55+ DIY Welding Projects & Ideas (For Home, Gifts, or To Sell)

Is welding your passion?

Are you looking for projects which matches your skills and creativity?

Then I am here for you. I have come up with some welding ideas for you.

These projects are easy to make and improve your welding skills.

Wait !!! There's more. 

These projects also have a demand in the market as well. I hope you got the rest.

Go through the ideas, read them carefully, and see if they match your skills or not.

It does not matter if you are using MIG or TIG, It does not matter if you are a beginner or a professional.

If you are a welder, if you have the basic skills of welding I can assure you that you will make profit, and live your passion as well by at least trying these ideas for once. 

DIY 55+ Interesting Welding Projects & Ideas

1. DIY Welding Table:

DIY Welding table

Making a welding table is very easy. All you have to do is weld simple straight metal pieces into a frame.

The design includes spaces for clamping, which helps while working on heavy projects. These tables are light enough to move and are very useful.

Visit for Full information at Instructables.

2. Welding Rod Storage Container:

Welding Rod Storage Container

Another project you can also make is a Welding Rod Storage Container. 

To add on,

The benefits of this container are, you can carry your rods easily anywhere, and you don’t need to put extra attention on whether it’s on the ground. 

If you are a beginner, you can start your welding journey with this rod container.

Visit for Full information at Instructables.

3. Steel Stools:

Simple Stools

Welding is very fun and addictive once you get the basics of it. Making a steel stool requires nothing more than that.

You are gonna have to cut, weld, grind and give a good finish.

Here is a deal, you promise me that you know the basics, and I can guarantee you that this is the best project for you to begin with.

Lacking faith in my words?

Visit for full information : Instructables

4. Industrial Coffee Table:

Making a coffee table is too much easy and super fun. As it has a demand in the market, it is super profitable too.

There is a demand for it in almost all families. The design of it depends according to the customer choice.

Some people like it customized and some prefer it being simple. The demand of it is increasing and this makes it highly profitable.

Visit for full information : Instructables

5. Industrial Design Table:

Industrial Design Table

For this project, setting up general goals in mind is necessary about what you want to build and then you proceed to work.

There are many customized designs, but locally unavailable designs have a great demand.

Good metal selection and following every step carefully will result in the making of a good quality table.

All in all are described here:  Instructables

6. Tv Tray Tables:

Look no further than this if you are looking for a starter to make furniture with welding and woodworking aspirations. You can select a metallic frame design for good welding practice. 

The design can be either industrial as well if you want. Cut the materials as per your design and start joining them together.

All in all are described here:  Instructables

7. Pencil Holder:

Pencil Holder

Attaching hollow tubes to a base is all what requires to make a pencil holder. You can make more designs if you want. It can be customized easily, so that can be of different designs.

Look into Instructables for full instruction of the project.

8. DIY Fire Pit:

As a beginner making a DIY fire pit can be a first full metal based project. The materials for the fire pit are pretty basic.

Steel plates and square tubes are used to make a strong fire pit.

For details instruction on making fire pits please do visit: Instructables.

9. Fireguard for Log Burner:

Fireguard for Log Burner

You might feel the need of keeping the kids of your house away from the log burner which gets extremely hot in use.

The idea of this project is to make a simple barrier that will keep the children far from fire. It will cost you less than $30 to come up with a full fireguard.

This is a useful project, and you might get some customers as well during Christmas, when people might want to keep the children visiting their houses away from the fireplace.

For details instruction on making fire pits please do visit: Instructables.

10. Firewood Rack:

Firewood Rack

No one wants their firewoods scattering here and there. This simple design will instruct you through the process of making a firewood rack and fire-starting materials with ease.

You will be able to keep all the firewoods in a fixed place and your life becomes a little bit simple. 

Look into Lincoln Electric for full instruction of the project.

11. Yard Art:

If you are a welder and you are looking for a project which is fun rather than serious then you should go for "Yard Art".

