5 Best CNC Plasma Table (2022) – Definitive Buying Guide

Looking for a CNC plasma table?

Selecting a good one can be a complex job to be done. It creates a mental pressure as there are so many in the market offering different features. The variety in features makes their working quality and performance different. 

We can understand how difficult it can be to choose the best CNC plasma table for your job. 

So, here you go…

We have done the research and talked to the experts about the best CNC plasma table and picked out the best 5. They are different in size and shapes and features. They meet different purposes too.

In the end, we have listed the factors that you should consider before buying yours. Hopefully, you will be able to make a good decision for yourself. 

Best CNC Plasma Table Reviews

1. Baileigh PT-22 CNC Plasma Cutting Table- TOP PICK

Baileigh PT-22 CNC Plasma Cutting Table



Item Weight

500 pounds

Package Dimensions

51 x 46 x 45 inches


110 Volts

The Baileigh PT- 22 is One of the best CNC plasma tables with a cutting area of 2 feet x 2 feet. The machine comes almost pre-assembled and you can work with this plasma table right way. It doesn’t require any assembling, building etc. It seems to know its work very well. 


I have already said that the machine comes pre-assembled. This is not the best what the plasma cutter offers. There are more than this in this CNC plasma table.

Can be run by household power:

It requires only 110v to run the Baileigh PT-22. It is one of the plasma tables which you can use almost everywhere, even in your home. Household electricity is enough to run it well. 

Comes with all the great software: 

The pt-22 comes with the updated BobCAD-Cam v29 express programming software. You can install the software in any computer and design your project with ease. 

BobCAD-Cam provides you a set of extensive and powerful tools for CAD designing. You can make 2D/3D geometry designs using this tool. You can design wireframes, text, dimensions, shapes, and solids.

The mill express is another great addition in this machine. It helps you to attach the mills, routers, lasers, CNC plasma cutter, and waterjets. It also contains multiple dialogue boxes to guide you through the whole milling process. 

The Bobar Module is another module that provides you with the tool for creating and designing all the geometric shapes you want. 

2 types of torch holders:

The pt-22 comes with two types of torch holders, The first one is the automated one and the second one is the configurable one that can be found in the market. 

A- 80 automatic plasma cutting system: 

The victor-technologies offer you the a-80 plasma cutting system in this machine, You can make a production cut of 12mm and the maximum edge cut of 25mm. At 80% duty cycle you get the maximum output of 100A. The 25' cable makes the cutting easier and smoother. 

Technical support by Mfr’s:

If you are having trouble with the specific feature or need help to use the feature, then the support is always there to assist you. They will help you either verbally or they will review and access the issue to solve it. They will instruct you through the problem. 

There is also an hour of training system on how to use the BobCAD-CAM system. This is an online training and you can use this method to operate the machine.  

There are more features in this table...
  • In the machine, the main frame is fully welded so that you get a steady CNC plasma cutting while cutting heavy pieces of materials. 
  • A single motor drives on the X-axis and 2 motor drives on the Y-axis. 
  • Industrial cable track ensures smooth cutting
  • Pre-cut support bar to support the materials
  • Wheels attached to the machine helps to move the machine.
  • Water bath with a ball valve drain cuts, collects, and washes the dirt, smoke, etc. It also keeps the table cool so that the machine doesn’t move while cutting. 
  • The load capacity of the table is ¾” mild steel.
  • Provides you 12mm production cut
  • The maximum edge cut is 25mm.

Things to consider: 

No THC control:

The Beileigh PT-22 CNC plasma cutting table doesn’t come with a torch height control. For this, you have to always be careful while working with it. 

No downdraft system: 

To eliminate the water and smoke produced while working,  you have to ensure a clean air supply.  If not, it will overheat the plasma cutters and effect cut quality.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional. This plasma cutting machine is built by keeping in mind the people of all levels. You will feel even better when you will find out how easy it is to operate the machine and how smooth and efficient it is. 

2. STV Motorsports SparX510 5x10 CNC Plasma Cutting Table - Best For Professionals

STV Motorsports SparX510 5x10 CNC Plasma Cutting Table



Item Weight

450 pounds

Product Dimensions

144 × 83 × 58 inches




1 year

The STV motorsports is an industrial-grade plasma cutting table. It is made in the United States. The machine has all the high-end technologies. This makes this a great CNC plasma cutting machine for all applications. The durability and the features of this table will impress you for sure. 


