Flux Core Welding 101: (Complete Guide For Beginners) – 2021

Flux Core Welding

Beginner at welding?Want to do flux-core welding?If you are impressed with the flux-core welding projects and want to do it on your own, we are here to help you with some tips.This guideline is only for you if you want to walk through the road of flux-core welding.The reading of this writing will provide the … Read more

How To Get A Welding Apprenticeship In 2021?

Welding Apprenticeship

Image Credit: https://newsroom.wctc.edu/welding-fabricator-apprenticeship-launched–at-wctc/ A welding apprenticeship is not one of those programs that can be passed by dilly dally. This program requires full dedication, focus, and passion for welding. This is a tough course where you have to deal with metal, heat, and harsh conditions. There is also always a chance of an accident.This is … Read more

55+ DIY Welding Projects & Ideas (For Home, Gifts, or To Sell)

Welding Rod Storage Container

Is welding your passion?Are you looking for projects which matches your skills and creativity?Then I am here for you. I have come up with some welding ideas for you.These projects are easy to make and improve your welding skills.Wait !!! There’s more. These projects also have a demand in the market as well. I hope you … Read more

20+ Must-Have Welding Tools (For Beginners): Complete List

Welding Tools

Image Credit: Instructables If you’d like to get started with welding, there are several essential tools you’ll want to buy right away to ensure good results and save yourself time and frustration.To help you get off to a great start, we’ve put together the following list of welding tools that every welder should have.With these … Read more

Personal Safety Equipment For Welders (2021) – Must-Have

Welding Safety Equipment

Do you always take proper care and attention? If not, you should. “We have one life”, so it makes sense to protect it, especially when you are working in a hazardous profession like welding.Benjamin Franklin, a Founding Father of the United States of America famously said:“An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.”He … Read more

How to become a pipeline welder and How much do they make? In 2021

Pipeline Welding

Becoming a pipeline welder takes training, skills, hard work and dedication to make it in what is a tough world.That’s the downside.But the upside is that there are comparatively few pipeline welders compared to the amount of work that is out there waiting to be done, and that’s good news. So how do you get there?Let’s … Read more