5 Best Lathe Mill Combo (For Money) Buying Guide – 2020

When you are looking for a lathe mill combo that means, you want to save your money or workspace, right?

Here’s the deal;

A lathe mill combo is expected to not only save money but you’ll also save table space. 

However, how useful a lathe mill combo machine is depends on the projects you work on.

Sometimes, meeting the best result needs more practice and experiments.

To the bottom line, we will discuss some of the best lathe mill combos we have found in today’s market.

5 Best lathe mill combo Reviews

1. Grizzly Industrial G9729-31" 3/4 HP Lathe Mill Combo - Top Pick

Grizzly Industrial G9729 Lathe Mill ComboGrizzly Industrial G9729 Lathe Mill Combo

Nothing can be compared to Grizzly when we talk about the lathe mill combos.

Grizzly G9729 is made for DIY, hobbyist, and small shop owners. It does the job amazingly what it is made for. 

Let’s have a look at some key features of grizzly G9729-

It Comes Fully Equipped:

This lathe mill combo machine comes fully equipped. Therefore, you do not need to spend extra money on buying additional items.


Grizzly G9729 includes 3/4 HP motor so that you can work a verity range of work which makes it a flexible machine.

Also, it has a Lathe speed range 175-1425 RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) and Mill/drill speed range of 120-1500 RPM.

Forward/Reverse Switch:

With this switch, you can make both left and right-hand threads. The range of the threads is 4-120 TPI (Threads Per Inch). 

So that you can make a thread of 4-120 TPI which means its a great machine for small to bigger threads operations.

T-Slot on The Milling Table:

T-slot on the milling table provides you a batter holding for your workpiece or jig or fixtures to a machine.

When you are milling a workpiece or anything else you don’t need to worry about shaking.

Lathe and Mill Combination:

Grizzly G9729 has a great combination between lathe and mill. Two separate motors give you more power separately.

The advantage of this machine is if you compare both individually to lathe and mill, it will also do the same work. 

  • Two separate motor.
  • T-slots on the mill table.
  • Forward/Reverse Switch.
  • Great customer service and warranty.

  • Could not find any.

Grizzly G9729 lathe mill combo is a go-to machine for its capabilities. But sometimes new users facing some problems to work on this machine.

My advice is to read the user manual before you use it.

2. Baileigh MLD-1030 Mill Drill Lathe - Runner Up

The Baileigh MLD-1030 is a compact-sized machine that can be used to mill, drill, as well as perform lathe operations.

Small in Stature:

Even though the Baileigh MLD-1030 will save you much table space, it still has all the features that an operator would look for in a 3 in 1 combination machine.

But wait – there’s more:

The good folks of Baileigh made sure to provide one motor for the mill and lathe separately. As a result, it increases the life expectancy of the motors as well as causing less wear and tear on them.

We’re not through yet:

The MLD-1030 ensures long life and years of machining because of its precision ground and hardened ways.

A minus point:

The directions and manuals provided along with this machine will not prove much useful to the layman. Without prior knowledge in the lathe work area, it would be troublesome for you to set up this machine.

  • Compact-sized.
  • Increased life expectancy.

  • Difficult-to-understand manual. 

To sum up...

The Baileigh MLD-1030 is a compact, yet a durable machine that comes with all the necessary features that you could look for in a combination machine as such.

3. Proxxon 24304 PF 400 Mill/Drill Head

The Proxxon 24304 PF 400 Mill is a compact machine that can be used with the lathe PD 400.

Fits directly onto the PD 400 lathe...

The Proxxon PF 400 Mill directly fits onto the lathe PD 400 to make it into a complete machining center.

It gets better!

The capacitor motor of this machine is particularly powerful. They are designed for CW and CCW rotation – which is useful when cutting the thread.

That’s not all...

This machine also comes complete with milled T slot XY table of dimension 150 x 110mm.


The PF 400 is not intended for heavy-duty jobs or working with bulky materials.

  • Compact-sized.
  • Fits onto the lathe PD 400.
  • Powerful capacitor motor.

  • Not for heavy-duty jobs.

In a nutshell... 

Proxxon 24304 PF 400 Mill is small in stature but it is a pretty durable machine with several praiseworthy features, such as a powerful capacitor motor.

4. Proxxon 34104 Mill/ Drill Head PF 230 - Best Budget

The Proxxon Mill/Drill Head PF 230 is a budget-friendly machine that is designed to be used with the 34004 Proxxon lathes.

