4 Best Pancake Welding Hood (For Outdoor And Pipeline) – 2020

Outdoor welding can be a pretty challenging task. With all the light getting in your way from welding effectively, you might be searching for answers regarding how to ease your overall outdoor welding experience.

Wearing a welding hood is an essential requirement for all your welding tasks and getting the right welding hood plays a great role in easing your welding experience.

Therefore, if you are looking for a convenient welding hood to ease your long hours of welding tasks, then you have come to the right place.

I have put together this article regarding four different pancake welding hoods – which are ideal for outdoor, as well as pipeline welding.

Keep on reading to find out why these welding hoods are ideal for outdoor and pipeline welding, and the pros and cons of each of them.

What is Pancake Welding Hood?

A pancake welding hood is a particular type of helmet in the welding industry. Such a helmet gets its name because it has the shape of a pancake – i.e. flat and round in the front.

To add on, relying upon whether you are left-handed or right, a pancake welding hood would come with a shield on one side in order to safeguard the other side of your face from harmful rays such as UV rays as well as sparks while welding.

Made of

The balsa box, or the part of the pancake welding hood that contacts the face, is made out of balsa wood.

Balsa wood is known for its lightweight nature – which proves to be pretty convenient for users who need to weld for long hours in a day. The other parts of the box that require to be sturdier are made from pine.

What Is Balsa Box?

A lot of people are unaware of what the role of a balsa box is. A balsa box is a compact-shaped box that comes together with the pancake welding hood.

It is specifically designed to safeguard the eyes of a welder by stabilizing the lens of the helmet.

A balsa box is typically handmade and particularly designed so that it accurately fits the shape of the face and the eye of the user.

This is a very convenient feature for a pipeline welder as it is able to avoid the light from the rays as well as the arc.

In a nutshell, the balsa box helps to provide a welder with complete sealing – in order to prevent any kind of light that could restrict the user from completing his task in an effective manner.

4 Best Pancake Welding Hood

1. Sarge Pancake Welding Hood- Top Pick

2. Sarge's Pancake Black Welding Hood Helmet Right Handed Regular Pipeline

3. Wendy's Pancake Welding Hood Helmet w/Strap - Right Handed - BLUE

4. Original Pancake Welding Hood Right Hand

Why I Used A Pancake Hood And What’s The Advantages!

As an outdoor welder – who also needs to weld for long hours in the day – I have been looking for a suitable welding hood that would not feel heavy on my head and, at the same time, minimize the amount of light that gets in my way while welding.

I found that a pancake welding hood has the exact features I have been looking for in a welding hood. So here are some of the advantages of using a pancake welding hood that I have experienced.

First of all, as pancake welding hoods are made out of balsa wood – which is known as one of the lightest kinds of wood in the world – they are absolutely light on the head.

This is one of the reasons why a pancake welding hood is ideal for pipeline welders or welders who need to weld for continuous long hours.

Another major advantage of a pancake welding hood is that it is able to avoid every kind of light reflections – allowing you to complete your welding task without disturbance.

Not only does the pancake welding hood provide you with complete sealing, but it also stabilizes the lens of your helmet.

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