Best 2×4 Auto Darkening Welding Lens (For Maximum Safety) – 2020

How do you feel when your auto-darkening lens is not working properly or gets scratches? 

You need to change it if you had any kind of problem with it. 

Because our eyes are irreplaceable and require only the best care available. 

So, don't you think, we should try our best to protect them especially for our sensitive eyes?

Welding is a hazardous profession and you should be careful about your safety

Therefore, I am here to help you protect your vision in your work by introducing with the best 2 x4 auto-darkening welding lens you can find in the market

Product Name




ArcOne T240-10 Auto-Darkening Filter 

Easy to fit.
Fast and accurate.
Warranty (3 years).

LINCOLN ELECTRIC Auto-Darkening Lens 2x4 (Shade 8-13)

4C lens technology.
Shade and sensitivity control.
Reduced eye strain.

ArcOne S240-10 Shade 10 Auto-Darkening Filter

Clear view.
Three Colors available.
Weather resistant.
Quick switching speed.
Warranty (3 years).

AmeriArc Shade 10 Auto-Darkening Lens

HD-color vision.
Available in multiple shades.
Cheaper than others.

6 Best 2x4 Auto Darkening Welding Lens

1. ArcOne T240-10 Horizontal Auto-Darkening Lens - TOP PICK

ArcOne T240-10 Horizontal Auto-Darkening LensArcOne T240-10 Horizontal Auto-Darkening Lens

As one of the top picks among the best 2 x 4 auto darkening welding lens, the ArcOne T240-10 Auto-Darkening lens is economical, long-lasting and great for protecting your eyesight.

Attractive Key Features:

Easy to Wear...

This lens is fitted in a pancake hood.

You can adjust your ArcOne T240-10 lens pancake hood despite the size of your head without worrying about the fitting issue due to the rubber strap holder.

Large Viewing Area!

This product has a viewing area of 5.25-inch.

As a result your viewing won’t be compromised and maintain the quality of your excellent welding.

Small and Light:

Despite having a viewing area, ArcOne lens of T240-10 series is small and lightweight.

Its dimensions are of 8.5 x 5.7 x 0.2 inches. The helmet is 0.2-inch thick and weighs only 2.39 ounces.

Let’s Enjoy the Sun!

Do you face difficulty in working in the sun because of poor light blockage?

Then this Auto-Darkening lens is ideal for you as it can block out all the extra light.

Safe View...

ArcOne T240-10 Auto-Darkening lens has two independent sensors to help with auto darkening and has a light state of 3, which transforms into 10.5 in the dark state.

The welding helmet fits snugly like ski goggles, which blocks not only the excess light, but also occasional sparks.


A Snug Fit...

The rubber strap of the product ensures a tight fit, which might feel uncomfortable for some users.


Some users reported that the lens is very easy to get scratched.

  • Easy to fit and wear.
  • Excellent eye protection.
  • Nice clarity and tint.
  • Fast and accurate.
  • Lightweight.
  • Excellent Warranty (3 years).
  • The lens is easy to get scratched.
  • The tight, snug fit may feel uncomfortable.

Overall, this ArcOne Auto-Darkening lens of T240-10 series is not only economical but also of good quality and can be a great help for you in your welding activities.

2. LINCOLN ELECTRIC Auto-Darkening Lens 2x4 C Series (Shade 8-13)

LINCOLN ELECTRIC Auto-Darkening Lens 2x4 C Series (Shade 8-13)LINCOLN ELECTRIC Auto-Darkening Lens 2x4 C Series (Shade 8-13)

Now, if you are looking for a welding lens having a shade darker than 10, then LINCOLN Auto-Darkening Welding Lens of 2x4 C Series is the one to go for.

Attractive Key Features:

Crystal-clear View...

LINCOLN 2x4 C Auto-Darkening Lens features 4C Lens Technology, which will help you in getting a clear view free of distortion and blurriness.

Comfort for Eyes!

Remember the annoyance of eye strain?

This excellent piece of lens is just what you need to give your eyes some comfort while working day long!

Personalized Control...

Shade 10 in dark mode might be useful, but they are not for everyone.

LINCOLN ELECTRIC Variable Shade Lens has this fact in mind and thus provides you with the option for changing your shade from 8 to 13 as per your preference.



Unlike the ArcOne T240-10 Series Auto-Darkening lens I have mentioned before, LINCOLN 2x4 C Welding Lens requires two external batteries for working.

Though they are included within the package, the cells have short life-span and need to be replaced soon.

Adjustment Dials!

It is hard to reach the adjustment dials of this lens when the lens is in a hood.

Unwanted Flashes:

Don’t forget to check the product soon after buying it.

Sometimes this Lens is prone to flashing now and then during the welding, which can be very disturbing. 

