Best Markers For Metal Surface (2022) – Top Pick

Are you looking for a permanent metal marker to do your job?

Looking for markers which work best on metal surfaces?

Want a resistant marking?

Want to wash off after using?

If you are a welder or fabricator these are the very common questions going through your mind right now. 

I am here with all the answers to your questions regarding the perfect marker to write on metals.

It does not matter if you want to write on rusty or shiny surfaces.

We have tried to come with almost all of the types as per your needs. 

Product Name




Markal Red-Riter and Silver-Streak Welder Pencil

Markal Red-Riter and Silver-Streak Welder Pencil


Works on rusty surfaces.
Easy to sharpen.
Marks are visible while fire cutting.
Great quality and price.

Sharpie Fine Point Metallic Silver Permanent Marker

Sharpie 39108PP Fine Point Metallic Silver Permanent Marker

For Permanent Uses

Long-lasting ink.
It does not smudge.
Fine points.
Works great on dark surfaces.

Markal 96006 Silver-Streak Metal Marker

Markal 96006 Silver-Streak Metal Marker

The Winner

Good for metal fabrication.
Visible while burning.
Does not fade away.
Visible on rusty steels or painted metals.

Sharpie Metallic Permanent Markers

Sharpie Metallic Permanent Markers

The Quick Dryer

Affordable price.
Does not smudge.
Dries quick.

7 Best Marker For Metal Surface Reviews

1. Markal 96105 Red-Riter and Silver-Streak Welder Pencil - TOP PICK

Markal 96105 Red-Riter and Silver

Markal has come out with these fabulous metal surface marker pencils keeping in mind the work of the fabricators.

These pencils can be used to mark various surfaces. It comes of two colors, red for shiny and silver for dark metals.

The soft marking lead of the pencils making them leave a trail on almost every surface you can think of working.

Attractive Key Features:

Highly visible and resistant marking...

As I mentioned earlier, the markers can be used on any surfaces you like.

In case of metal surfaces the markers are of best use.

The marks being resistant, do not burn or rub off. They also do not irradiate while cutting or welding. 

This feature of the markers make them best for making metal layout and fabrication works.

Great for marking steel!

The best feature so far I have mentioned is that these pencils are best for marking metal, and you will be able to see the marks while cutting.

The best metal surfaces these pencils work on is steel.

The silver pencil is clearly visible on dark metal surfaces, such as: carbon steel.

On the other hand, the red one, you might have already guessed it.

Yes, it works best on lighter colored surfaces.

Metal surfaces like: galvanized steel, aluminium etc are the surfaces where the red marker is of best use.

Large work environment tool...

Just because it is a metal surface marker that does not make it unusable on non metal surfaces.

If you are working in an environment, where there is so much work to do and you have to work on non-metallic surfaces as well, then you do not have to use multiple pencils and sharpen them again and again.


Be careful with the lead...

The lead can not handle much pressure and breaks easily. You have to work using a light pressure.

Do not expect bold lines:

If you want bold line markers, then these are not the ones you are looking for. Use soapstone instead.

  • Works on rusty surfaces.
  • Easy to sharpen.
  • Marks are visible while fire cutting.
  • Great quality and price.
  • Lead breaks out easily.
  • Narrow marker lines.

2. Sharpie Fine Point Metallic Silver Permanent Marker - For Permanent Uses

Sharpie 39108PP Fine Point Metallic Silver Permanent Marker

Are you tired of using lead pencils ? Does it seem like a waste of time to sharpen every time?

Does the breaking of the lead bother you a lot?

Then sharpie is here with the perfect marker pen for you.

Sharpie is a metallic marker which dries quickly and does not fade away.

You will be surprised to see the resistance of the ink.

Attractive Key Features:

Highly visible...

If you are a welder, you know how important the marks are to be visible on the surface you are working on.

The shiny inks are visible on both dark and light surfaces.

This will end to a perfect cutting according to your measurements.

Resistant Ink:

I am sure you know the importance of a resistant ink marker.

If your marks fade away while working, you have to start over again.

Doesn't it seem like an irritating thing to happen?

Don’t worry, the silver ink of the marker dries easily on the surface, and is waterproof.

This makes the ink stay on the surface and does not fade away.

Saves energy...

Maker like these, when you draw, every time you have to shake it.

In this case, you do not have to shake the marker before use.

Save your energy!


Be patient!

It is true that the markers are highly resistant, but after marking please wait for a bit for the inks to dry on the metal surface.