Yard art requires small pieces of metal. They can be scraps or leftovers. Using these left overs you can make a fish, flowers or other things which will look better in a garden or yard.

For creative ideas of such visit the link below.


12. Small metal brackets:

Small metal brackets:

In this world of welding, If you want to make a quick buck, it is the best idea to deal with small metal brackets. They are of low price and easy to sell.

Making of these only require welding simple steels into a square, triangular, etc shapes.

13. Horse shoe items:

Horse shoe items:

This non-themed item is really profitable and has a demand among the horse lovers. If your skills are good, people will be willing to pay you for the items.

You can turn the available horse related items which already exist and transform them into something else. Horseshoes are really cheap and easy to get hold of.

Their connotations with bringing good luck make them popular among buyers.You can turn the horseshoes into wine racks and these are a great gift and very popular among the horse lovers. It also has a great appeal to the wine connoisseurs as well.

Please visit WC Welding for full instruction of the project.

14. Steel frame beds and headboards:

Steel frame beds and headboards

It is not necessary to mention about the necessity of beds among families. The families look for beds as per their relaxation and choices.

Some of the designs are not found locally and as a result, there is a demand for customized beds. If you are looking for a good profit, grab your welding machine, make the frames of steel and headboards and start earning.

Square tube, angle, and flat bar are the materials used to make these beds. These materials are affordable and can be used to design easily.

For more ideas please visit the link below:


15. BBQ Barrel:

BBQ Barrel

Making a BBQ barrel is super easy and simple. You can make a BBQ barrel out of a honey barrel.

You need instruments to cut the barrels make the stands and other things. You can make this for yourself or others for some extra income.

For further details on making a BBQ barrel visit Instructables.

16. Tree Jewelry Display:

Tree Jewelry Display

This only requires to weld small pieces of metal together. You can shape them into a tree, a simple stand, or interesting sculptures.

17. Patio Arbor:

Patio arbores are very simple to make projects. Using an open frame as a basic design you can make thousand of customized looks by simply using steel tubes.

It is the fence which makes the difference. You can make the fences of different designs make come up with a unique look. 

For a clear idea click here : Lincoln Electric.

18. Spoon Flower:

Spoon Flower

For this project you are going to need some materials which can be found in your home and your garage.

Simply by using spoons and welding them together you can create a beautiful looking flower. All you need are clamps, Hacksaw, weld rods, and a welder. Want to give it a try?

Go to Instructables for full details.

19. Picture Frames:

You can make beautiful looking frames out of metal tubes. This only requires cutting the tubes as needed and then connecting them through welding.

Finishing some customized projects will build up a reputation of yours and also you can earn some money.

20. Welded Bouquet:

Welded Bouquet

Welded bouquets can be made using nuts, screws, washers, nails and sheet metals. These things can be found easily. You can find them even in your garage.

For the process of making a bouquet visit Instructables

21. Hanging sign plan:

Hanging sign plan

The hanging sign can be made simply by only bending a few parts. Customized designs can be made as per your choice.

You can use a metal bar, steel sheets, or square bars to make a hanging sign. These signs have a popularity in the market as they are found useful to the shopkeepers as a medium of attracting customers. 

For full instruction visit craftsmanspace

22. Tote Tray:

Making a tote tray is a metal sheet project which requires assembling multiple parts. They work great to hold small tools, bolts, and parts, etc.

All you have to do is collect the necessary tools and equipment, plan, cut, make layouts.

To make a tote tray of your own go follow the step-by-step making procedure in the video. 

23. Make a Lamp from Scrap:

You can make simple old battery charged lamps out of aluminum. You can find aluminum pieces of leftovers in shops or in your garage where doors or windows are made.

Welding the metals together in a quadrangular shape, making the base, designing, planning, etc are must and the rest is simply shown step by step in the video. Watch the video to find out. 

