Welding Helmet Flashes: Causes And How To Fix This Easily?

Welding Helmet Flashes

Welding helmets are very important for any type of welder. It can be considered as the main safety equipment for them.

But the problem is, we often see a flickering issue in our helmets.

For that reason, we don’t get enough support from the arc struck for our eyes. It also interrupts while looking at the welding area. 

If you are facing this annoying issue, I have some solutions for you. In this article, I’ll try to cover everything regarding this.

Why do welding helmets flicker?

When your welding helmet flashes, again and again, there may be problems in different parts. You have to find the problem first. Then you need to take steps.

Notice that you should do these procedures sequentially. At first, do the easy ones. Then go for the complex steps. 

Dead batteries:

The batteries of the helmet may be dead. Or the helmet is solar-based. It needs to be kept in the sun. 

Sensitivity issue:

The sensors respond to the arc. If they have any sensitivity issue or having trouble identifying the arc, you may have this flashing issue. 

Auto-darkening lens not working properly:

The LED screen of the helmet which becomes dark may be the main reason for trouble.

The cheap auto-darkening helmets commonly have this issue. They do not respond well to the low amperages arc or any type of arc whether it is DC or AC. Sometimes, they are not sensitive even to the sun. So, check this. 

However, there may be some other issues. I’ve mentioned the common facts. Please go through the solution. Hopefully, you will get a satisfactory result.

How to fix welding helmet flickering?

As the auto-darkening helmets are not like cheap earphones that you can just throw away, you have to try your best. So, examine your helmet carefully and find out the problems. Then do the fixing part. 

At first, check if it has a solar panel. If it has one, it is a solar charging helmet. That means it is not exposed to enough sunlight. So, keep it in the sunlight all day long. I will recommend keeping it in the sun though it doesn’t have any solar panels. This may work. Who knows? 

Now come to the option number two. I’m guessing that you have kept it in the sun. But still, it is not working well. Now I will suggest you check the batteries.

The lithium batteries of the helmet are usually 3 volts. Buy the batteries after taking off the batteries. Because you have to match the size of batteries while buying new ones. 

It’s easy to change the batteries. After changing the batteries, they should work well. Many welders who faced this issue told the same. If you still don’t get any satisfactory solutions, I have some other plans.

Other things you can do to fix flickering

Auto-darkening welding helmets are complex. Your welding helmet can flicker even after leaving it in the sun and changing the battery. In this case, you have to check some other things.

  • The sensors help to detect the arc. There may have a problem with the sensors. At first clean the sensors. There may be dust or other contaminants on the sensors that can interrupt the function of the sensors. Check that if it is placed well and has a good connection.
  • There is another fact. The sensors may fall in a contradiction to detect the discrimination between the light of the sun, the environment, and the arc. This factor can be a great issue. 
  • At first, test your helmet. Look at the sun wearing it. If it doesn't flicker, that means there is no issue with the function of your sensors. There is a problem with the setting. In this case, don't expose the sensors in the sunlight anymore if it in the working environment only. 
  • The arc from other welders may affect your helmet too. So keep a distance from them. Though high-quality helmets don’t have this issue, you may have to do this trouble if you don't want to change the helmet. However, This plan may work. 
  • Check the pulses as well. Make sure the pulses are on.

If you cannot repair the helmet on your own, take it to a technician who can fix this. You may need to change the auto-darkening lens which is the main functioning unit for auto-darkening. If you have no other option, then you have to change the lens. Otherwise, you may need to buy a new helmet.

What if you want to buy a new one?

I am supposing that you have tried all these methods. But you have not got any positive result. If the helmet does not darken in the time of need, your eyes may be damaged by getting exposed to the arc and UV radiation.

So, I suggest you buy a new one. While choosing a new one, you should look for some features that serve your purpose. I am describing those for your ease. 

Delay time:

The good quality auto-darkening helmet respond too quickly. It takes only some fractions of a second to darken after the arc struck. Test the helmet before buying it if you buy it directly. If the helmet darkens instantly after looking at the sun, then it is correct.

There's another thing to consider. The helmet screen should be normal as before instantly. You need to see the place you are welding as early as possible and then darken again when the arc struck is on.

Sensitivity to all kinds of amperage:

Almost all the helmets work well on high amperage in TIG and MIG. But you may need to work on low amperages too. So, your helmet should respond to the low amperages as well.

Energy source:

There are two types of auto-darkening helmets. One is battery powered and another is solar powered. The best solution is having two facilities together. This feature offers you a viable option. You will get an extra advantage.


You need to look at the sheds you are using. The high-quality auto-darkening helmet will provide different shades according to their needs. So, look for the correct shade for your welding type. 

You can choose the best welding helmets from here.

Final words:

You’re here. I suppose you have read the whole article. Hopefully, you have got a solution.

One thing I need to say at last. Always have a checklist before buying any product. If it is an expensive product like a helmet, I’ll emphasize more to do this. 

Also, take suggestions from other welders. And check the reviews of a product before buying it.

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