How To Get A Welding Apprenticeship In 2020?

In this age of automation, jobs are occurring less often, but a few industries will offer human jobs in a few upcoming decades for making the heavy works more perfect. And in those few industries, the welding industry comes at the top row.

For sustaining in this industry, a welder needs to be physically perfect & should have the nerve of facing danger & stress. To achieve those attributes before entering the industry, the welding job seekers have to go through the welding apprenticeship program.

So, it’s important in the initial stage, and if you want to grow your career exponentially, start with a good welding apprenticeship program. So, let’s know about how to get a welding apprenticeship.

Ways to enter into Welding:

Aspirants like you are the country's future, but the information about the welding industry isn't that clear.

So, most of the time, aspirants end up with an unsatisfactory outcome- in fact, not getting a job as a welder.

So, we are a group of researchers whose sole purpose is to provide industry-grade information in the right manner. Could you stick with us to learn more?

What is Welding Apprenticeship:

After going through the first part, I guess, your mind is confused about the clarity of the meaning/ motive behind the welding apprenticeship. You will get to know about those in this section.

Apprenticeship means getting training from any person, institute, company, etc. place. Companies use different kinds of welding methods, so they offer these apprentice programs for creating a workforce for their specific industry.

Formally, you can say it is an internship too. Now probably, a question is arising in your mind that what’ll be the benefits of completing these apprenticeship programs. In these, progressing work, no one provides jobs without experience and technical knowledge.

It’ll push your CV up and provide you with a real-life experience about the sector and all the technical knowledge you need as a professional welder, which will make a clear path in getting a welding job & opportunity of earnings in thousands.

Finding the Place of Apprenticeship:

You have known about what apprenticeship is & now, you are more interested than ever. So, your next work is to find a place of apprenticeship. Luckily, finding a place of apprenticeship is not that hard.

You have to know that it’s a heavy load of work, so doing it won’t be easy. Most of the people don’t want to get involved into it for insane workload. Still, so, for the same reason, companies, governments, institutes provide a few apprenticeship programs for building the skilled workforce for the nation.

Moreover, it also provides a few scholarships or stipends to support the financially challenged aspirants. Your first course of action will be to check the Department of Labor &

You will find a bar where you will be requested to submit the name of your residence/ the place where you want to move for work. They will show all the prospectus & list of company names with the position they are offering with their contact numbers.

They can also ask for the type of welding- TIG, MIG, FLUX CORE, and Stick- you prefer. Then after entering all the necessary information, you will have to click apply.

Great, you have done it, and if you have fulfilled all the requirements, then Congratulations, they will send you an offer letter through mail or postal service.

List of a few Institutes, Schools, & Companies:

You will have to find out the institutes according to your needs. Few of them ask for a GED or high school certificate. However, sometimes you don’t need those. Here are a few best institutes that we have picked for you.

Top Ranked:

  1. Texas State Technical College - Harlingen, TX
  2. Hillsborough Community College - Tampa, FL
  3. Passaic County Community College - Paterson, NJ
  4. USC - Los Angeles, CA
  5. ATACO Steel Products Corporation - Cedarburg, WI
  6. University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign, IL
  7. Los Angeles Unified School District
  8. US Department of the Navy
  9. William E. Munson Company
  10. Wisconsin
  11. Universal Plant Services

Scholarships Providers:

  1. American Welding Society Scholarship
  2. Hobart Institute of Welding Technology
  3. National Center for Welding Education & Training
  4. Tulsa Welding School
  5. Lincoln Electric Welding School
  6. Underwater welding schools
  7. Lynnes Welding Training
  8. Rochester Arc & Flame Center Ind (From AWS)


  1. Sheet Metal Workers
  2. Ironworkers Union
  3. United Auto Workers - Chrysler
  4. Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers
  5. Helmets to Hard Hat
  6. Millrights Union
  7. PG&E PowerPathways
  8. Ingalls Shipbuilding Apprenticeship
  9. Norfolk Naval Shipyard’s Apprentice program

Certificate Programs:

  1. AWS certified welder program
  2. American Welding Society classes for inspectors, instructors, engineers, and other jobs
  3. American Petroleum Institute classes

Expectation Vs Reality:

Most of the apprentice program will take you as an assistant welder, so getting into action might be delayed by a few days/ weeks. Most of the time, your job will be holding related stuff and providing them to instructors & observing what they are doing.

Expecting payment is not a bad thing, but you shouldn't while going through it. The apprentice program will be easier compared to a welder's work. So, don't fear anything. You can go through it easily.

And after finishing it, you can expect $30,000 to $40,000 yearly. So, it does not make you a millionaire overnight, but yes, in a two decades, you can be a millionaire so easily. Stay focused on your work, and your future is brighter than others.

Last Minute Touch Up:

You know almost everything about what you need to know. But we are here to provide you the last minute touch up that will clear your mind & make you total ready.

  • If you have time in your hand & have the capability of earning a college degree, go for that.
  • If you love to lead your life without hard labor, don’t come to this profession.
  • If you don’t have a GED/ high school degree, finish that first & then join this program.
  • If you want easy money & early growth, this profession is for you.

Final Insight:

We have started our journey with a question in our mind- how to get welding apprenticeship? & look where we have come- beyond our imagination; we know what to do, how to do, & where to do?

We have got all the answers and made our mind clear, and this is the time of action now; taking a next step towards the future, and becoming a great welder by getting into the best welding apprenticeship program in the world. We are always with you; visit us from anywhere anytime.

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