24. Steel Washer Bowl:

The best outcome of this project depends on the quality of your washers. It looks like hard work but can be done in a short period.

The making of it is fun. You will find satisfaction after finding what a short investment of time can result into. Follow the steps and start working. 

25. Wood Stove from Car rims:

Wood stoves are found cheaper to be made than buying. Why waste so much money on buying it when you can make one which will cost you a maximum of 60 bucks.

The entire making process is made simple in the link below. All you have to do is just grab a few supplies, get some car rims, and a cast iron to start working.

26. Scrap metal Dragon:

After finishing this project you will be satisfied with your welding skills. This project brings out a gorgeous looking dragon, for which you will be appreciated a lot.

All you need is a bike chain to be welded in the shape of a dragon. You will need some other metals to give shape to the face, leg, and tail of the dragon.

Want to have this little monster in your drawing room? Take a look.

27. Piggy bank:

If you are thinking about doing something or giving a gift to your children, then you can look forward to this project.

Assemble the parts, weld them for a strong joint and make a customized lock for the protection of the money. Trust me, you will be happy to see the smiling face.

It will also help develop the habit of saving. Look through the guideline.  

28. Metal Cat:

This metallic cat looks beautiful when it is completed. It is very easy to make and requires scrap metals. I am sure you can find them in your garage.

You will also need a horseshoe to give the cat a backbone. Your child will also have an everlasting companion to play with. Watch the video to find out how cute it looks. 

29. Starlight:


This is the best project for starting or a quick gift for the mid-winter celebrations. The necessary materials will be rods, LED lights, cable ties, and spray paints.

Required tools are Hackshaw, cutting disc, grinding flap disc, and a MIG welder.

The cutting, welding, grinding, framing steps are made clear in the link.

Have a look on Instructables.

30. Bike stand:

Bike stand

Making a bike stand is easy and cheap.

If you are just learning how to weld, this project is for you to practice. 

Using a welder, drill press, hacksaw, grinder, and a bench-mounted vice you can build a bike stand of your own.

Want to learn more how you can make one? Take a look on Adafruit.

31. Welder minion:

Minions are famous for their adorable looks, and they are very popular among the people of all ages.

You can make them from scrap metals as well. You have to know how to cut, design, and weld. 

Once you are done you might earn a handsome amount of money by selling it.

It requires proper planning and excellent skills.

32. Easy doorbell:

Doorbells bring a great outlook to your house.

A person standing before your door can have an idea about our aesthetic taste.

You can make one for you just from scraps. It will cost you only the basic skills of welding.

The process of making a doorbell using a small argon cylinder is given in the link.

Visit for Full information at Instructables.

33. Pan Rack:

Pan Rack

A pan rack is also an easily made project.

It requires a little bit of planning. As it is made of 3 pieces of steel, it isn’t too complicated.

All you have to do is cut the stills accordingly and weld them as planned.

Then you finish the job by grinding, drilling holes, and installing them together.

Your wife will be really happy about it if you make her one. Go through the whole process of making, you will enjoy making it.  

Visit for Full information at Instructables.

34. Mudroom Bench:

Mudroom Bench

This project requires specific space management due to space limitations.

It can be made by cutting and welding one-inch tubes together.

After assembling the parts together the bench should be sanded, cleaned, and painted.

This can be a great gift for your friends.

They might treat you with a lovely dinner after seeing the outcome.  

Visit for Full information at Lincoln Electric.

35. Modern Industrial Chandelier:

Modern Industrial Chandelier

Imagine you are gifting your wife a chandelier as a Christmas gift which you made yourself.

Chandeliers are very costly and you might not want to shell out.

Find a dimension you want to work on, create a sketch to get the shape. You can create a manufacturing drawing that provides all measurements. 

Now grab your tools, follow the link for instructions, and start working. 

Visit for Full information at Instructables.

36. Bike Rack From Bikes:

Bike Rack From Bikes

This project requires broken old bike parts.