Advanced Cable management system: 

The advanced capable management system of the plasma table is the real deal about this machine. This gives this plasma table a clean and aesthetic look. It eliminates the need for loose wiring. You get a larger loading area with less obstruction on the table. This increases the functionality as well. 

USB connectivity: 

You can connect the machine with ease by connecting it to VIA USB. Any type of operating system is compatible with the software of the machine. 

Torch Height control system: 

To get the most out of your CNC plasma table a torch height control system is an essential part. It utilizes advanced processor technology that responds to any cutting conditions. It has control, accuracy and it is adjustable. The user of the table can experience better lighting operation with this feature. 

Water table: 

Due to the high heat, there is a chance of warping. The water table continuously cleans the dusts and prevents the warping from happening. In some tables, you might have to pay extra for this feature, but the STV CNC includes this in every table as a part of it. 

Sturdy construction: 

The table is well built and sturdy. This makes this table perfect and convenient for various applications. This table can easily handle ¾ inches of steel plates. 

Consistency and speed: 

The STV CNC SPARX series plasma table uses high-level stepper motors for smooth operations. You will get a good control of the machine. The stepper motors brings out the good speed of the machine as well. 

Lifetime customer support: 

The manufacturers offer lifetime support, set up, and installation to the customer of the table. There are so many YouTube videos, tutorials available. There is also a how-to manual that comes with the machine. 

There are more features in this table...
  • maximum cut speed of 600 inches in a minute. 
  • The table surface is made of replaceable steel slats
  • Dry or water pan options
  • Dual voltage (110v/220v).
  • Full software package and license included. 

Things to consider: 


This table is a bit costly because of its industrial-grade performance and manufacturing. It might not be affordable for all. But once done, it is an asset. 

However, the price of this machine won't seem to be a problem once you start working with this table. You will get an industrial-grade finish and its smooth performance will impress you for sure.  The smooth plasma cutter and its user-friendly software makes this table a preferable one.

3. STV Motorsports SparX4400 4x4 CNC Plasma Cutting Table - Best for Industrial Uses

STV Motorsports SparX4400 4x4 CNC Plasma Cutting Table



Item Weight

400 pounds

Product Dimensions

60 x 71 x 58 inches


1 year

The STV motorsports SparX4400 offers the best technology system and quality components. It is a consistent and durable CNC plasma table. The table can be used for many applications and backed up by a lifetime support package. 


Multiple applications: 

The table can operate on multiple applications via windows based software. The package of the software is included with the license in the STV motorsports SparX440. 

Consistency and speed: 

The sparx440 uses stepper motors in it. The motors are capable of working fast and consistently. You will get the perfect outcome as the plasma table provides you with precise and smooth cuts. 

Remote controlled cutting:

If your job requires repetitive cutting then this plasma table is there to rescue. All you have to do is line up the material and adjust the torch height using the remote control.

Torch height control: 

The torch height control is the most handy feature you can look for in the plasma cutting machines. It prevents the working end from coming too close to the material.

It also prevents the machine and the metal from overheating and damaging. There is also automatic THC that enhances the functionality of the table. You can cut and design from 0.75-inch steel plates or more thicker ones. 

In-built water table: 

During the cutting process, it is usual that dust and debris will accumulate. The water bed washes them away and provides you a safe workspace. The in-built water table extinguishes any spark that is born while cutting.

Additionally, it prevents the machine from overheating. If you want, you can work without the water table as well. We recommend working with the water table otherwise you might end up damaging the table. 

There are more features in this table...
  • Has a Z-axis for more precise and perfect cuts. 
  • Task automation for repeated tasks
  • Designed to work in industries
  • Large and durable work surface

Things to consider:

Not portable: 

The weight of the table is 400lbs (180kg). Besides this the machine doesn’t come with any wheel attached. This is why it becomes hard to move the machine here and there. 

Doesn’t support hand torches; 

The table comes with the required torches attached to this. It doesn’t support any additional hand torch. 

Other than the portability and the hand torch issue the STV motorsports SparX4400 comes with the industrial grade performance and finish. Once you get the hang of the attached torches you will be happy to own it.

