Best Welder For Home Use (2022) – Complete Buying Guide

Welding is like a fabrication or joining process of materials by using heat. Usually, we weld at our home sometimes to join things like metal, thermoplastic, etc.

Needless to say, you’ll find several welders for household purposes. As a newcomer, you might be concerned about choosing the best welder for your home as there are so many varieties.

Here, we have researched, studied, and selected the 5 best welders for home use. Read through to find the one you have been looking for.

Product Name



AHP AlphaTIG 200X

AHP AlphaTIG 200XAHP AlphaTIG 200X

Best TIG For Home Use

Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG

Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIGHobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG

Best MIG For Home Use

Hobart 500570 Stickmate 160i

Hobart 500570 Stickmate 160iHobart 500570 Stickmate 160i

Best Stick For Home Use

Reboot Stick Welder

Reboot Stick WelderReboot Stick Welder

Best Budget Welder

Forney Easy Weld 140 MP

Forney Easy Weld 140 MPForney Easy Weld 140 MP

For Multi-Process Uses

5 Best Welder for Home Use Reviews

These days, getting recommendations is easier. But you need to find out the authentic and research-driven one. There are differences between a recommendation from normal peers and one from experts.

Here we are with the research-driven details, facts about products that will make you weld at home easily and safely.

1. AHP AlphaTIG 200X - Best TIG for Home Use

AHP AlphaTIG 200XAHP AlphaTIG 200X

If you are new at welding, then you need to know about the types before. However, the basic factor is that the functions, materials, and other applications decide the potentiality of a TIG welder.

As you are searching for a welder that is perfect for home use you need to ensure the quality, safety features, and home-friendly.

Wide Range of Welding:

This welder has a stick function which enhances the opportunities for both professional and occasional welders. This welding is effective even in bad weather like in heavy rain or wind.

Besides, another fact is the stick functioning that doesn’t use any shielding gas to operate. This welder is less sensitive to dirt, corrosion, and paint, which is time-saving.

So, in your home, you can weld as per your desire. However, this product offers you to save your time, welding in a wide range.

If you’re a newbie at welding, you may even use this welder for its easy navigations. The professionals can work on various metals by this as this product offers professional quality welding.

Advanced Technology:

This product has a design of advanced inverter technology. It has PWM, (Power width modulation) along with IGBT technology. This provides you longevity and reliability as a power source.

So, if you get load-shedding at home, it will not harm your work as IGBT will provide the power source then.

Easy AC/DC Switching:

This is a welder with 200 amp AC/DC. This product gives high performance on both 110v (150 amp output) and on 220v.

This has an amazing AC/DC switching capability. You can work on various metals easily with this.

Like DC is enough when you are working with steel. But when you will work with aluminum you will need AC current.

This product can use both of the currents as per your choice. The IGBT technology makes switching easier.

Pulse Feature and Controlling AC Frequency:

Pulse welding offers welding with constantly changing welding current from a high amperage down to low current and back again.

This welder allows you to weld thinner metals with high heat without burning through and also helps you to control the frequency of welding current or AC current.

When you will work with AC, you will need to have a balance control for this. It will let you handle the AC frequency as you need it.

Standard TIG Torch:

It has included a standard tig torch and WP17 flex torch hose. It is built with standard TIG welding torch consumables. This product also supplies a separate switch to control TIG.

Easy to Use:

It has a really easy setup procedure. Even an amateur welder can set up this easily. There is also a metal foot pedal control for the ease of using.


  • Great amperage range.
  • Easy switching between AC and DC.
  • Advanced inverter technology.
  • Hassle free use.


  • Poor calibration.
  • Screen is obscure.

2. Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Welder - Best MIG For Home Use

Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIGHobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG

Previously, we got to know about the best TIG welders. As there are varieties, MIG welder is one of them. The technical name for MIG welding is Gas Metal Arc welding or GMAW.

Let’s scrutinize the details of Hobart welder.


MIG welder have versatility in their process. It can’t be ignored that MIG welder can perfectly work with metals just like copper, aluminum, carbon steel, magnesium, stainless steel, nickel, silicon bronze, and other non-ferrous metals.

However, in terms of current condition, a variety of industries are using MIG welding for different purposes. Like, welding race cars, motorcycle frames, and also in the shipbuilding industry.

This product is extremely versatile that the welder can work on household repairs, on auto body, yard art projects, or in farm projects. So, this product offers you to go versatile with welding.

Voltage Controlling:

Welding voltage in MIG welding, primarily controls the arc length. The weld bead flattens more after the voltage is increased.

Moreover, you’ll find a tapped voltage control selector by which you can maintain arc thicknesses.

Industrial Drive System:

The industrial cast aluminum system is introduced in this welding machine for easy positioning and switching the sensors.

So, with this product, you can control the welding current speed, welding position, etc.

Dual-gauge regulation:

Usually, most of the regulators have two gauges where cylinder pressure is indicated when the valve is opened. And another one features the pressure of the gas coming out at the regulator. Precisely, this product comes with a dual-gauge regulator with gas hose.