Be sure before drawing...

As mentioned earlier, the markers are waterproof and permanent.

Do not use them on the surfaces you might want to preserve.

  • Long-lasting ink.
  • Easy to read.
  • It does not smudge.
  • Fine points.
  • Works great on dark surfaces.
  • Great for labeling.
  • Thin marks.

3. Markal 96006 Silver-Streak Metal Marker - The Winner

Markal 96006 Silver-Streak Metal Marker

Are you looking for a pencil which can be refilled?

A marker which can be used over and over again?

Markal has come up with a mechanical pencil with bright lining as well as durability.

It has so many good features which makes it a good choice for working on metal surfaces.

Attractive Key Features:

Highly Visible:

The lead of the marker is made of good quality.

It is highly visible while cutting or welding.

It illuminates and makes it easier for you to work as per your measurements.

Resistant marking...

The lead of the markers is highly durable and they do not wash away easily.

Do you know the most fabulous feature of this pencil?

It can write on oily, wet, or rusty metal surfaces.

Great for metal:

You won’t have to worry about a layout in metal.

Wood or concrete if you are using this pencil.

This pencil works much better than soapstone in case of mild steel.

You will be able to use it on other surfaces as well, but it has been manufactured for steel only.

Better than soapstone!

You do not have to carry a soapstone with you if you have this good quality pencil with you.

The marker gives you a fine line which is visible to the eyes reflecting the arc lights while welding.

You can use the built-in sharpener to get the fine line you want.


Do not wet too much...

Though the pencil marker is waterproof and durable, it sometimes washes away if the lines become too wet.

Be careful about that while using it.

Not too visible on shiny surfaces:

The marker is of silver color, and for this reason, it is not really that visible on shiny aluminum or surfaces of such types.

Though the marks will be visible enough for you to work, still, do not expect too much.

  • Great marking tool for metal surfaces.
  • Good for metal fabrication.
  • Visible while burning.
  • Does not fade away.
  • Visible on rusty steels or painted metals.
  • Not great for shiny metals.

4. Sharpie Metallic Permanent Markers - The Quick Dryer

Sharpie Metallic Permanent Markers

Keeping in mind the fanbase of sharpie markers we are here with another review of the permanent marker from the sharpie.

The silver color resistant ink and its good performance makes it one of the most reliable brands in the market.

Attractive Key Features:

Long-lasting marker!

Sharpie offers markers of better quality to its customers. The ink is resistant and does not smear on the surface you are working on.

Works best on dark surfaces:

If you are welding on a black or charcoal shade surface then you might want to go for this marker.

The pens are so effective on the dark surfaces that you will be able to clearly see where to cut, drill, or weld.

Great for writing...

The durable and resistant ink of the marker makes it reliable and efficient.

The fine point feature of the marker gives a good flow and smoothness while writing.


Keep horizontally!

After using them it is important to store them horizontally so that the dye does not clog the tips.

Comes with a pack of twelve markers...

Before ordering be sure if you are going to need all these 12 markers.

I am sure you do not want to waste your money.


As the ink of the paint marker dries off easily within a few seconds, so think carefully before marking.

There is no guarantee of stain removal from your clothes.

  • Affordable price.
  • Does not smudge.
  • Dries quick.
  • Might dry up if there is no long term use.

5. Dykem 26083 3/32" Dalo Industrial Marker (White Color) - For Oily Surface

Dykem 26083 Dalo Industrial Marker (White Color)

If you are working in a challenging situation and want your markers to work on all sorts of surfaces then do not look further.

This marker works great in metal surfaces along with plastic, glass, concrete, etc.

Go through the features to find out more.

Attractive Key Features:

Oil-based marker pen!

At the beginning already it is mentioned that this marker can write almost on every surface.

It does not matter what condition the surface is.

The oil-based paint of the marker ensures clear marking through an oily and greasy surface as well.

Durable and resistant marking:

As you already know that the marker can write on oily, greasy, or watery surfaces.

It shows the durability and resistance of the marker ink.

Ensures legibility and brightness!

The ball tip of the marker is made of stainless steel.

The valve-mechanism of the ball ensures marking in most extreme situations without losing any brightness.

Well-controlled paint flow...

The pressure bulb at the end of the marker, controls the flow of the ink from the marker.

No matter how watery, greasy, or oily the surface is, it ensures a smooth flow of the ink.


Ink type...

The type of the ink is paint.

This is why it takes a long time for the ink to dry.