4. GMC Plasma Table PT-0510/105A - Premium For Better Outcome

GMC Plasma Table PT-0510105A

The PT-0510 is another plasma table that comes user-ready. It comes fully assembled and ready to use. The plasma cutting table can perform heavy-duty tasks and this is the selling point of it.

Let's look into the features that make the machine so durable. 


Servo Motor:  

For your information, this is an ISO-certified plasma table. There are high-quality servo motors installed in the machine. The servo motors are responsible for smooth cutting and motion accuracy.

The machine gets the plasma from the Hypertherm Powermax source. It is made in the USA and helps your table to cut each metal shape fast without leaving any edges. 

Torch height CNC control: 

The automatic height detection allows you to get the perfect arc distance while cutting the materials. This feature helps you get a perfect cut on rugged and rough materials. 

About the software: 

The Hypertern UCAN v10 software will help you bring your ideas to life. It can be run by the Windows operating system. There is also a demo version which you can practice on before using the full version.

The library of the basic shapes and tools are included and installed with the software. The programming pattern is really easy and doesn’t take much time if you are a quick learner. 

Built-in Vacuum System: 

The plasma table has a built-in vacuum system that takes care of any dust. There are waterproof controller buttons in the compact CNC control center. 

Cuts heavy-duty industrial metals: 

This CNC plasma table is capable of cutting and welding metals up to 1 inch thick. Use the demo video included in the manual to practice first. 

There are more features in this table...
  • Industrial cable track
  • 36’’ table gives a great user convenience.
  • Factory-built and assembled. 
  • Ready to use out of the box
  • Overload protection and disconnect switch for safety
  • One year warranty of parts
  • Maximum cutting area 5x10
  • XY servo feeding speed 39/min
  • XY servo super feeding speed 49/min

Things to consider:

The pricing of this plasma cutting table seemed to be a drawback to us. This table is three times more costly than its competitors in the market. 

Other than that this is a well-built machine with rigid performance and the solid metal guide rails make it capable of cutting thick metals. All the good in this table makes this a heavy performer. This helped the company in building up a great reputation. 

5. Rbqlty CNC Plasma Table 

Rbqlty CNC Plasma Table

Rbqlty comes with this outstanding plasma table that is durable, reliable, and high-tech at the same time. The professional features and the design gives this machine a great outlook. The machine can perform your professional tasks with ease. This machine is worth every penny. 

What's good about it? 

Impressive cutting: 

This plasma table from Rbqlty is efficient enough to cut through any metal plates. The machine can cut through metals upto 10mm thick. It can cut through all sorts of metal sheets such as aluminum, copper, steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. 

Industrial applications:

You can apply this CNC table in cutting middle and heavy metal sheets. It is an advanced technology which can be used in the aerospace industry, shipbuilding, making transport equipment, and much more. 

Cutting speed and quality: 

The table has a belt drive axis that features automatic lifting. The gantry structure along with the X/Y axis ensures better cutting speed and quality. 

Auto converting software for CAD: 

The table has a software installed in it that can read all types of cutting CAD automatically. You can input the drawing by USB directly into the cutter. 

User friendly: 

While using the software various suggestions that pop up on the screen to ensure a better user experience. You won't have to read the instructions to operate the machine. You don’t even need any training. 

There are more features in this table...
  • Dual drive system for stable performance
  • Collocated operation lights for hitches
  • Double lifting feature
  • Comes with plasma power, CNC control panel
  • Easy and quick to maintain
  • 24kgs steel rail

Things to consider:

There are really few things to consider about this plasma table. The only problem can be the portability. The table is big and heavy. This will cost you some fortune if you want to move the table from where and there. 


The exquisite design and professional performance of the table make this a must-buy for any industrial usage. 

How Does a CNC Plasma Table Work?

A computer numerical control (CNC) system helps with the process of cutting metals. This software run technology ensures precise cutting every time.

It takes the instruction from the geometric instructions put into it.  Each table has a software installed in it which can be operated by any type of operating system. 

You can draw your design by using these software and cut it out into your metal sheet. The plasma torches are driven by the CNC control system.  Every table has two motors that can be run on X-axis or Y-axis. There are some advanced CNC plasma tables that have a third motor for the Z-axis. 

