Best Tungsten Grinder (For Precise Electrode Grinding) – 2020

You have probably heard tungsten grinder if you are a TIG welder. There is a lot of talk about tungsten cleaning and how important it is.

A dedicated tungsten grinder is a piece of excellent equipment which you will find in most of the welding application.

It is an excellent cutting tool for welding. When it comes to creating the premium grade tungsten electrodes invariably, a tungsten grinder is one of the finest options to choose from.

A tungsten electrode not only provides reliable performance but also makes free of defects finish.

Choosing the best tungsten grinder from tons of options may be a little bit tricky.

You need to consider various types of things, including reliability, consistency, durability, affordability, user-friendliness, etc.

Fortunately, after conducting a dozen tests and studies, we come up with top-five tungsten grinders, giving tough competition to any competitor.

Product Name




Eastwood TIG Welder Tungsten Grinder

Eastwood TIG Welder Tungsten GrinderEastwood TIG Welder Tungsten Grinder

The Top Pick

Easy to use.
Perfect diamond point.
Reasonable price.

Cordless Sharpie DX Adjustable Tungsten Grinder

Cordless Sharpie DX Adjustable Tungsten GrinderCordless Sharpie DX Adjustable Tungsten Grinder

Best Cordless Tungsten Grinder

This model can do flat tips.
Works on wireless mode.

Sharpie SD Standard Model Hand-Held Tungsten Grinder

Sharpie SD Standard Model Hand-Held Tungsten GrinderSharpie SD Standard Model Hand-Held Tungsten Grinder

Best Budget-Friendly Grinder

Easy to use.

Perfect choice for beginners.
Grinding efficiently.

Sharpie DX Deluxe Model Hand-Held Tungsten Grinder

Sharpie DX Deluxe Model Hand-Held Tungsten GrinderSharpie DX Deluxe Model Hand-Held Tungsten Grinder

Best Mid-Range Tungsten Grinder

Great technical support.
Specializes for flat tip grinding.

CK TS10 120V Tungsten Electrode Grinder Turbo-Sharp X

CK TS10 120V Tungsten Electrode Grinder Turbo-Sharp XCK TS10 120V Tungsten Electrode Grinder Turbo-Sharp X

Best High-End Tungsten Grinder

Robust motor.
Provide high-quality grinding.
Fulfills strict safety requirements.

Why Tungsten Grinder is Important?

However, there is a line between a professional-grade finish and just a regular finish.

So, a tungsten grinder is important in terms of a smooth finish.

Welding Quality:

Many people prefer to use stone grinders to sharpen their tungsten, but it can be whipped up to inefficient grinds and whittle down the contamination.

Plus, they may not be dedicated enough to show a reliable weld quality on tungsten materials.

Precise Condition:

You need to keep your tungsten in good condition, sharp and clean, if you happen to dip the tungsten on whatever you are working for.

Otherwise, it will not bring the best-looking, cleanest welds when you want to stop what you are doing instantly.

Improve Arc Control:

Whether you are a professional welder or newbie, you need a perfect stable arc to help you develop cleaner welds.

A varnished diamond wheel is included in the Eastwood Tungsten Grinder, which provides superior cleanest grind.

Eliminate Contamination:

Porous weld might be generated if the tungsten is contaminated. Sharpening tungsten using a shared sander or a stone grinder may implant the top with impurities, and it will be the cause of weld contamination.

But you don't have to worry much when you use a dedicated Tungsten grinder as it can easily eliminate contamination while welding.

Easy to Use:

This efficient equipment is portable and covers little space while welding. Moreover, you can carry it inside the car, which makes it accessible for quick welding.

5 Best Tungsten Grinder Reviews

1. Eastwood TIG Welder Tungsten Grinder – The Top Pick

Eastwood TIG Welder Tungsten GrinderEastwood TIG Welder Tungsten Grinder

This latest model came from the folks at Eastwood tool. It is a handy dedicated set up for just grinding your tungsten when you're TIG welding. If you want to make yourself a better welder, this dedicated tungsten grinder is undoubtedly a good option for your TIG welding.

A diamond wheel is included in every tungsten grinder. The diamond wheel creates a smoother finish. 

The smoother the finish, the more focused your arc control should be coming off the tungsten point as you intended to do.

This unit has a 1.5-amp variable speed motor, which can go from 0 to 35,000 rpm. Plus, it has a slider on the side to go ahead and adjust the variable speed design. However, it doesn't have any detent, so it is somewhat infinitely adjustable. Manufacture recommends in the instructions that you can run it at about three-quarters of the way up.

