Best Butane Torch (2022) – Top 6 pick

Are you going to do soldering, welding, or brazing?Looking for a portable butane torch to do the job?Well then, no look further. I’m here to help you avoid hassle and choose the best butane torch which will give you portability and long-lasting performance in the long run.Butane torches are portable and easy to work with.They are … Read more

Gas Welding VS Arc Welding (For Beginners) – The Winner?

Gas Welding VS Arc Welding

Both arc welding and gas welding are well-known terms in the sector of welding. If you are a hobbyist or want to learn about welding, it is a must that you learn about these types of welding. Gas welding is a welding method which was invented in the 19s. On the other hand, Arc welding is … Read more

5 Best Pencil Torches (2022) – Top Pick

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Best (Oxy-Acetylene) Cutting Torch Kits Buying Guide: 2022

Torches are primarily used for cutting sheet metal but also, you can use it for welding, brazing, and heating.It is easy to learn, quicker, portable, and lightweight.The plus point of the torches is, you don’t need to have an electric power source to operate it for outdoor uses.So, you can carry and operate the torch … Read more