For those who don’t know, CNC plasma cutting is effective on electrically conductive materials such as copper, aluminum, brass, and steel.

What to Look for When Buying a CNC Plasma Table?

Buying a CNC plasma table can be a reason for huge mental pressure. There are so many machines in the market and there are some things to consider before buying a machine. So, we have put together some things for you to consider before buying the plasma table. 

Torch height control: 

The torch height control (THC) is the 1st feature you should look at in your search for the best CNC plasma table. It prevents the plasma tables from overheating and damaging by keeping the working end far from the materials.


Every CNC plasma table comes with a compatible software of its own. It is the most significant feature you need in a plasma cutting machine. Your cutting of the metal depends completely on this software. 

Nowadays there are two types of software that support the CNC plasma cutting tables. They are CAD (Computer-assisted drawing) and CAM ( Computer-assisted machining). You draw the design by the CAD and cut it using the CAM software. 

There are some low-budget plasma cutting tables which offer both software. These software ensure seamless and smooth drawing and cutting. According to your budget, look for the machine that offers both of the software. 

Frame metal: 

Normally the best CNC plasma tables are made of steel and aluminum. Both metals have the ability to carry out complicated tasks related to metals. Both of them offer the same strength and competence. So, you can select any of them. 


The ventilation of your best CNC plasma table refers to how they take care of dust, smoke, and similar products. A fume control system is really common for most CNC plasma tables. This process ensures that the production of smoke or fumes doesn’t overload your fabrication shop or workspace. 

This can be done by two methods. Most of the plasma cutting tables include a downdraft system or water table system. The first category sucks in the debris and eliminates up to 20% of the garbage. The second one contains the debris. It also cools the machine. Still, the former method is preferred over the later one as a water table can lead to the formation of rusts. 


Good quality motors are a must which you will need to cut your metal perfectly. In a CNC plasma table two types of motors are used; stepper motors and servo motors. You will find the stepper motor in the budget-friendly machines. On the contrary, the machines with servo motors are used in industrial and professional grade CNC plasma tables. 

How much workspace do you have?

Space consideration is the number one factor before buying a CNC plasma table. It can be a matter of huge problems if you don’t have the workspace for the plasma machines you bought. There’s one thing to remember, the size of the table is different from the cutting area. Consider the space in your fabrication shop before buying a table. 

Comes assembled or not:

A CNC plasma table has so many parts to be put together in order to work perfectly. So, it is a must-check factor if your plasma tables come assembled or not. If not, you might have to go through a lot of hassle. 

Is it your profession or hobby?

This might seem like an old theory to consider, but it is important. If you need a plasma table for your work then it is important that you buy a professional-grade plasma table. If you are doing it as a hobby, then buying a smaller and convenient one makes sense. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What should be the size of the best CNC plasma tables for any project?

This is a common question which is asked by everyone who is buying a plasma table for the first time. It depends on you actually. You have to decide as per the metal you are willing to cut.

If you are willing to cut big sizes of metals then you should definitely go for the CNC plasma cutter tables with more cutting area. Don't mix up the dimension of the table with the cutting area of the plasma cutter.

They are completely different things. The cost of the machine varies as per the size of the table and the cutting area.

How much thickness can I cut with the plasma cutting machines?

A CNC plasma cutter table is effective in cutting both thick and thin metals. With the handheld torch, you can cut up to 1.5 inches of steel plate. On the other hand, a CNC torch is capable of cutting up to 6 inches of metal plates. 

Is training required to operate a CNC plasma cutting table?

Actually, there is a need for training. If you are a beginner you have to understand the software promptly. Some basic knowledge of operating a computer is a must. If you are a quick learner then it won't take much time. 

How much does a CNC plasma cutting table cost?

A CNC plasma cutter table can cost a huge sum of money depending on the quality and performance. There are tables available from 300 bucks to 300,000. 


Like you already know by now how difficult it is to find the best CNC plasma table. Before buying any plasma table you have to be sure about what you need.

This is why we have listed our best findings with a buying guide. Always be careful about the work area, THC, Software etc. mentioned in the buying guide. Thus your purchase will be perfect.

The plasma tables we have listed are really amazing. They have great features and praiseworthy performance. Which one is best for you depends on your demand, feature and budget. Hopefully after this you will be able to narrow down your choice to a particular one. 

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