Fits onto the 34004 Proxxon lathes:

The Proxxon PF 230 can fit onto your 34004 Proxxon lathes and turn it into a machining center.


The top slide of the lathe can be replaced with the provided table to function as a compound table. The X-Y travel is longitudinal and crosswise respectively.

How can you beat that?

The poly v belt drive delivers high torque, particularly in the lower speed range.


The PF 230 does not come with a universal drill chuck.

  • Budget-friendly.
  • Fits onto the 34004 Proxxon lathes.
  • Poly v belt provides high torque.
  • Collets included.

  • No universal drill chuck.

In summary...

Proxxon Mill/Drill Head PF 230 is an affordable machine that comes with multiple impressive features and fits onto the 34004 Proxxon lathes to turn it into a machining center.

5. SHOP FOX M1018 Small Combo Lathe Mill - For Hobbyists

The Shop Fox M1018 is a combo lathe mill machine which is small in stature but is considerably a very high-quality lathe mill combination machine.

It comes fully assembled:

The good folks of Shop Fox decided to ship their combo lathe mill machine fully assembled, making it less time-consuming for the users to set up everything and start working.

There’s more...

The Shop Fox M1018 is a small, yet sturdy machine. All of the gears for cutting threads are metal. Therefore, not only will this machine be durable but also save your tablespace.

We’re not through yet!

This machine also comes with an automatic feed on the lead screw for cutting threads, machining and turning.

A minus point:

Shop Fox does not provide a mounting template along with this machine – which makes it hard to lay out where to drill the holes in the workbench.

  • Fully-assembled.
  • Sturdy.
  • Small, therefore saves table space.
  • Automatic feed.

  • Heavy.
  • No mounting template.


Shop Fox M1018 is a pretty high-quality lathe mill combination machine which is ideal for hobbyists or entry-level machinists.

Lathe-Mill Safety:

  1. Wear safety glasses that are CSA-certified and other protective equipment as required, for example, hearing protection, apron, and footwear.
  2. Make sure that you have the start/stop button of the machine within easy reach.
  3. Make sure that the machine has an emergency stop button.
  4. Keep the machine clear of tools at all times.
  5. Make sure that the floor around the machine is free of any grease and oil, in order to avoid accidents.
  6. Avoid splashing cutting oil by using appropriate splash guards.
  7. Keep the working surface clear of materials, scraps, and tools at all times.
  8. When moving heavy work to or from the machine, use lifting equipment to do so.
  9. Turn off the power supply to the motor before removing accessories or mounting.
  10. Carefully inspect chuck for any damage before use. Flying pieces can be extremely risky.
  11. Keep your hands, rags, and brushes away from contacting the revolving milling cutter.
  12. Never work mounting devices or adjust the workpiece when the machine is operating.
  13. Hold the cutters using a cloth in order to refrain from cutting yourself when handling them.
  14. Stop the machine before making adjustments or measurements on the workpiece.
  15. At the end of your work, remove chips using pliers. Do not attempt to remove the chips using your bare hands as they will be hot and could cause burns and bruises on your skin.

Lathe-Mill Maintenance and Cleaning:

Machine tool maintenance refers to maintaining the optimum conditions in order to produce high-quality cuts.

Maintaining a machine tool is an ongoing activity that requires machine adjustments from time-to-time as well as good work habits on a daily basis.

First of all, in order to prevent accidental damage to the machine’s components, it is crucial to operating the machine in a safe way as well as in a clean work environment.

Stop using your machine as a shelf for your tools! Keep your tools off the machine.

Put them on another table or on a shelf below the machine. Avoid putting tools on a shelf above the machine where they could vibrate off and fall on top of it.

Another crucial point to keep in mind is to clean away metal chips throughout your work progress.

By doing so, it will prevent small chips or filings from scoring the surface of your machine.

You need to take extra precautions when working with dusty materials, such as plastics, wood and cast iron.

This is because the dust tends to cling to all the machine’s lubrication.

Note: The dust from cast iron is very abrasive. When working with cast iron, clean throughout your work progress and also after you are finished.

To conclude...

In conclusion...

you cannot go wrong with owning a lathe mill combo machine.

Investing in a combo machine instead of buying two separate machines will save you both tablespace as well as money. 

The main factor that determines how useful a combo machine will be to you is the type of project you want to work on.

Therefore, with all the pros and cons of each lathe mill combo machine laid out, we hope that you can figure out which one is in line with your demands.

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