It has a spindle lock for changing out the tooling on the thing. So, it's pretty easy to go ahead and lock the spindle in at the unit's end. This model comes with a machined metal guide setup for guiding your tungsten to the diamond grinding wheel. It is mainly set up for either 1/16" And 3/32" tungsten.

However, the tungsten angle is a fixed setting at 22.5 degrees with these slotted ramps. Two different points on the end of the metal design are also slots for breaking off your tungsten.

Having contaminated tungsten, this grinder can be a great option for you. You can go ahead and break that off effortlessly. Since tungsten is very brittle, there's also a quick little hanging hook on the back, so you could set this up, hang it off the end of your welding.

Replacement Parts:


  • The grinder works perfectly.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It has a perfect diamond point.
  • It comes at a reasonable price.


  • The unit is flexible only in minimum grind length.

2. Cordless Sharpie DX Adjustable Hand-Held Tungsten Grinder – Best Cordless Tungsten Grinder

Cordless Sharpie DX Adjustable Hand-Held Tungsten GrinderCordless Sharpie DX Adjustable Hand-Held Tungsten Grinder

This cordless tungsten grinder is the ultimate way to sharpen your tungsten right at your workspace. It comes with a carrying case with the battery charger and the seven-inch tungsten storage container for mark zone. The tungsten grinder works by inserting the tungsten into the collet, which can be adjusted for the angle that you want to grind.  

Instead of being anchored to a cord and power outlet, you can take your handheld tungsten grinder to an on-site job without plugging it.

This model is equipped with a robust Milwaukee rotary tool that features a 12-volt standard lithium-ion battery, so you'll be ready to shred tungsten all day long wherever you go. Make sure to use the same components to get the best grinding experience.

It doesn't come with a flat spot on the taper that looks pretty nice, and you will get an almost pointed tip to it. If you happen to be a shaky jig and many big balls are cutting into your chunks, then come to the side and rotate the tungsten and cut it off.

This ultra-portable tungsten electrode grinder allows you to take it wherever you please from the arc zone. If you want to step up your TIG game and improve your weld quality, make sure to count on arc zone. 

Replacement Parts:


  • It has lots of flexibility.
  • This model can do flat tips.
  • It comes with cut-off technology.
  • It even works on wireless mode.


  • The motor isn't much powerful.

3. Sharpie SD Standard Model Hand-Held Tungsten Grinder — Best Budget-Friendly Grinder

Sharpie SD Standard Model Hand-Held Tungsten GrinderSharpie SD Standard Model Hand-Held Tungsten Grinder

This tungsten grinder incredibly does the job of grinding. Whenever you use it to sharpen your tungsten, it will come out perfectly.

It comes with limited flexibility because it has a fixed grind angle. Plus, there is no degree scale when you're adjusting the grind angle. 

It includes the flat tip option on the top, which allows you to insert the tungsten into the top and rotate it, and then it cut the cut off option, which you can either score the tungsten and insert it into the head and snap it off.

Most of our tests panel felt that grinding it all the way through and diminishing the wheel's lack wasn't that big of a deal because it is incredibly affordable.

Moreover, the unit has a fully enclosed grinding head. So, there's no exposure to the wheel and also no dust collection. It can provide moderate safety, but it isn't a perfect choice when you want to have strict safety requirements.

This machine has a functionality of cutting the tungsten grinding to the particular angle, putting the tip flat on the tungsten electrode. However, this machine's motor is suitable for basic entry-level motive, and there's no dust collection.

Replacement Parts:


  • It is an excellent sharpener with a better result.
  • It is simple to use.
  • The unit is a perfect choice for beginners.
  • It can do the grinding job efficiently.


  • The grinder doesn't feature 0.40" collet in the box.

4. Sharpie DX Deluxe Model Hand-Held Tungsten Grinder – Best Mid-Range Tungsten Grinder

Sharpie DX Deluxe Model Hand-Held Tungsten GrinderSharpie DX Deluxe Model Hand-Held Tungsten Grinder

This budget-friendly tungsten grinder can be a great pick for you, and you. It isn't just budget-Friendly for the machine's price but also for the cost of the replacement wheel, which comes in as the least expensive diamond grinding wheel on the market.

One of the most important things about the grinder is how handheld it is. But to do that, it's a simple grinder motor that is not nearly as robust as some of the professional-grade grinders cut back.

Once you start using it out in the field for extended periods, the motor doesn't always keep up. So if you've got four or five welders, it needs to use a grinder.

When you get into the grinders' abilities, you will come to know that it can cut efficiently. 

The unit comes with a tip flat and preset at 20 degrees, which is ideal for customers who don't want their operators to modify the dry.

