7 Best Metal File Reviews (2022) – For Smooth Finish

Files are an effective tool in removing extra materials from a piece of metal or wood. They are mainly used in metalwork. There is a wide range of variety in files according to their usage. If you are looking for a metal set for your work, you have to know the required features properly.

In this article, I have reviewed some of the best metal file sets for your favor. I have also mentioned the points you need to consider while choosing one. You will eventually find the right file set. So, let’s find out what works for you.

  1. Top PickSimonds 13 Piece All Purpose Hand File Set with Handles
  2. Best For Heavy-DutyNicholson 5 Piece Hand File Set with Ergonomic Handles
  3. Best Budget-friendlyNeedle File Set 6 PIECE SET Hardened Alloy Strength Steel
  4. Best For DIYMulWark 9pcs Premium Grade Tempered High Carbon Steel Carpenter File Set
  5. Best For Hobby WorkersTopec 18Pcs File Set

7 Best Metal File and Sets Reviewd

Choosing one file set among so many sets in the market can be hard. You can end up buying the wrong one. So, I’m describing some of the most useful file sets. I hope you will get one set with your desired features.

1. Simonds 13 Piece All Purpose Hand File Set with Handles – Top Pick

Simonds 13 Piece All Purpose Hand File Set with Handles

I kept this file set as the top pick. This set is the ultimate all-rounder you will need for cleaning and planing woods and metals. This is not hugely popular though. But those who used these files will recommend this file set as one of the best.

This file set comes with 12 files of different sizes and features. This includes all shapes of files you need like flat, round, half-round, square, triangular, and so on. This set includes a file card also that will help you clean the files. All this stuff comes wrapped in a cloth pouch.

This file set is designed in American teeth pattern. This diversified nature gives you the flexibility of use. The set includes all grades of files like coarse, medium, fine to finest. So, you can use these files for all types of cleaning and sharpening work. They will help you perform both home and shop work.

Another reason for choosing this set as the top pick is its user-friendliness. The handles are quite impressive and easy to grip. The handles are made of wood and are quite big. So, you can easily handle the file. And the files


  1. Diversified usage
    You can use these files for various purposes- both in workshops and at home.
  1. Easy to handle
    The handles give a good grip. So, it is easy to work with them.
  1. Perfect shape
    This is a whole dozen files. They give you every shape and size of the file you need. This is just a combination of perfect files.
  1. Long-lasting
    The files are made from carbon steel. This will make the files last long.
  1. Price worthy
    The price may seem high, but it is worth it.


  1. Not US-manufactured
    These files are not manufactured in the USA which is a negative side.

2. Nicholson 5 Piece Hand File Set with Ergonomic Handles – Best For Heavy-Duty

Nicholson 5 Piece Hand File Set with Ergonomic Handles

Nicholson is the brand of reliance. This file set won’t let you down, no matter if you are an occasional user or a professional user. These are pretty big files and long-lasting tools that Nicholson promises.

The file set includes five pieces of files. All of them are of coarse grade which is also known as the bastard grade. There are two rectangular mill files of 8 inches and 10 inches. There is an 8-inch rectangular flat-file too. The rest two are an 8-inch half-round file and a 6-inch slim taper file.

These files have rubber-coated ergonomic handles. These will give you ease of grip. It becomes easy to sharpen or remove materials.

The metal of these files carries their brand signature. When you work, they feel sturdy and give the confidence of working smoothly. The coarseness of the teeth will wash out unnecessary materials like magic.

The teeth of the files are American-patterned. They are not USA manufactured, most of them are manufactured in Mexico. Some of them are from Brazil too. Whatever they are, they are from the Nicholson brand. That’s a big bump.


  1. Very sturdy
    When you will work with it, you will realize the strength of these files. It is the biggest positive side of these files.
  1. Reliable brand
    Nicholson is an old brand making files more than a hundred years old. For this long time, it has achieved the trust of machinists, metal workers, and woodworkers.
  1. Rubber coated handle
    The rubber handles are ergonomic. Gives a strong grip while working.
  1. American patterned coarse teeth
    The files have American patterned teeth. The coarseness of the teeth is good.
  1. Worths the price
    Though these are not cheap, they are worth every penny.


  1. The not USA manufactured
    All metal workers prefer the files manufactured in the USA. So, it’s a little frustrating for them.
  1. Fewer pieces in a number
    Evidently, it is not a set of dozen files. If you need a dozen, then this isn’t for you.

3. Needle File Set 6 PIECE SET Hardened Alloy Strength Steel – Best Budget-friendly

Needle File Set 6 PIECE SET Hardened Alloy Strength Steel

These little files would be your first choice if you are going to do some light work. These files come at a cheaper price. In spite of the low price, they will work just fine. But these are not recommended for heavy work.