You will find many broken bikes in the city which people are not using themselves.

They do not have any intention or reason for repairing them either. You can re-use the broken and useless parts of bikes and join them in order. 

You will need steel tubes to link the frames together. Now follow the link below for further instructions. 

Visit for Full information at Instructables.

37. Steel Vase:

Steel Vase

This project is for TIG welding lovers.

You have to cut the steel sheets in shape using a nibbler, join them by welding the edges ( requires no bending ), use your imagination, and create your own vas.

You can also use an angle grinder to create any hollow geometrical shape you want. 

Visit for Full information at Instructables.

38. Steel Bowl:

Steel Bowl

Making a common round bowl out of stainless steel is not something cool.

If you are a TIG welder and you love to make things of unique shapes, this is a project you must try. 

Give the bowl any geometric form: cubes, vases, planters, or any common or uncommon shape.

Use your imagination, weld the pieces together for a satin finish.

This project is pretty much similar to making the vase I mentioned above. You are halfway through if you have done any of the two projects already. 

Visit for Full information at Instructables.

39. Serving Bar:

Serving Bar

This project demands ingenuity for the needs, convenience and enjoyment.

While working there is a need for an idea of your own.

You must develop your own details, and the safety of your work is your responsibility.  

Visit for Full information at Lincoln Electric.

40. Metal Trellis for Garden VInes:

Metal Trellis for Garden VInes

This project is best serving for a small garden.

You will need to sketch the designs, cut the materials accordingly and weld them as per your design and dimension.

There is clamping in between.

Do not worry the project is simplified in the below design. 

Visit for Full information at Instructables.

41. Wall Clock:

Wall Clock

This project requires many kinds of small welds and alignment.

A cross bar is added for as a supporting base both horizontally and vertically.

For the numbers and the circle of the clock round rods of various sizes are used. Want to have a clear look? 

Visit for Full information at Instructables.

42. Welding a Shepard's Hook:

Welding a Shepard's Hook

A shepherd's hook can be used in a wide variety of ways. It can be used as a hanger for flags, plants, etc. 

It can be designed as a unique plant climber.

U can make with a single hook or double as per you like best.

Look at these ideas if you want to make one. 

Visit for Full information at Lincoln Electric.

43. Shark Sculpture:

Shark Sculpture

Making animal sculptures is a unique piece of artwork.

This shark sculpture is made from stainless steels which were welded together.

You can also make other sculptures according to your choice. The shark sculpture can be a great idea, to begin with.

Visit for Full information at Lincoln Electric.

44. Industrial Shelving:

Industrial Shelving

Shelving can be done with ease with a few basic metal tubes.

Make your design adjusting to the wall you want to make the shelve on.

Make the brace as per your design by cutting and welding the metals.

The wooden shelves sit on the top of them. It takes multiple time measuring to complete the project.

Practice making them in your garage first, then you can go for making them professionally.

Go throughout the instructions to practice.

Visit for Full information at Instructables.

45. Car Ramp:

It is hard to repair a car if the car is not pulled up. For this reason  there is always a need for a car ramp.

This project is heavy, and costly.

If you love to work on cool projects, this project is just for you.

This project requires making steel strong bases, and putting strong wood as a support for that the car can stand on it.

It will be a fun project if you have a proper idea what you want to make.

This link has a cool easy to make project hidden under it.  Have a look.

Visit for Full information at Chris-Eigenheer.Blogspot.com.

46. Steel Bumper:

Steel Bumper

This is a custom steel front bumper project, which you can make for your vehicle.

This bumper is great use of four-wheeling and off-road recreation.

It will also save your vehicle from gravel roads. If you are a good designer, this can add a great look to your vehicle as well.

Get to work, what are you waiting for?

Visit for Full information at Instructables.

47. Us flag:

A US flag can add a great beauty in your drawing room, or office space.