  • 4C lens technology for a crystal-clear view.
  • Broadened color range and hues.
  • Elimination of the color saturation.
  • Shade and sensitivity control adjustments.
  • Reduced eye strain.
  • Light yet durable.
  • Requires external batteries.
  • Thicker than a typical auto lens.
  • Prone to unwanted flashes.

As you can see, the LINCOLN 2x4 C Auto-Darkening lens has some issues.

Still, I think those issues far outweigh the gain, and that is why I believe it is one of the best 2 x4 auto darkening welding lens available in the market.

3. ArcOne S240-10 Shade 10 Auto-Darkening Filter

ArcOne S240-10 Shade 10 Auto-Darkening FilterArcOne S240-10 Shade 10 Auto-Darkening Filter

If you are looking for an auto darkening welding lens suitable for high powered TIG, MIG, and stick welding, then ArcOne S240 Shade 10 Auto-Darkening Welding lens is the one you definitely should go for.

Attractive Key Features:

Outstanding Clarity...

ArcOne Auto-Darkening Filter of S240-10 Series has two independent sensors and technology capable enough to provide its user with an clear view.

Extreme Speed:

The mentioned ArcOne S240-10 Welding lens takes only 0.5 milliseconds to switch.

To convert it from light to dark state, you will need to wait for only 0.2 seconds.

No Charging Hassle!

If you forget to charge the device and then its probably suffer due to your forgetfulness, did you ever experience this?

Don't worry, it has a solar-powered system and you don't need to worry of your battery life.

Weather Resistance...

You can use this fantastic lens in any weather, anywhere.

The lens is dust, water, and temperature resistance.


Too Bright?

The assurance of it being a shade ten is questionable as it is lighter, and the tone is almost similar to a shade nine lens.

Getting Flashed!

Be careful while using this lens.

You might get flashed while striking an arc.


ArcOne S240-10 Series Auto-Darkening lens has a problem of overheating with little use.

  • Exceptionally clear view.
  • Three tints available- green, red and blue.
  • Weather (temperature, dust, and water) resistant.
  • Thin lens.
  • Quick switching speed.
  • Excellent Warranty (3 years).
  • Slightly lighter shade than 10.
  • Overheats easily.
  • While striking an arch, the possibility of getting flashed is high.

What do you think?

Which ArcOne lens is better? The first one or this one?

Well, before passing on your judgment, don't forget to examine the other auto darkening welding lenses' features.

4. Lincoln Electric 2X4 C-Series Auto-Darkening Welding Lens Shade 10

Lincoln Electric 2X4 C-Series Auto-Darkening Welding Lens Shade 10Lincoln Electric 2X4 C-Series Auto-Darkening Welding Lens Shade 10

Another great product of Lincoln and you might have to look at the features of Lincoln Electric Shade 10 Auto-Darkening 2x4 C-Series Lens, before making any decision.

Attractive Key Features:

Clarity in Vision...

Lincoln Electric Shade 10 Lens of 2X4 C-Series is made using 4C lens technology to remove imperfections and color saturation.

As a result, you will have a distortion-free clear view while using this lens and thus will be able to work with strain-free eyes.

Fixed Shade!

You will find this Lincoln Auto-Darkening Welding Lens’s specialty of having a fixed 10 shade.

Dark shade ideal while welding in low to medium amperage.


It is compatible with the majority of the helmets accepting 2 x 4.25-inch cartridges.

No Battery...

If you use this lens, then you won’t need to face the hassle of using external batteries.

Guarantee of Uses!

Another great factor about this lens is that it has a warranty of two years.

So you can have a worry-free two years after buying this lens.


Need Lesser Brightness!

It is considerably brighter compared to a usual shade 10 dark lens. 

  • Outstandingly clear view.
  • Blur and distortion-free vision.
  • Compatible with a high number of helmets.
  • No battery required.
  • Very lightweight.
  • 2 years of warranty.
  • A bit too bright for a shade 10 dark lens.

After look at the all key features, if you can consider the lens shade then it can be a go-to lens.

5. AmeriArc Shade 10 Auto-Darkening Lens

AmeriArc Shade 10 Auto-Darkening LensAmeriArc Shade 10 Auto-Darkening Lens

Let's look at another lens known as the best 2 x4 auto darkening welding lens, AmeriArc Shade 10 Auto-Darkening Lens.

Do you know what puts this product apart from the other ones?


This Auto-Darkening Welding Filter has been designed by a professional welder himself!

Attractive Key Features:

HD View!

If you are looking for a lens having a clear HD color view, then, believe me, AmeriArc Shade 10 Welding Lens is the one you should get.

Not only will you have an outstandingly clear view while you will be welding, but also, the view will be spectacularly clear while it is not in use.

Multiple Color Shades...

It is available in multiple colors in the market.

So you can buy it in a color tint which feels comfortable in your eyes.

Sun as Power Source:

You won't need to bother about charging this lens as it is solar-powered.

But make sure to sometimes put it in the sun in case you have stopped using it for a while so that it may recharge.