The set comes with six files in a pouch. There are many shapes that you need for moderate use. They include flat file, flat warding file, round file, half-round file, triangular file. These variations in their size will help to do different works.

The files have a rubberized handle which gives an easy grip while working even in wet hands. The files are made of carbon and alloy steel. This will protect the files from rust. But as they are very thin, they break easily. For this reason, many users don’t find it reliable.

However, their diamond-patterned teeth will work fine if handled carefully. And as they are small, they will work fine on small scales. And at this price range, I can not blame them.


  1. Works well on a little scale
    These files work fine if you use them for sharpening or planning small things.
  1. Cheap price
    This is the biggest plus point of these files. I have included this file set into my list for its low price.
  1. Can be used for various purposes
    These files can be used in jewelry, 3D printed PLA parts, wood, deadbolt plate, etc.
  1. Carbon steel
    The metal files are made of carbon steel. That’s why the possibility of rust is very less.


  1. Can’t be used for heavy works
    As they are thin and small files, they can’t be used for heavy works.
  1. Easily gets broken
    This is the worst issue of this file set. The files are very thin. For this reason, you can’t use files putting much pressure on them.

4. MulWark 9pcs Premium Grade Tempered High Carbon Steel Carpenter File Set – Best For DIY

MulWark 9pcs Premium Grade Tempered High Carbon Steel Carpenter File Set

Now let me introduce you to one of my personal favorite file sets. This one is also a cheap one. You may feel this junky. But it works really well. The manufacturers tried to keep this file as cheap as possible, but they cared about quality also.

First of all, this file set includes almost all types of files like flat, round, warding, half-round, square, triangle, etc. That enables sharpening and shaping metals, wood, polymers, and jewelry. The thing I love best about this set is the availability of different types of files. Those are capable of doing every task related to their function.

The metal of the files is aluminum, iron, and copper besides alloy steel and carbon steel. They have double-cut teeth that can remove a fine amount of material. The rubberized handle gives ease at griping and prevents slipping.

The metal files are long-lasting. If they are handled carefully, they won’t disappoint you. This file set will be a perfect pick according to price and quality.


  1. A complete set for all types of work
    This is not a dozen files. But this file set is capable of doing almost all types of work perfectly.
  1. Reasonable price
    This multi-purpose file set is available at a very reasonable price. It is worth it.
  1. Long-lasting
    The files are made from various metals. It feels sturdy enough when you work. They may seem junky at first look, but actually, they are not.
  1. Comes in a case
    The files come in a case. Though the case is a plastic case that is not very impressive, it is a plus point.
  1. Comfortable handles
    The handles give a strong grip. Even in wet hands, they won’t slip away.


  1. Can be broken in case of negligence
    Though these files are strong enough, any of them can be broken if you don’t handle them carefully.

5. Topec 18Pcs File Set – Best For Hobby Workers

Topec 18Pcs File Set

Now, hobby workers, this file set is for you. Thanks to Topec for making this file set. This is the best file set for hobby workers. This file set will enable you to perform wood, metal, leather, plastic, glass, ceramic- all types of work.

Just look at its combination. There are four bigger files that will help in removing materials and sharpening metals. They are available in round, half-round, flat, and triangular shapes. Then this set has 14 micro files or needle files that are available in round, half-round, flat, oval, and square shapes. They give you more flexibility while working on hobby types of work.

Then notice the handles. The handles are great and non-slip. The files come in a bag in which you can store and carry your files easily.

These files are swiss-patterned. This will be a little bit frustrating for many of the workers. But they work fine. You can test yourself, it won’t let you down.


  1. A complete combination of all types of files
    This set combines 18 pieces of files of different shapes and sizes. You don’t need any other file usually if you have this set. As there is a variation of sizes and shapes, there is huge flexibility in work too.
  1. Includes a file brush
    The file brush will help you clean files and you won’t have to buy an extra brush for this.
  1. Very reasonable price
    You are getting this awesome file set at a great price. 
  1. Nice bag
    The file carrying bag is perfect for storing and carrying the files.
  1. Sturdy handles
    The handles have a good grip and don’t slip away while working.


  1. Swiss patterned
    Many of the workers prefer American patterned files. For them, this is a negative side.
  1. More accurate for woodworking
    Some users claimed that it worked great for woodworking. But the output in metalworking is not so satisfactory.

6. REXBETI 16Pcs Premium Grade T12 Drop Forged Alloy Steel File Set

REXBETI 16Pcs Premium Grade T12 Drop Forged Alloy Steel File Set

Like the previous one, this one is also one of the best choices for hobby workers and woodworkers. This file set is also swiss patterned. Consisting of 16 files of different sizes and shapes, this file set is capable of doing any type of work. 