Our testers found that it was a perfect middle-of-the-road angle to use for just about anything. Plus, this model comes with high-standard flexibility like a professional one. The versatility jumps up with being able to adjust the grind angle.

It includes an intuitive adjustment with a flat head screwdriver. You will able to see how you're adjusting it's steeper or blunter and it is very easy to use. It's an ideal choice for stainless carbon steel or aluminum electrode.

Replacement Parts:


  • You'll have great technical support with easy applications.
  • It can consistently and correctly sharpen the tungsten.
  • The unit is long-lasting.
  • It specializes in flat tip grinding.


  • Its price is higher compared to the same grade other tungsten grinders.

5. CK TS10 120V Tungsten Electrode Grinder Turbo-Sharp X – Best High-End Tungsten Grinder

CK TS10 120V Tungsten Electrode Grinder Turbo-Sharp XCK TS10 120V Tungsten Electrode Grinder Turbo-Sharp X

The Turbo-sharp X an exciting step up from the other grinders we've reviewed so far, which are all the pro hobby styled grinders.

It is the most modestly priced professional-grade grinder that we can there's a lot to love about it.

This grinder was previously known as the Turbo-sharp 5, and now it's the turbo sharp 10. But nothing's changed in the grinding head or the design or the robust engineering of it. The only thing that has changed about it is that the manufacturer upgraded what was already a bulletproof motor to it even better than the Scott.

A grinder is a well-engineered unit. However, it's a little bit large for a handheld grinder compared to the pro hobby styles. The machine includes a vise mounting bracket, which is very easy to use and also very useful.

It comes with a heavy-duty, robust motor. Whether you're out in the shop or the field, if you have access to a clamp in the center, you can plant that into advanced value on accuracy.

This professional series grinder has an incredibly accurate degree scale. So you don't need to grind and check to find where you want, you're able to set it.

It does the same result every single time with a decent finish.

Furthermore, you're not relying on an eyeball grinding, and you can set it to a specific setting based on your needs. What exactly makes it perfect for shops as you want certain specifications from a grinder.

The safety feature makes it one step further choice for shops as it meets a lot of shop specifications when they want to have strict safety requirements. It's a fully enclosed grind head and includes a vacuum attachment, so you aren't even exposed to the grinding dust.

Replacement Parts:


  • It has a robust motor.
  • This unit can provide high-quality grinding.
  • It fulfills strict safety requirements.
  • It is a perfect choice for shops.


  • There's no cut off capability.

What to Look for Before Buying a Tungsten Grinder?

Choosing a perfect tungsten grinder isn't a piece of cake. If you want to have a more precise grinding experience, you should consider some crucial factors before purchasing your grinder. Some crucial factors are given below that you can look for before buying a tungsten grinder.

What types of tungsten grinders do you need?

Make sure to choose a correct tungsten grinder that can fulfill your needs, whether it is a very economical or a light industrial grinder or a heavy industrial grinder to field grinding well.

Grinding Wheel:

A diamond coated grinding wheel is necessary for a tungsten grinder. The diamond-coated grinding wheel can provide consistent and defect-free finish to achieve the best results.

The two-sided grind wheel is better than a single one because it saves the cost of grinding each tungsten and boost efficiency.

Grinding Flexibility:

Some grinders come with limited flexibility, which has a fixed grind angle. Moreover, there is no degree scale when you're adjusting the grind angle. When a grinder has high versatility, it allows users to adjust the grind angle easily.

Professional or Personal:

If you plan to buy a tungsten grinder for your shops, you need a heavy-duty model. It should be a little bit expensive than regular so that it can last for a few years easily.

However, if you want to purchase a tungsten grinder for personal use, you can buy a moderate range machine to do your job well.


It is better to invest some money on a grinder rather than buying a standard bench grinder. Plus, your welding quality will also improve and decrease electrode preparation time.

Additional Accessories:

 There are a wide variety of extra accessories come with tungsten grinder like different types of collets, vacuum dust collection, carry-on bag, etc. Make sure to choose from those models which offer these additional accessories if you need them.

Replacement Parts:

Replacement parts will save your money from buying a new grinder when a part is broken. Make sure the replacement parts are available easily in the market, and the cost of replacing them isn't much higher.

In Conclusion...

When it comes to TIG welding, an adequately ground tungsten grinder makes a big difference in welding experience. A properly grind tungsten gives you both a more uniform and a consistent weld and finally focuses the arc exactly where you want it on the workpiece.

We have picked the top five best tungsten grinders that can be suitable for most users, whether you are a part-time or a professional TIG welder. So grab the best one that can fulfill all welding needs and makes your job easy.

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