Doing so will also save yourself from suffering from flashes while you need to use it.

It’s Cheap, Friend!

One of the most notable points in buying this lens is that it is quite cheap.

You can afford to buy this for a small price. Thus this lens is ideal for beginner welders.


Short Life!

Despite its high performance, this lens is known to have a notably shorter lifespan.


A problem of AmeriArc Lens is that it continues to keep flashing while it is used during welding at high amperage.

But to be honest, this problem is common with most of the auto lenses available in the market.

  • Very clear, HD-color vision.
  • Available in multiple shades.
  • Solar-powered.
  • Cheaper than others.
  • Can fit with most of the helmets.
  • The shade is a little brighter.
  • It flashes during welding at high amperage.

If you are a beginner, then you can go for this lens before buying a more expensive one as a trial period.

6. Armour Guard Auto-Darkening Lens - Shade 10

Armour Guard Auto-Darkening Lens Shade 10Armour Guard Auto-Darkening Lens Shade 10

Are you tired of green lenses and looking for a blue colored glass in the shade 10? Then you might like trying Armour Guard Shade 10 Welding Lens.

Attractive Key Features:

Clear, Blue Lens...

Armour Guard Auto Darkening Lens is a blue, clear lens having significant clarity enhancement.

Rest, My body!

The lens is designed to be light in weight, and thus it will put lesser pressure on your neck while you are using it.

Moreover, its blue tint and clear vision are useful for reducing stress upon your eyes.


You won’t need to move a finger! Armour Guard Shade 10 Lens’ has two independent arc sensors and auto on-off circuit enable it to turn on while welding begins automatically.

And automatically turn off after the welding is stopped.

Convenient right?

Light in Weight...

As I have said a little time before, the Armour Guard Auto-Darkening Welding Lens is exceptionally lightweight despite being made of glass.

It weighs only 2.39 ounces.


Flashing Is Once More- A Problem...

As you know, in this world, nothing is free of defects, and Armour Guard Welding Lens is not free of this rule either.

The most significant problem of this lens is that it sometimes flashes before dimming.

  • Clear, blue-tinted view.
  • Relaxing for eyes and neck.
  • Automatic functions.
  • Light in weight.
  • Sometime it might flash before dimming.

Important Factors to Consider Before Buying A 2 x 4 Auto Darkening Welding Lens

It is best to do some research before you buy a 2 x 4 auto darkening welding lens to avoid spending your money in vain.

There are a few things you need to look out for and consider before buying one.

Viewing Area:

It is best if you choose a lens of a standard or larger size to ensure having a large viewing area.

After all, the quality of your weld defines the quality of your work, and the better you see, the better you will be able to weld.

Never forget, the quality, the efficiency and the speed of your welding are primarily dependent on your viewing capacity.


But don't just feel like buying whatever lens having a more extensive viewing capacity.

This is not the only thing your visibility depends on. 

The lens clarity plays a crucial part in determining how well you see while welding.

You should buy a lens having a clarity level of 3 on a scale of 1-3 after testing.

Fixed Or Variable Shade?

Most of the auto darkening welding lenses have a fixed shade of 10.

Such lenses offer the same level of protection despite the change in amps of the light from the welding.

So when you use the glass to weld different materials of various thicknesses, typically, you need to continue some precise movement to reduce eye strain.

As a result, you might feel tired fast.

Thus, for heavy-duty industrial welders, it is best to buy a lens having variable shade options.

But if you are mostly welding one kind of material with fixed thickness at a fixed amperage, then it is best to save your money and stick with a lens having a fixed shade 10.

Switching Speed:

The switching speed of an automatic lens is usually expressed in ratings of 1/3,600 per second to the highest of 1/25,000 per second.

The switching speed indicates the quickness of a lens’ transformation from its natural shade to darker shade after the beginning of welding.

If you are an entry-level welder, then do not bother buying a lens having higher level switching speed and just save your money.

But if you are a professional, then it is best to buy a lens having an intermediate or expert level switching speed and protect yourself from suffering from eye fatigue.

Power Source:

2 x 4 auto darkening lenses comes with various power options.

Some lenses have replaceable lithium or AAA barriers. And some lenses get powered from solar rays through solar panels.

While lithium batteries have extended battery life, they are comparatively costly and hard to find compared to AAA batteries.

You can skip the battery issue by choosing a lens having the sun as the power source.

Still, you should remember to periodically put it in direct sunlight to avoid the possibility of flashing.

It is best if you put such lenses into direct sunlight before each use.


And last but not least, you should buy a lens having as little weight as possible. 

Using a slightly heavier lens might feel nothing to you at the beginning, but later you will suffer from neck pain, trust me.


It is now time to say our goodbyes.

So, what do you think? Which lens is best suitable for you?

Remember, our eyes are invaluable. So do careful research and be mindful while choosing the best 2 x 4 auto darkening lens most appropriate for your use.

Have a cautious time welding!

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