What Type Of Wire Is Best Used With U-cogged Drive Rolls?

u cogged drive rolls

The welders who face a wire feeding problem should check the drive roll issues. If it happens to you, you may choose the wrong drive roll. The drive roll is dependent on the size of the wire you are using. It also depends on the metal of the wire.  Different wires require different drive rolls. … Read more

Welding Helmet Flashes: Causes And How To Fix This Easily?

Welding Safety Equipment

Welding helmets are very important for any type of welder. It can be considered as the main safety equipment for them. But the problem is, we often see a flickering issue in our helmets. For that reason, we don’t get enough support from the arc struck for our eyes. It also interrupts while looking at … Read more

Why Choose Welding As A Career: Expectation vs Truth

Why Choose Welding As A Career

Are you seriously thinking about choosing a definite career? Maybe you are looking for a job that pays well and gives you enough opportunity to prove yourself. If your answer is positive, let me tell you something about welding. Why will you choose welding as a career? Welding provides a viable career option. There are … Read more

How To Reduce Spatter When Flux Core Welding?

Spatter When Flux Core Welding

As a welder, you must have faced so many issues. If you are a newbie welder, the list of these problems is quite long. Producing much spatter is common of them. But you can reduce spatter if you follow the instruction properly.  Spatters are little droplets of welding materials that can do serious damage to … Read more

What Shade Lens Is Used For Welding? – Complete Guide


Welding is a dangerous task that makes you vulnerable to many serious risks. So, you must take safety measures in this job. Your face, especially, your eyes are very prone to severe damage. In this regard, you must wear a helmet with a lens.  At this point, you may be confused. You will find various … Read more

Is Welding Dangerous? How Dangerous It Is?

Is welding dangerous

Welding can be a good choice of profession in the perspective of salary. You can earn a good amount of money even without any educational qualification. But as you know, money is not everything. There are some dark sides in this profession. It’s dangerous. How dangerous it is?  In this article, I’ll try to explain … Read more

Gas Welding VS Arc Welding (For Beginners) – The Winner?

Gas Welding VS Arc Welding

Both arc welding and gas welding are well-known terms in the sector of welding. If you are a hobbyist or want to learn about welding, it is a must that you learn about these types of welding.  Gas welding is a welding method which was invented in the 19s. On the other hand, Arc welding … Read more

Is Welding A Good Career For Women In 2021?

Women in Welding

Photo credit: Millerwelds A career in welding was or somewhat is dominated by men. But in recent times, that seems to be changing since a lot of women are considering building a career in welding. Since the demand for welders is rising each day as industries evolve. Women have been filling in needs for these … Read more

Impact Driver Bits VS Regular Bits – Know The Differences?

Impact Driver Bits VS Regular Bits

Are you confused among the impact ones or the regular ones, right? There are several types of bits in the market. Some are for woods, and some are for metals. Also, some of them are regular drill bits and some of them are impact drill bits. As you have reached this article I am sure … Read more