The set has 4 large and sturdy files that are very good at removing materials and sharpening metals. In the case of fine and micro works, this set has micro files. They also come in various shapes. 

The files come in a bag which has a handle to carry. The handles are long and easy to grip. Those are handy. 


  1. Includes all shapes and sizes of files
    It is a combination of all types of files that you need for wood, plastics, metalworking. 
  1. Very affordable price
    The file set comes at a very good price compared to its quality. 
  1. Packed in a handy bag
    The bag is good for storing and carrying files. It is a good point.
  1. Versatility of usage
    The files are great for versatile usage. No matter if you are a professional or a novice hobby worker, it will work just fine.
  1. Long-lasting
    The files are made of good-quality metals. You can use them for a long time if you handle them carefully. 


  1. Specialized for woodworking
    Many users found that the file set is better for woodworking rather than metalworking. Because it is a swiss patterned file set.

7. DS-Space High Carbon Steel File Set with Wooden Handles

DS-Space High Carbon Steel File Set with Wooden Handles

At this point, I want to introduce you to a bit different file than the previous ones. This one is completely focused on metalworking. Though the manufacturers make multi-purpose files, I put emphasis on this file set as a metal worker. 

There are only five pieces of files in this set. This simple set of tools will help you greatly anywhere you need it. I love this file set for its simplicity and effectiveness. It is a recommended file set for occasional users who need a small set of files for their home activity. 

Though professionals can work well with this set, the novice and hobby workers will find it greatly helpful. You can utilize this set for metal, wood, ceramic, plastic, and anything regarding its usage. 

The files have wooden handles. They may be slippery if your hand is wet and oily. But they give a good grip.


  1. Sturdy and simple
    The files are very simple. They just do the work you need. You will realize the strength when you use it. 
  1. Easy to handle
    The handles are long and handy.
  1. Comes with an extra handle
    They have kept an extra handle so that you can use it if any handle is broken.
  1. Worths the money
    The files are available at a very low price compared to their quality. 
  1. Long-lasting
    The metal of the files is from alloy steel, carbon steel, aluminum, iron, and copper. They are meant to last long.


  1. No needle file
    There is no micro file to use in fine materials.
  1. Wooden handle
    If the hand is wet and oily, the handle may slip away.

What to look for when buying a metal file set?

It’s very hard to choose the best file from so many file sets. They are different brands, shapes, sizes. So, you need to be clear about the factors that make a file the right choice for you. Let’s take a look at the following list.

The shape of the file:

The shape of the file is an important fact. As there are many uses of files, you should think about your needs. The triangular file is used to clean out the internal angles. The round, half-round, square, and flat files are used to make holes and clean the surface according to their shapes.


Consider the size. The big ones are used to remove large materials. And the small files are used to clean fine angles and micro works.


Usually, the coarser files are used for removing a large mass of metal creating a rough surface. And the finer files are used to smoothen the rough surfaces.

Cut of the files:

The professional workers consider this point as an important factor. In American patterned files, there are mainly 3 types of files: bastard-cut, second-cut, and smooth-cut. They are further classified into single-cut and double-cut.

The bastard-cut and second-cut that are double-cut are used to remove stocks and metal masses. The single-cut and smooth files are used to make the surface plane.


Always look for good brands. There are many junk files with fake reviews online. Check the manufacturer’s information and have an idea about their products.


You can get a good quality file set at a low price. So, don’t waste your money buying junk files.

How to extend the lifespan of metal files?

Many workers complain that the files don’t last long. You have to handle and use the files in the right way to get a good result and last long. Try to maintain the following tips:

  1. Don’t grind the metals too quickly. Do it slowly.
  2. Don’t put too much pressure on small files.
  3. Don’t use a new file to remove hard metals above HRC55.
  4. Always use one side of the file first. When it becomes blunt, then use another.
  5. In boring tools, clean the teeth of the file with a wire brush.
  6. Put the files free from water, oil, dirt, and vapor.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which files are better-US pattern or the Swiss pattern?

The US pattern files are better for metal works. As there are 3 grades in this segment. Altogether they can remove materials and smoothen the surface. The Swiss pattern files are good for fine and complex works.

What grade of steel is a file?

The metal files are used to remove metal masses and polishing the surface. So, it needs a hard metal to do that. Hardened steel like 1095 or W1 is good and can be considered as a file.

Can you use a rasp on metal?

A rasp is mainly used for woodworking. On the other hand, files are good for metal works. For metal, it needs a more coarse and rough file. A rasp is not like that. Rasp can be used, but not recommended.


This article should guide you perfectly while choosing the best metal file set. In this article, we have covered the factors you should consider while buying a file set. You can also learn how to use them perfectly. I have also picked some of the most effective file sets.

Always remember your needs and then think about the characteristics which will satisfy them. While buying, consider the features you need for your metalwork or any other work.

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