More Duty Cycle:

This one is another great feature of this product having a duty cycle of 20% at 90 amp. That means, it can work for 2 minutes straight. So, you can easily work with this at your home.

Easy to use:

It comes with easy applications. A beginner welder can also set this up and practice welding.

It includes a 10ft work cable with clamp, 10ft HR-100 MIG gun, Power Cord, etc. at 10 feet long MIG gun makes it possible to work without dragging welders around.

It delivers a wire welding package to make this easy for you.


  • Great arc performance.
  • Smooth arc for every thickness.
  • Weighs only 57 pounds.
  • High-precision arc performance with less welding spatter
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Time-saving equipment sets up the system.


  • You can hardly perform big jobs with this tool.
  • Need a cart to carry this around.

3. Hobart 500570 Stickmate 160i - Best Stick for Home Use

Hobart 500570 Stickmate 160iHobart 500570 Stickmate 160i

Stickmate welder is one of the best using options in recent times. It is nothing but another product with many new interesting features.

Hot Start Technology:

This product has hot start technology that works for the very first time. However, the hot start technology comes with a reliable arc.

The technology makes sure the smooth contact for the arc. It’s tested that this product is a great source of doing domestic welding jobs.

Besides, hot start technology helps to get the impeccable quality in welding. And it is hard to ignore.

Sturdy Designs:

It has a sturdy design with an adjustable shoulder strap. It weighs under 20 lbs. So it is easy to transport this. During transportation, its rugged construction won't cause fatigue on your shoulders.

It is nearly 100 pounds lighter than other leading competitive machines. So, this product offers you to have a lighter welder.

Complete Accessories:

This product delivers complete accessories that may fit in your toolbox too. Moreover, the product comes with a proper instruction guide with a two-meter power cord.


  • Unlimited amperage control.
  • 160 amps that is perfect for welding steel plates.
  • A solid construction is ensured.
  • Complete accessories. 


  • There are cheaper stick welders with similar features.
  • This is not the best for beginners.

4. Reboot Stick Welder - Best Budget Welder

Reboot Stick WelderReboot Stick Welder

Now, it is the turn for Reboot Stick Welder that is different from other stick welders. If you have a tiny budget then this welder is best for you. Besides, it also has some good features to count in.

Advanced Inverter:

It has an advanced IGBT inverter system that is the most reliable and offers a long-lasting power source.

Moreover, the system ensures the excellent stability of the arc as well as to adjust the forces and even to control the steeple's amperage.

Dual Voltage Welder:

This inverter welder has a double voltage system. It has 110V-220V±15%. It can be switched for AC power to DC. After that, a step-down transformer is incorporated to produce current and voltage.

Powerful & Duty Cycle:

This welder is powerful with a huge number of Duty Cycle. 60% Duty Cycle for 3.2 mm Rods for whole day welding is more than enough. Last but not least, alloy steel, carbon steel can be suitable for this welding work.

Portable Design:

The welder has a lightweight and is compact sized with energy-saving features. The product offers you to port it with you!

After all, you can find a wide range of welding having high-efficiency with this welder.


  • It has built-in gas.
  • Anyone can easily complete the settings.
  • It has IGBT Technology.
  • Dual voltage systems help much to produce proper current.
  • Lightweight and budget-friendly.


  • Messier than others.
  • Thinner metals are hardly suitable.

5. Forney Easy Weld 140 MP - For Multi-Purpose Uses

Forney Easy Weld 140 MPForney Easy Weld 140 MP

Forney welders are everything that you need in one machine. It’s a good combination of stick and TIG welder.

So, what else do you need?

Sturdy Structural Design:

The multi-purpose machine comes with a sturdy structural design having a rugged case. Moreover, it has an aesthetic look when it is covered with both plastic and metal.

So, you don’t need to worry about its protection and can use this light-weight machine for different purposes.

However, it doesn’t need a lot of space to store and you can keep it anywhere you want in your station. So, you will have a reliable unit having a combination of weight and sturdy build.


You might be stuck with its versatile features. Basically, it is a welding unit that allows you to do three types of welding like, DC TIG welding, MIG welding, and stick welding.

And you don’t need to waste extra space to place another welding machine as you can have one single machine that can do it all.


Certainly, the power quality is an exceptional thing of this welder and it offers 140 amps at 120 volts.

Where 90 or 100 amps is the maximum range of other products. This is the ultimate multi-purposes welder with high power.

However, you can also consider the thickness to weld materials. But the duty cycle is the downside of this welder that is the one of the lowest of the spectrum.

When you work for a stick welder, you’ll find the duty cycle at 30% for only 80 amps.

If you’ve ever worked with the stick welder, you might have known that to weld stick is not done at such lower amperages whether this process is not used for thin materials.


One of the best things about this welder is the price. Luckily, you can have this welder with a low budget considering its quality. You may find better multi-purposes welders in the market, but this one is budget-friendly.

Easy Applications:

Well, this budget-friendly welder is suitable for beginners and comes with easy applications. You can also switch among those three processes that you need for your work.

The only consideration is to set the polarities and setting manually. Moreover, you’ll find a speed control setting that allows you to adjust it according to your precision.