You can also hang it in the reception area of the office, which will add a great impression to the visitors.

You can make this out of oiled pine woods and polished steel. This wall hanging flag can be of great demand to both corporate and govt offices.

Making them commercially can bring you good fortune. 

Visit for the ideas at Pinterest.

48. Steel Lampshade:

These steel made lampshades are easy to make and easy to maintain. You can make them for your home or sell them for money.

These lampshades are also cost-competitive to the fabric shades available in the market. All you need to complete this project is a little access to steel. 

49. Bolt Lamp:

I am sure you have some bolts available in your garage which are of no good to you.

Instead of selling them, you can make cool lamps using them.

You can weld them together in triangular or other shapes as you like best. These easily made lamps can be profitable projects for you.

Watch the video for a clear look. 

50. flowers plant pot:

This project can be highly beneficial for welders. You can make customized flower-pots commercially.

These pots look very beautiful in a garden and these have a very high demand among the gardeners.

You can take orders as per the customer’s demand and bring home a lot of fortune. 

Visit for the ideas at Pxhere.

51. Utility Trailer:

If you want a sound design and to practice making a trailer then this design is only for you.

If there is a demand for making one professionally it is better to leave it to the experts.

This design will help you get the job done only. 

52. Fitness Equipment Plans:

This is a very attractive project for the fitness freaks. You can make your own fitness machines as it requires only a general workshop.

You will need basic metal-working experiences to complete the project. 

Visit for Full information at Craftsmanspace.

53. Steel and Glass Partition Wall:

Steel and Glass Partition Wall

If you want to reclaim the left area in your home, then remodeling and installing steel and glass partition walls will be a good idea.

If you want to know the price quotation, let me tell you that it starts at 15,000 euros.

If you have previous experience of TIG welding then challenge yourself to save money and do it yourself.

Go through the instructable to find the necessary advice, tips, warning, and lessons. 

Visit for Full information at Instructable .

54. Building a Metal Carport:

Building a Metal Carport

A carport is useful to keep the sun off your vehicle.

Browse the internet for a style to build the carport, then start modeling it on the computer.

Buy the basic materials from the market and start building according to your planning and design.

I promise you won’t regret once you are done if you follow the guideline below. 

Visit for Full information at Wilkerdos.

55. Steel Planters:

Steel Planters

If you want the scrap to be put to good use, then go by creating complementary steel planters.

You can give this project a try. It will take one to two hours to complete the task.

The finished product will prove well worth that minimal investment. 

Visit for Full information at Instructables.

56. Wheelchair Ramp:

It gets very hard to replace your wheelchair ramp.

You have to make a bunch of calls, and still there might not be enough assistance available.

Instead of going through all of these it is better to weld a ramp yourselves.

You can help a family in need as well.

You can not imagine how much better it feels to help someone who is in need.

Visit for Full information at Lincoln Electric.

57. Shoe rack:

Shoe racks are really necessary for our day to day life.

If you are a shoe lover, you know how much it's worth. It is a simple project if you are planning to make one of your own.  

Make a frame for your shoe rack. You can use hooks if you want to hang the rack on the wall. The rest of the procedure is very simple and easy to finish. 

58. Pogo Stick:

If you are a pogo sticks lover it will be more fun to create. Or you can gift it to your brother cousins or nephew.

The best part, 

After complete, try this to your friend’s group on a weekend trust me you’ll gonna love this.

Visit for Full information at Instructables.

59. Coat Rack:

Your cloth is around here and there in the room? No worries,

Here’s the deal:

you can build this coat rack and arrange your cloth in one place.

Not only that but also, you can gift it to your friend zone who is lazy to keep clothes properly and you can use it to your home shop or workshop to keep clothes and aprons.


Now you have the bunch of projects instruction and ideas.

You can create one of these for your home decorate, or you can gift someone who is close to your heart or to sell for making some penny.

Its time to pick up your stick and go for it.

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