Primeweld TIG225x Review – 2022

primeweld tig225x ac dc tig welder

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Primeweld TIG 225x is one of the most exciting machines I found in the market. I am really interested to talk about this machine because it is a great possession to have within this price range.

If I could find a welder within such a price range when I started, the scene could have been way more different for me.

Is it for you?

Who is the machine for? I am a beginner, is this the perfect machine for me? I am a professional but I need to do some aluminum TIG welding.

The answer to these questions makes 60% decisions for you. The Primeweld TIG 225x is made of high quality materials compared to other welders in the market.

This makes it a perfect machine for both hobbyists and professional welders. It is a 100% welding tool for the beginners but it offers fewer features compared to professional welding machines.

In my opinion the welder fits in the middle of both beginner and professional level welding machines. If you are a hobbyist this machine will undoubtedly last longer than other machines. This is even a best fit for the professional who wants their simple welding tasks to be done.

This is an aluminum TIG welder that has the latest features to deliver the performance you expect. The specifications make it a perfect device for a wide range of applications.

A Rough Idea of Primeweld TIG225x:

To begin with I want to give you an overview or an idea about the machine. From the nacked eye view you will find a lot of switches and knobs in the body.

Which might seem confusing if you have just started or you don’t know the basics of welding. If you are an expert, you will know how efficient, versatile the machine is.

The Primeweld TIG 225x comes with the latest pulse features, inverter and IGBT technologies. The machine can be operated in both AC and DC mode.

Primeweld TIG 225x settings

You will find a  simple push of switch that gives you the option to change between AC and DC mode. The Ac frequency can be set between 40-200Hz.

You will also find a switch that gives the option between TIG and MMA welding options as well. The ampere is indicated in a digital meter.

There is also a knob using which you can set the current from 10-225amp. The upslope can be set between 0-1s and the down slope can be set between 0-25s. There is also a 2-touch or 4-touch (2T/4T) switch.

The pulse feature, the switches, the current and slope settings etc allow you to tune into the perfect settings for a precise and better welding result.

Modern Technology used:

The first notable feature that I want to mention again is the technologies used to make the Primeweld 225x.

I have already said that this welder comes with a pulse feature. You get the options of the pulse level from low or high by the use of a simple switch. The pulse feature makes this machine a more versatile welder that helps you complete your various projects with ease.

The AC pulse TIG welder provides you an outstanding control over aluminum and you get a good-looking welding bed. You can adjust the arc characteristics. Not only this but also every aspect of this machine is controllable.

The addition of IGBT and inverter technology makes it a complete TIG welder. Because of this outstanding inversion, the machine doesn’t get overheated easily.

The power with modulation (PWM) makes this machine a highly reliable welder to have. The modulation feature manages the depth and width of penetration.

I was happy when I saw these written in the user manual. Do you know the best part?

On the cover of the user manual, they have written “Call 7 days a week for customer service”. Yes! 7 days, and this made me really happy. There is also a contact number written on it.


I just want to make it clear to you, it is an aluminum TIG welder. The machine does aluminum with ease on AC mode. It also runs high pulse frequency (200hz) on aluminum which most of the machines don’t.

Other than that you can weld stainless steel, metal sheets which are thick up to ½ inches. The machine is capable of making up to 225amps.

For 120V the TIG output is 20-140amps. You will get the highest amps by inputting 240v.

For the arc, the output in amps are:

  • Arc 120 volts: 20-120 amps
  • Arc 240 volts: 20-180 amps

You can weld a wide range of metals using these amps outputs. This shows how versatile the machine is. You will be able to weld a wide range of metals using this machine.

I have used the machine to weld T joints and Lap joints. The machine was smooth and consistent. I have worked on stainless steel as well.

It impressed me with its performance in both low (0.5- 10 ) and high pulse (10-200) settings. I found the pulse quiet and smooth. The arc was the same.

CK torch!

I have used an exclamation to show you my emotions here.

Yes! I have verified myself and CK has confirmed that the torch which comes with this welding machine is theirs. Like any other buyer, I thought that the manufacturers are faking it as they try to cut the price a bit by low-quality accessories.

CK Torch

Hell no! You get a worldwide no17 flex head original torch. The other accessories are of great quality as well.

The thing I am surprised about is that inside the packaging box you will find the corners being made drop-proof. This care taken by them gained my reliability.

AC/DC TIG Welder:


I was a bit too. When I was a beginner it was beyond my expectations that I will get this feature in a welder. The Primeweld Tig225x solves your AC/DC problems.

The AC balance feature lets you set the amount of time you spend on each side of the AC cycle. Varying on the amount of time the signal can be positive or negative. The degree of stir can be adjusted by the weld pedal.

When you are working on a sheet metal such as car bodies then you will be needing a low temperature. The DC TIG feature provides you the required low temperature.

The Primeweld 225x can make 225amps which makes it a welder capable of welding ½ inch metals.

The machine exposes the beauty of TIG welding. You can easily join the open frames and the work for me turned out to be pretty smooth.

Stick Mode:

I must say how impressed I am seeing the stick welding mode in the PrimeweldTIG 225x.

If you don’t need that TIG fitness in your welding then you can switch into DC stick welding by the press of a simple switch.

You can stick weld up to 180amps by using the welder. Stick mode will save your cost for shielding gas and you can work on any ½ inch thick metal. This made my fencing and equipment repairs a lot easy.

Should You Buy This?

This is a tricky question for me to answer. I don’t know what you are looking for and this is why I have told you everything I have found while dealing with it.

As my final verdict, I want to tell you that this is not that type of machine that you can work immediately with. This machine is a bit complex because of its great features and settings and you might have to go through the user manual if you are a beginner.

If you use this for the right task, you are guaranteed to get a satisfying result. This is why there is a big chance that you might like it as well.

I have tried the machine and It is sure to get a good rating from my end. The longevity and the versatility of this machine impressed me a lot and this is why the Primeweld TIG 225x Made it to my list.

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