  • Versatility is at its best.
  • Three types of welding options.
  • Maximum range of power.
  • Beginner-friendly


  • Lower duty cycle.
  • Need to buy TIG accessories separately.

TIG vs MIG vs Stick...

Whether you’re here to purchase a quality welder, you shouldn’t skip any flaws that can harm you. We’re going to scrutinize the advantages of those welders that will help you to make a precise decision.

Benefits of TIG Welding:

  1. With this, you will be able to weld more metals and alloys than any other process.
  2. It ensures high-quality and clean appearances.
  3. You can’t have any spark or spatter as the necessary amount of filler is adjusted to the puddle.
  4. The weld puddle is protected from contamination by the Argon gas where no flux is added in TIG welding.
  5. You’ll find fumes or smokes with the welder when any welded metal is contaminated. Other than that, this does not create smoke or fume.

Last but not least, Argon is responsible for TIG weld metals and its thickness. After all, if you want to handle your project with one category gas, then it would be a good pick.

Benefits of MIG Welding:

  1. There’s nothing faster than producing high-precision welds than MIG.
  2. There’s no use of flux in this welding. So, you won’t be worried about any slag in the metal.
  3. You can hardly find a minimum loss of alloy only because shield gas protects the arc.
  4. You’ll find versatile welding with this tool. You can use it with a wide variety of metals and alloys.
  5. However, this welding comes with easy applications.

Benefits of STICK Welding:

  1. It needs simple equipment that is comparatively cheaper than the most basic MIG welders.
  2. As the arc burns off the coating, so, in this process, electrodes generate their own shielding gas.
  3. It can be switched among many other types.
  4. Electrodes of stick welding get all of the alloying strength and arc properties.
  5. As the puddle solidifies the stick welding generates slag. This helps you to protect the puddle.

My Verdict: 

Hopefully, we’ve got you covered with every possible benefit of those welding. Finally, I would like to recommend that MIG welding is the best solution for them.

What To Consider Before Buying a Welder For Home Use?

It’s not a cup of tea to find a good welder for home use. But if you know the process, then it would be easy to achieve your goal.

The welding range:

You obviously need to consider the welding range before buying a welder. A wide-ranged welder will help you to work on various metals that are needed often in our house.  


You need to consider the versatility of the machine for home uses whether your machine should be able to work on steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. 

AC/DC switching:

For home use, you will have various metals where AC or DC doesn’t work every time. So, it will be good if you have a welder with the system of AC/DC switching. Then you can switch anytime within your work.

Complete accessories:

Every welding machine needs many accessories with it. Because you can't do welding just with a welding machine. So, these are welding glass, gloves, cords, wires, torch, etc.

So, you need to be sure in the first place that you are getting all the necessary accessories along with the welding machine. Otherwise you have to buy those accessories separately. 

Easy Using:

Whether you are a professional welder or an amateur welder, you need to ensure that the welding machine is easy to use.

Because an easy-going machine will make you work on time and smoothly. And no one prefers to have a problematic welder in their working place.

Advanced technology:

Your welding machine should contain advanced technology like IGBT, PWM, Industrial system, etc.

These advanced technologies in your welding machine provide you with many advantages like, reliable power system, long-lasting power source, controlling the power, sensor, switches, etc. 

Voltage Control:

Not all welding machines have voltage control in it. When any product ensures the voltage control feature, then it would be helpful for you.

And you should go with a product having this feature for home use. If you’ve got this feature, you can adjust the arc for smooth and stable appearances.

Duty Cycle:

You can’t avoid this feature while buying a welding machine. The duty cycle measures how much time you will get to weld.

A good duty cycle makes the machine more powerful. As a 60% Duty Cycle for 3.2 mm Rods is more than enough for welding the whole day.

So, to have a better work efficiency, you must need to have a good duty cycle in your welding machine. 

Structural Design: 

Considering the structural design is so important for choosing your desired welding machine.

If you want to place your welding machine permanently in one place then you have to choose heavyweight machines.

But if you want to move your machine around work then you need to choose a lightweight machine. 

Machine’s Size:

Whether you will buy a welder for home use, you should measure the size. Cause you may not have enough space to keep it safe. So, you need to have enough space to keep the machine safe.


Now, lastly the most important thing is the budget that will decide the characteristics of the machine.

So, before buying the machine you need to research first and then compare it with your budget.

If you follow these steps, you’ll get your desired welder for your home.


We hope that you have gone through all the details of the products. All of them are the best ones in the market and I hope it helps your selection of the perfect welder.

The more precise the decision, the better is your welding quality. Hope the time you have invested to read the article proves worthy. Best of luck!


1. How long should I wait after welding?

When you’ll complete the whole welding task, you should wait for at least one and a half hours.

2. Are the mentioned products worth my money?

Why not? Every product in our list will satisfy your needs and support you in the long run. 

3. Should I touch the electrode while stick welding?

You should not touch the electrode with skin or wet clothing because it produces so much heat that can burn your skin & harm your veins.

4. May I weld in the rain?

Not just rain but also any type of moisture is an enemy of welding.  So, it is not safe to weld in the rain

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