What Type Of Wire Is Best Used With U-cogged Drive Rolls?

u cogged drive rolls

The welders who face a wire feeding problem should check the drive roll issues. You may often choose the wrong drive roll. The drive roll is dependent on the size of the wire you are using. It also depends on the metal of the wire.

Different wires require different drive rolls. If you are wondering about the best wire for U-cogged drive rolls, this article is for you. As this type of roll is uncommon in use, so I decided to make this clear for you.

Why should you use the correct drive roll?

Drive roll is an effective part of getting a smooth wire feeding. If you do not choose the right drive roll for your wire, it can cause deforming or mashing the wire which will result in arc instability.

V-knurled drive rolls are good for soft cored wires. If you use solid wire in a V-knurled drive roll, the wire can be broken. And that will interrupt during wire feeding. So, the purpose of wire feeding may be spoiled if you do not select the right drive roll.

Best wire for U-cogged drive roll

U-cogged drive roll is less commonly known. It is mainly used for larger diameter wires. And they work well on comparatively soft cored wires. For example, aluminum wire can be best used with U-cogged drive rolls.

U-cogged drive rolls have some similarities with v-knurled drive rolls. U-cogged drive rolls have teeth to hold the wire and dig into it. And the spaces are bigger than the v-knurled drive rolls. Flux core wires and metal core wires are soft-cored. So, flux and metal core wires with large diameters are best used with U-cogged drive rolls.

Is U-cogged drive roll best for aluminum?

U-cogged drive rolls are good for soft-cored and large diameter wires. Aluminum is typically a soft cored wire. So, if the aluminum wire has a larger diameter, you can use a U-cogged drive roll. It will help those to drive into the feeder system and gun liner.

If the diameter is small like .035 inch or .045 inch (.9 mm or 1.2 mm), then a U-grooved drive roll is good for that wire. Because U-grooved wire is perfect for wires with soft metal. In that case, the round size of the wire will be intact without spoiling it.

I hope this article will help you. Always consider the size and element of the wire while choosing the drive roll. This will help you to get a consistent and smooth wire feeding.

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