  • Permanent marker.
  • Oil-based ink.
  • High capacity, sharp and bold marks.
  • Takes time to dry.

6. Sharpie Paint Markers (Oil Based) - For Multi Uses

Sharpie Oil Based Paint Markers (Medium Tip Metallic Gold/Silver)

I am sure you have already understood what we are going to talk about here.

This is also an oil-based marker.

As I have mentioned earlier, the oil-based markers work good on oily surfaces.

They have a good reputation of being resistant as well. 

Attractive Key Features:


The oil-based ink of the marker dries quickly on the metal surface.

This is what makes oil-based marker pens popular among their users.

Resistant Ink:

The ink of the markers are smudge-free, do not smear or wash off with water.

If you are working on multiple surfaces, you do not have to worry either.

The ink is resistant on all surfaces including metal.

Full of possibilities...

If you know how to use oil-based markers, I bet you will agree with me on this point.

You can use the markers for your art project, design your metallic cosplay gears, do rock painting, etc.

Do not waste your time thinking, give it a try.

You won't be disappointed.

Easy to clean:

Are you thinking that the marker is permanent and you can not clean them easily?

We you are not totally right.

Not all the permanent markers are easy to clean.

This is the best thing about this paint pen, This is easy to remove or scrap off after application.

You just have to use a little bit of varnish, and see the paint bleed.


Might dry up...

If you are not careful in storing the pen after using the paint might get dry.


If you are not careful while using the paint marker, you might have to suffer a bit.

Do not mess with the dripping of the ink. It will cause issues.

  • Good for decorating.
  • Have good flow.
  • Easy to use.
  • Might get messy.

7. Nissen SFBK Super Fine Metal Marker (Black) - For Watery Surface

Nissen SFBK Super Fine Metal Marker (Black)

Nissen SFBK comes with a great looking unbreakable plastic tube.

It is so perfectly shaped that you can carry it in your pocket as well.

This is a great marker for writing on metal surfaces. This writes well on oil or watery surfaces too.

Want to hear something more?

You can write on wood, plastic, glass, and cardboard if you want.

Attractive Key Features:

Great quality paints...

The marker pen does not only look good, it is also built with great ink in it.

The paint of the marker dries easily and flows perfectly.

Easy to control:

The marker allows a great control and you can do your job perfectly using it.

The flow of the ink allows you the total control over the marking you are doing.

Covering Damages!

The great thing, if you are looking to cover up a damaged spot on your vehicle then look no further.

The mark is really narrow and it allows you to do a perfect job covering it up.


For industrial use only!

The label of the marker clearly says “for industrial use”.

While manufacturing the marker, they have stuck to it.

You might face issues if you do not follow what the label says.

  • Great black marker.
  • Made of unbreakable plastic.
  • Durable.
  • Water proof.
  • Works great on metal.
  • Can not be refilled.

How to Choose The Best marker for metal (Buying Guide):

If you are reading this, that means you have selected the one and want to know more about the marker is good for you or not.

Well, there are so many things you have to be sure about before buying a marker.

You might be thinking, What is there do think or consider ?

It is just a marker.

You are free to think whatever you want.

If you ask me, let me tell you, you might be wrong.

If you do not select the perfect marker for the job, it might result in a disaster.

Let me tell you how you are going to select the perfect marker for your work.

Be sure about the ink type:

The basic choice comes with two options.

You have to select from the oil based, or the water based markers.

The oil based markers are visible glossy surfaces, as metal.

On the other hand the water based ones do the same too. But they differ from each other in case of control, ease of using etc.


As per your needs, you have to decide how long you want the ink to last on the surface.

If you want the ink to last long select accordingly. Look for a durable marker with a resistant ink.


You can not deny the need for visibility of the colors.

The markers are available in basic color as white and black.

There are other options too. Be careful of that before ordering.

The perfect marker according to the surface:

The surface, Read the instructions carefully before buying a metal marker pen.

you have to be careful while deciding if the marker can really be used on the surfaces, you want it so it.

Be sure of the metal surface you are marking on.

If it is shiny, watery, oily etc.

The marker pen brands offer you the ink quality as per your needs as well. 


Well, this is a wrap.

For the concluding remarks, I just want to say that, nothing is permanent. 

Do not hesitate too much before buying.

Look at the features of the markers you need. See, if they fit your needs.

I am sure you will not regret it.

All the markers above are best for writing on metal surfaces.

Now it is up to you, select the best for your work.

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