrous metal, steel, wood and wood materials, and other materials.

These multi-surface working brushes will help you safely derust, clean, and ablate coating and paint.

Great quality and excellent value for money!

These wire brushes ensure great quality and heavy-duty performance.

These brushes are best used for stripping rust and exfoliate paint from the metal railing and perform very well, leaving a perfect finish on the metal for painting.


  • Impressive quality within good price.
  • Allows access to numerous situations.
  • Useful for getting into corners.
  • Works good with paint strippers.


  • If there are no manufacturing or shipping defects, then it is the best brush with the least of the cons.

4. Kawasaki 840255 Wire Wheel Cup and Brush Set 6-Piece

Kawasaki 840255 Wire Wheel Cup and Brush Set 6-Piece



Item Weight

1.1 pounds

Product Dimensions

2.75 x 6.5 x 10.25 inches


6 pack

This wired wheel is officially licensed by Kawasaki and made by using the highest quality standards.

It is tested for durability and best suit for portable electric drills.

Attractive key Features:

Brass plated steel...

The wire brushes are not actually brass brushes, they are steel wire and plated in brass.

Can be also used in electric drills or pneumatic die grinders.

Good Quality:

The Kawasaki brushes ensure great quality, and do not shed metal wires at all, also remain in place and are secure to use.

Solid Gold!

A great tool which is best for removing rust from steel.

You can also remove paints from any irregular surfaces.


  • Best for grinding wood away.
  • Good performance.
  • Does not shed metal wires.


  • Not good for cleaning aluminum.

In Conclusion...

Wired brushes generally differ from each other point on their purpose of using and manufacturing quality.

They offer you great cleaning, durability, and comfort as well.

Without having a good idea what you are looking for you might end in choosing the wrong product for you. This will result in a disaster and you might blame the manufacturer for this.

Make an informed choice by taking the time and thinking about what you need.

Go ahead!

Above, You have all the information you will need to choose a quality brush for removing rust.

Hopefully, you will find your desired brush.

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